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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nxnje
    You have the ed9 and edr1 from the ultra budget segment.
    I think they're the greatest in the ultra budget lineup.
    If you wanna know more, you can visit TheContraptionist (@B9Scrambler's website) as he has a dedicated post in which he has described every KZ he owns (and he's got even a few KZ which aren't actually easy to find around that can be a great choice if you wanna expand your collection).

    If you don't search for KZ, then at like 15$ you could try the UIISII CM5 and obviously my beloved EZ AUDIO D4.

    I've written a little super easy MOD some time ago.

    Buy a pair of EZ AUDIO D4 and put on a pair of starline tips pushing them very hard until the nozzle ends, you'll hear which kind of bass you can carry out of them.
    I think one of the most powerful bass responses i've got in a micro-driver for under than 10 euros.
  2. 1clearhead
    CCA just sent me another message a few days ago stating that a CCA C12 will soon be released followed by a few tweaks on the CCA C18 within a few months. :spy:

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  3. Nimweth
    I assume that the C12 will use the same drivers as the AS12. Their nomenclature is confusing, though, it could have been A12 and A18!
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  4. PhonoPhi
    So far C-series had a plastic nozzle (C10 & C16), while A -aluminum, but then CA4 would be most confusing number, especially given C04 existence...

    @1clearhead - any differentiating distinction between A12 and KZ AS12 pointed out?
  5. Mouseman
    I just got my JCALLY 8-strand balanced cable that I ordered off Ali, hooked up my KZ10 Pros and plugged it in to my ES100 at lunch. I'm thinking it's a big upgrade from the upgraded silver unbalanced KZ upgrade cable that came free with the KZ10 Pros. First impressions, holy cr@p! The soundstage expanded, and I hear more separation between instruments. Once I've had a chance to listen more and A/B it with the silver cable, I'll post more details. It seems like it makes an already impressive IEM even better.
  6. Podster
    Nice, really making me excited for my balanced 16 core coming:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  7. Mouseman
    Which one did you get? I was having a hard time finding one (and a similar cable was lost in transit and I'm waiting for Ali to settle my dispute), so I jumped on the first one that looked decent without breaking the bank.
  8. billbishere
    Do the core counts really matter? I just ordered a decent 8 core. Was going to go 16 but... Didn't seem worth it
  9. Podster
    Got one from NiceHCK, have several of them already and just loved the smaller multi braid on the 16 cores and of course how supple they are. Really lay nice:wink:

    So black 16 core here on the left (NiceHCK M6's) and a salt-n-peppa 8 core on the left (BGVP DM6's):grin:

    16 X 8 Core NICE BGVP.JPG
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  10. 1clearhead
    Sorry, I don't have either of them. :thinking:
  11. nraymond
    If you dig into some of the cable threads, people have found that at least some of the 16-core and 8-core wires are not fully connected end-to-end for every core. Partly this may be due to quality assurance issues, but it's worth noting that soldering 16-cores and fitting it inside a standard connector leaves very little room. Since some of the cores are carrying the same signal, when they aren't fully connected end-to-end signal will still be passed in most cases and they'll pass basic testing but there will be impedance mismatches on some lines as a result. How noticeable this will be varies depending on a few factors. I've personally decided to limit myself to 8-core cables... and I'm especially suspicious of 16-core cables that are cheap, since the labor and Q&A costs should be a lot higher for 16-cores if they're done properly.
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  12. mbwilson111
    I believe it has since been verified that the problem was only with TRN 6 core and 8 core. Others including 16 core were fine. I have a Nicehck 16 core coming.

  13. billbishere
    Interesting. I went with the yinyoo 8 care from Amazon only because I am impatient... Haha it was like $16 with the coupon and next day shipping . I just hope it's a decent cable.
  14. macky112
    thank you for the reply

    would you say if you pair your ZS5 to your Astell & Kern Kann that would sound better than ZSN + Astell & Kern Kann combo?
  15. billbishere
    That is a pretty funny pairing. The headphone cost doesn't even probably cover the tax on the DAP

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