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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. courierdriver
    Agreed, and totally concur. These really do sound like they should cost alot more.
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  2. Podster
    Yeah, I thought he was just a little off myself but he can’t take the foam so he came up with the idea and since it’s a thin coat and dries fast it dies not hurt the hard plastic shell and for him they are smoother to his ears. I’m going to ping him as I think he’s also done it to a metal shell bud he has:astonished:
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  3. courierdriver
    Yeah, they look like they could've been something good. Too bad they didn't follow through on those designs. I really like the look of the 66 shell. Ah, well...you know KZ...I'm sure their cookin something else up that's right along those lines.
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  4. courierdriver
    I've got the same cable/iem combo, and love the SQ from my Fiio Q1MK2 from the balanced out.
  5. courierdriver
    Yup...buds! I suspected after I checked out her profile page. I'm bud-curious myself, but I've had a couple sets in the past and never liked how easily they came out of my ears. I'm kinda diggin some of the newer styles that you can wear with an over ear wire, though. That's been they biggest problem for me in the past. I don't like hang down wires...they always have pulled out of my ears really easily.
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  6. baskingshark
    Wow I am looking forward to your Moondrop kansas pro vs TFZ No. 3 comparisons.

    Totally agree that the ZS10 Pro is super good for its pricing, just two to three years ago, we would have to pay at least $200 - 300 USD for a similar multi driver IEM from western companies. But after the success of the ZS10 Pro I am not sure why now KZ and its subsidiaries (CCA/Tripowin) keep churning out similar specs multi driver IEMs and just reshell it and rebrand it. Aren't they diluting their customer base? CCA may be tuned more neutrally and balanced than the typical KZ V shaped signature, but I feel stuff like the Tripowin TP10 doesn't really value add in terms of offering a different sound signature for the budget CHIFI segment. It seems to me like they are just trying to add as many drivers inside a shell and hope for a well tuned product to appear.
  7. courierdriver
    Yeah, I have a hard time wrapping my head around why they have so many different brands and continue to make so many similar type configurations. But if you look at them all individually, they all seem to offer something different in their builds, sizes, materials and overall ergonomics/aesthetics. I chose the ZS10 PRO because I liked the shell size and shape, the length of the nozzle and its mostly metal construction. CCA C10 has similar drivers (from what I have read, anyway) but has a bigger shell with a shorter plastic nozzle. I don't think that will work well for my earshape, so I went with the ZS10 Pro instead. I will post a review of my impressions/comparisons of the KanasPro, TFZ NO.3, and ZS10 PRO once I've received the No.3 and had some time with them. Honestly though, as much as I like KZ's success with their all BA and hybrid iems, I'd love to see a DD with a DLC coating from them. If they could do it well and sell it for around $65...it might be something that could give strong competition to other higher priced brands now available.
  8. archdawg
    I went to the beach with my buddies yesterday, brought my EDR1 along and didn't miss anything 'better' too much. Again and again I can't believe how decent they sound (and isolate) for their 3€, especially run from an external DAC with some little subtractive EQing here and there. Now if KZ came out with one or more sophisticated single DDs ... DLC, titanium, beryllium, nanosomething, whatever ... just count me in.

    Looking forward to your comparisons (KPE, #3) ...
  9. mbwilson111
    Well then, the Smabat ST-10 was made for you :) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32993154088.html

  10. mikp
    is the ZS10 Pro an upgrade over the es4? Forgot the es4 somewhere when changing buds on the apt-x hd cable.
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  11. billbishere
    Yes, a huge upgrade actually. es4 were made doing the old process, they have re designed / engineered all the buds since. ZS10 Pro are amazing - i can't put them down.
  12. mikp
    was looking for a new 2 pin for the apt-x hd cable, and totally lost with all the models etc. Either zs 10 pro, zs7 and cca c10 on my list so far, that price range.
    Really like my tin t2, if that came with 2 pin I would buy another.
  13. billbishere
    Out of those the ZS10 Pro is the best overall sounding imo. If you want something a bit cheaper the ZSN Pro is another one of the latest designs, I guess they have a great sound to them too. I haven't tried them personally but, they have he same shell has the ZS10 - just 2 drivers instead of 5 per ear.
  14. Podster
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  15. revand
    Yes I tried it and indeed ZS5 sounded better.
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