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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. BadReligionPunk
    Don't have this one. I have 062 with the carbon fiber tip. They are basically the Same-ish resistance wise. Is there any noticeable sound difference in your opinion?
  2. hakuzen
    (064) hck ct4 ofc 16c (brown,M)......................................193..208..168..202..[22.6]
    (062) hck ct2 ofc 16c (brown,furt,M)................................402/235..259/243..239/250..244/246..[22.5]
    you can see that 064, new, has better conductivity.
    not noticeable sound difference, though. no need to stock both if you only need one.
    but if i needed to get one, i'd go for 064
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
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  3. BadReligionPunk
    Good. So cheapest one is the one people should buy.
  4. hakuzen
    if your budget is below $10, yesss
  5. LaughMoreDaily
    Smart idea, switching to iems. The more people that damage their hearing listening to iems the better the technology for hearing aids will get.

    And eventually iems will gain better sound and technology due to the newer investments in hearing aid technology. It's a win win situation.

    Join us in damaging our hearing today with iems so the kids of tomorrow can have better sounding iems. :wink:
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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  6. LaughMoreDaily
    Just a bit better sound between both of them? Wow, who needs expensive iems anymore. :wink:
  7. LaughMoreDaily
    I have no problem with how KZ does things right now. However I wonder why some people like BQEYZ's iems more yet their Headfi thread is barely touched?

    I do think KZ should make better eartips and/or cables for their high end models. People are paying for it already so why not?
  8. gourab1995
    I came to know kz for thier their near dirt cheap iems, like the ate, zs3 and zst. The only thing they would not compromise at that price was sound and specs to a reasonable extent. Now that they have raised the budget a little bit, we've come to expect a little more of them than they usually did (or do) in the accessories department.

    To me its not a major complain but it definitely would be a plus, untill they keep making enjoyable, good sounding iems. Instead of trying to create a hype mass market.

    I would say their cables have come a long way forward. Take a look at the zs3 cable today. And you will start appreciating what you have right now.

    In the matter of tips, it is a very user specific element in the iem. I find it better to own separately (regardless of what comes in the box) certain types of tips (double flange, wide bore, deep fit etc.) and find a standard fit under each of those segments depending on the size and variation of ones own ear canal. And that's applicable to not just to kz in-ears.

    Bqeyz needs to change their name. Or maybe they are using some kind of reverse psychology where the name of the brand is so unusual to remember that you will be forced to learn it through constant repetition.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
  9. Caipirina
    Sometimes I am really wondering why I am bothering with all those multi DD and BA concoctions ...

    Today for the first time I tried the KZ ZS4 ... I knew the fit would be great, having loved the ZS3, one of my earliest KZ ... and the ZS4 just managed to paint a huge smile on my face ... sometimes it's the simple things :)

    Yes, the bass can be perceived as bloated / bleeding .. but overall, those make me happy

    ... back to speculations about the upcoming AS48 ... :D
  10. paulwasabii
    Yep, bought them too
    2019-06-21 16.17.36.jpg
  11. TechnoidFR
    I prepare comparison between kz as16 vs CCA c16 too. But I prefer c16 because they are slightly fun and less brilliant.
    The pressure problem is always here and need tips more thin to have more air in ear
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  12. Nimweth
    Good choice. ZS7 is my favourite KZ. Every time I listen to them it brings a smile to my face. Very entertaining sound.
  13. B9Scrambler
    Gotta admit, it's working it's way up there for me. Have them in right now actually. Really enjoyable listen, especially the treble which isn't as aggressive as other KZ hybrids.

    Been working on a mild update to the KZ megapost with the ZS7, ZS10 Pro, and other having been added. Just need to add the ZS3E, ZSE and update final recommendations, then it should be good to go. ZS7 replaces the original ZS10. :thumbsup:
  14. TechnoidFR
    If you like zs7, you can see for yinyoo topaz ( mp of you're interested )
  15. TechnoidFR
    I don't like really zs10 pro... Too near of c10 with more brilliance and wider scene but bring artificial treble on some music..

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