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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Nimweth
    I think the ZS10 Pro and ZS7 have different drivers. The ZS10 Pro has 2x50060 and 2x30095 in a three-way arrangement with the DD. The ZS7 has 2x29689 1x30095 and 1x31005 in a four- way arrangement with the DD. I have not heard the ZS10 Pro but I really like my ZS7!
  2. alex5908
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  3. LaughMoreDaily
    The Ostry OS300 tips on the KZ ZS6 v2 sound great. I heard the JVC Spiral Dots only make the sound brighter and after taking them off, it seems true. Is this the best pairing for the ZS6? OS300 Ostry Tips?
  4. Superluc
    Between the silicone tips ? Probably. Otherwise you can lower their treble with foams or selective EQ.
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  5. jant71
    You can take the filters out of the Ostry size you don't use and place them in others tips you might like as well. Though the wider bore may not hold them in w/o an O ring added and some shorter length tips may not work since they would stick out the front but you do have some more versatility.
  6. alex5908
    T2C does not support codecs I need. Any other options with ldac/apt-x hd?
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  7. LaughMoreDaily
    Using the screens on other earphones sounds complicated. If I like the OS300 tips (new to me) I may just try them on other earphones other than the ZS6.

    How much does the OS300 tips sound change without the screens?
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  8. SweetEars
    waiting for yr review.....
  9. jant71
    Not difficult unless you have trouble with small items. They are small plastic cylinders. Similar to the front screw on filters some earphones have but you have to push/pop them out of the tips which are just like other tips and pretty decent.
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  10. Brave Heart
    I posted my first impression of my new KZ ZST elsewhere, but here we go:
    The KZ ZST has just arrived.
    Out of the box, the earpieces, though plastic, definitely do not look or feel like a sub-£20 product. They look like they cost at least £40.
    The cable is slightly less impressive in appearance. It is braided and copper coloured, and has a chain-like appearance. It actually looks like a plug chain you would find in a bathroom sink. It also has no slider on the wire to keep tighten it and stop it from attempting to escape, which is slightly disappointing but at less than £20 it's a minor complaint I guess. The cable is also replaceable, which at this price point outweighs any quibble about there being no cable-slider.

    Now, my first impression of the sound is that for the price it is rather impressive. There is space and separation, and good bass without being OTT.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I think I may have found my new beater pair for the gym and exercise.
    I have more expensive pairs of earphones from RHA which I am not willing to wear to the gym in case I break them, and I have cheaper pairs of various brands that I use for the gym but their suitability for the gym is questionable. These may well become my go-to pair.
  11. archdawg
    ZS10 Pro (vs. ZS7 &.T2) - Day 4

    Spoiler: please keep in mind that these are just some first, subjective impressions with these IEM and take them with a grain of salt or two. Above that some folks including myself have reasons to believe that (not only) KZ are using different batches of drivers every now and then without further notice - your individual KZs could sound quite different to the ones I have here.

    Since I wasn't too happy with the perceived distances (depth) and the dominant bass I mentioned yesterday, I went through my collection of eartips again in order to balance things out some more. This time some shorter double flanges seemed to work somewhat better.


    The bass isn't that dominant anymore with the rest of the spectrum resulting more relaxed, slightly brighter and balanced and not at last the staged moved in a little closer, very obvious with close-mic vocals.
    Now the first thing I did was to compare the 10 Pro to my Tin T2 again and well, if you turn down the lower frequencies of the 10P up to 200-250 Hz by some db and take care of some peaks they really don't need to hide behind the T2. On the contrary - when it comes to spatial reproduction (dimensional extensions, precision, separation, clarity, ...) the T2 have no chance to my ears, it's not even fair to compare them.

    Regarding their sound character and signature to me the 10Pro sound more neutral or slightly warmer than the slightly cold T2 in the midrange (vocals) and as to the timbre of natural instruments their reproduction on the 10 suffer from a distinct resonant peak at about 4.5 kHz that seems to thin out the body of most instruments to some degree (but can easily be fixed by any parametric EQ). The T2 and ZS7 in contrast have their most disturbing peaks (to my ears) somewhat further up in the spectrum. My ZS7 e.g. has a very obvious resonant peak at about 7.9kHz, a bit more out of the way of the mids and I'd prefer them for anything with natural instruments with frequencies in or up to that part of the spectrum.

    Vocals ... a lot depends on individual recordings but male as well as female vocals sound just fine to me (more natural than most instruments - see above). Male voices have enough body, female voices, depending of the main note often a bit less but both sound fuller and more neutral vs. the thinner, colder T2. Again, the 10P renders vocals a bit more distant than the ZS7 but beautifully clear if the recording has it down.

    Bottom line for now:
    After those first couple days these IEMs wouldn't be my first choice for anything based on natural instruments (classical music, jazz, folk, ...) even though a little EQing goes a long way here. Without EQ I do enjoy them with all sorts of electronic music but then my 7s even more ... can't help it. To me personally the ZS7 are better allrounders by some stretch even though the 10 Pro seem technically a step ahead, above all with their spatial precision and I'm sure that a lot of folks would enjoy their powerful bass quite a bit as well.
    So for anyone not shy about using a decent enough parametric EQ, like the one in UAPP (Android) the 10 Pro offer some decent technical bang for less than 30€ IMO but for about the same money you could get the ZS7 ... ∆2U - thanks for reading.
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  12. xxAMAROKxx
    I gave the zs10 Pro to a friend who listens to bass music and treble forward presentation (with some peaks) does not bother him so much. For me, 10 Pro are unbalanced because their heights are not so technically good to justify them. (AS16 for example are.)
  13. Brave Heart
    OK, so I've been listening to music with this pair of earphones quite alot today.
    The included tips weren't the greatest, so I've swapped them out for the tips that came with the Final E3000 for increased comfort and a better seal.
    Today I've been listening mainly to Joy Division and Billie Eilish, and for the price I haven't found much to complain about. The sound signature is pleasant to listen to without causing any fatigue. I have went through a few "bang for buck" earphones in my time such as the CX300-II and Soundmagic PL30 (and I loved those particular earphones during their time of use), and IMO the KZ ZST sound better than those. If I didn't already own more expensive premium earphones, I would probably be able to live with these as my main set.
    On a tight budget or looking for a beater pair? These are worth considering.
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  14. LaughMoreDaily
    What are your guys thoughts on the "lazy" way KZ builds iems?

    Same eartips, same cables... Now with the ZSN body, the same body for a lot of newer models.

    The reason I ask is because I'm using the Ostry OS300 eartips on the ZS6 v2 and without them it would just be another iem... but with them it sounds incredible.

    Who is Ostry? How can they create better tips for KZ's than KZ itself?

    Should smaller companies be created to solely create eartips and cables for KZ's to make their iems better?

    Just a question, I dont particularly hate their cables like some others do.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
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