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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. xxAMAROKxx
    Hello, I had a chance to compare zs10 and zs10 Pro directly. My source was Norma sr15, copper cables and KZ tips. This is my personal insights related to complex music:

    Bass - better balancing on zs10 Pro. Quality is similar.
    Mids - better on zs10 Pro
    Treble - better balancing on zs10
    Soundstage - deeper and more natural on zs10. zs10 Pro has wider and higher.

    (zs10 plays better at higher volume, than at lower. Edit: I forgot to mention that the silver KZ cable greatly improve the zs10s sound.)
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
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  2. archdawg
    ZS10 Pro - 7 days in

    After about 150 hours playtime (burn-in) I notice some first effects on some peaks especially the one at ~4.5 kHz and from ~7 kHz upwards. Most natural instruments on my test tracks sound more natural and less 'thinned out" now.
    One thing that still bothers me though is the range between ~1 and 2 kHz (~C6 - C7 for musicians). Especially pianos sound as if someone had put a sheet of metal on top of the strings, instant John Cage, lol. Other instruments have similar, pronounced issues with their timbre in that range as well, could be interference issues in the transition zone of two drivers. I've used some precision EQs in my DAW and narrow sine sweeps to listen in more closely and went through a number of excellent recordings on different sources again but as it seems those interferences are probably there to stay.
    Anyway, as I posted before I do enjoy the 10 Pro with electronic music of all sorts; but for natural instruments I still grab something else - YMMV.
  3. ostewart
  4. kalo86
    Hi, can you recommend a balanced cable for ZS10 pro with the 4.4mm ending? Thanks!
  5. Nailzs
    There is way around bone density loss. Vitamin K2 is quite effective at preventing bone density loss. Either natural or supplement form it's something everyone should know about, especially music lovers.
  6. raccoon city
    At my house, I'm the tech guy.
    My mom needs a new IEM, so I ordered her a KZ ES4 because that's my favorite.
    I'll report on if she likes it when it gets delivered. [​IMG]
  7. Slater
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  8. Mouseman
    Is the Type C cable the same as a QDC? I saw a bunch of those on Ali, but can't tell if they're equivalent. I didn't see anything in the thread or the magic Google machine.
  9. nraymond
    I believe so. I recently came across this "KB EAR" (also "KBEAR") brand cable:


    The one customer review there had this to say:

    "The true upgrade cable for the KZ ZSN /ZSN pro
    Excellent construction over the alleged upgrade cable from KZ. Has the proper plugs for the IEM. Better weave than both the OEM original and upgrade. Significantly more copper used as well. Does a nice job smoothing the sound signature, making the presentation more natural. This is the minimum type cable KZ should be using!"

    While the "for ZSN ZS10/ZSN Pro AS16" connector is only in stock in standard 3.5mm on Amazon, I went looking on AliExpress and the KBEAR Official Store has the QDC with the 2.5mm balanaced connector for $16 (but not 4.4mm for some reason):


    So that looks like it confirms that QDC = Paragraph Type C, i.e the connector used on the ZS10 Pro. If you want 4.4mm balanced connector, looks like the "AK KB EAR 16 Core Upgraded Pure Copper Cable 3.5/2.5/4.4mm Earphone Cable With MMCX/2Pin For KZ AS16 ZS10 ZSN PRO TRN X6 CCA F1", currently $26, has it as an option:

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  10. Churchill Wu
    With KZ, is it advised to order directly from the KZ official store on AliExpress or are other re-sellers on there fine as well?
  11. raccoon city
    I order from any store with good feedback, but I am not an expert on KZ.
  12. paulwasabii
    Other resellers are fine. Recently there was an issue with the bluetooth cable and as old stock was being recalled and fixed cables were being rolling out, people were recommending buying that item direct from KZ store to ensure it was the fixed version.
  13. randomnin
    I thought K2 is where you go to die if Everest is already all backed up and corpsy.
    Stupid non-funnies aside, I doubt there's any research that directly covers bone density and hearing and K2. But what do I care, I like various milk stuffs so I'm covered either way.
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  14. Nailzs
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  15. voicemaster
    Lol I thought I was in the wrong forum. xD

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