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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. courierdriver
    No, I have not. I have seen many reviews though, on the C10. I'm curious about it, but I think I'd like to try the ZS7 first. I get your reference to the Sennheiser over ears in terms of differences, but I'm moving away from full size cans and find myself gravitating more to iems. Tbh, I like the Massdrop HD58X more than the 600's or the 6xx/650. To me though, none of these are my ideal sound signature though.
  2. courierdriver
    Haha, yeah...couldn't have said it better myself. Really, all the measurement stuff dont mean squat. Just trust your ears. What makes you happy and makes you enjoy your music, is all that counts.
  3. courierdriver
    I also don't hate the stock cable on my ZS10 PRO. It is a bit thin tho, doesn't have a chin slider, and tangles easily. Sound wise tho, it worked well enough. As for tips, I think that these are the biggest variable, no matter what brand of iem you choose. Tips can transform the sound of everything from $15 KZ's to multi thousand $ iems from TOTL . There is no TOTL eartips. Everything from shape, bore size, materials used, etc can have an effect on the sound. The tips are the end pieces that get the closest or farthest from your eardrums. The way they seat your iems in your ear, the way they isolate or open up the soundstage, comfort, etc, all have a huge impact on how an iem will sound. I think they have the biggest effect on perceived SQ. Playing around with tips is, IMHO, the same as positioning speakers in a room, in a traditional 2 channel home audio setup. Just instead of dealing with room size, room nodes, toe in vs straight ahead, acoustic room treatments, etc...the tips do all of those things. It's just a matter of finding the ones that suit your tastes the best. It's a whole lot less expensive tho, than trying to dial in a speaker based setup. For about $50 bucks (or less, with careful shopping), you can amass a huge selection of tips that will get you good results on a huge variety of iems. You can easily spend 10 times that amount or more on room treatments or other things, and not obtain the same effect with a speaker based setup. Even good headphones require a pad mod to get the best out of them. I can forgive KZ for not giving the best tips or cables for the price they sell their iem's for. They do a pretty decent job at making their earphones sound good out of the box and offer great value for the price.
  4. Zerohour88
    what are you on about? lots of aftermarket tips maker that makes better tips for even TOTL IEMs. Andromeda sounds really good on the AET08 tips, for example. Or even the JVC Spiral Dots. Heck, some TOTL IEM makes include Spinfits or Comply in their box kit. Are you gonna call them "lazy" for not making the "best" tips for their own IEMs?

    Fact is, ears are different, not even the biggest companies can account for the variation, not to mention preference (how the tips will affect sound).
  5. 1clearhead
    Post #24366

    :point_up:Click on the link above.
  6. raccoon city
    I received this KZ cable today.
    It fits the ES4, I love the color, and I like how the cable near the ear remembers its shape.
    I'm not sure if the cable makes the IEM sound better, but I like it so far. [​IMG]
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  7. BadReligionPunk
    Its headfi/matrix. The spoon isn't real. Its mostly subjective.
    That's are really nice cable and for $3? Its actually a pretty low resistance cable. Much lower then the stock cable.
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  8. SweetEars
    i am using the similar cable from the revonext qt5 on the cca c10, it does make the sound a bit more coherent
  9. xxAMAROKxx
    Yeah, china "silver", "gold" or mixed calbes make sound more coherent and concentrated. But pure copper make it clearer with instruments better separated.
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  10. bhazard
    I'm about an hour into the ZS10 Pro and I like them. They really aren't too far off from the C16, but the C16 does sound a bit better. Using a "16 core" cable on both. It's a no brainer for ~$30. Definitely the best KZ as of now, as I don't need the AS16.
  11. Caipirina
    In my ears right now! And so far, woah, nice .. and not even burnt in .. but there is quite some microphony coming from the cables, so don't move ...
    I love when I can shove them in like earplugs.


    Playing my new reference track very nicely (listen for that bassy 'oooomp' )

    (need to read up on how to properly insert YT links here)
  12. hakuzen
    added the last iteration of 16 cores budget nicehck cables to my lists.
    improved resistance (lower) respect last iteration: it's the most conductive cable below $10 atm. i also like the new splitter. tested sound, pretty decent for its price.

    064. hck ct4 ofc 16c (brown,M): 193..208..168..202..[22.6g]
    outer diameter: 3.6mm. total length: 124cm (39cm from splitter).
    last iteration of budget nicehck cables. best conductivity and build quality in the cheapest segment (<$10).
    2pins version uses flush plugs, like previous iteration, good for flush sockets (like in most KZs), even for protruding sockets.
    new jack, it doesn't seem to be easily repairable, but like its shape, beveled to provide more grip.
    strain relief is a bit rigid.
    i much like the new splitter, small and elegant.
    very soft and flexible. sound is decent (good for the price). great value.
  13. bhazard
    I have this exact cable. It's great. The price is right to get a balanced and unbalanced one.
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  14. eclein
    +1 great deal!
  15. bhazard
    I'm happier with the ZS10 Pro and CCA C16 than I've been with quite a few $200+ iems now. I'm done with LZ as both my A4 and A5 have driver issues.

    The sound quality is better on the ZS10 Pro and CCA C16 than the Sony XM3. I prefer listening to both over the Sony during my commute despite the noise cancelling.

    Things just keep getting better and better under $100.

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