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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. peter123
    ^^This :)
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  2. Carlsan
    Anyone have experience or heard the AUDIOSENSE T800?
  3. crabdog
    It's special for many things, including vocals. :D
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  4. chinmie
    enough suspense! out with the review already :dt880smile::dt880smile::dt880smile:
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  5. superuser1
    you want free samples too?? :D:D
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  6. 1clearhead
    New kid "DIY" on the block...

    I am trying a new DIY earphone, which I bought through taobao: HIFI BCD micro-drivers.

    s-l1600 (4).jpg P_20190527_211454_1.jpg

    So, the story goes; Nearly a month ago I received a head-fi email from a head-fi member that goes by the name of 'Tamerlan' telling me that he's a reviewer from the Ukraine. He claims that the HIFI BCD can outperform many single dynamics in the lower price range and can compete with more expensive ones costing up to 1000. Now, he never mentions if it's in dollars, but I can only assume, since he knows I'm a reviewer from America, though living in China. For the price, they are "dirt-cheap" here in China only costing me 53 RMB ($7.67 US dollars)!
    ...They are not the loudest, but so far they outperformed most of my Chi-FI IEM's with an incredible balanced and mature sound!

    P_20190527_212645_1.jpg P_20190527_211614_2.jpg

    Update: After giving the BCD a good 100 hours of playtime, I can’t believe how they produce such good quality hi-end technical sound for the price I paid! For me, what comes to mind is; Did this DIY company just copy the exact same famed Klipsch x10? I remember when the Klipsch x10 first came out, they were just under $350 US dollars, then they dropped their price significantly during the years to less than half that price! Is it possible the micro-drivers in the BCD are an exact copy? I auditioned the x10 many years ago and they were very good, but these are not short of amazing! So far, they are not harsh or sibilant sounding and sound overall natural and surprisingly crystal clear. Ironically, they can really outperform some of my top sounding Chi-Fi with built in BA's! But, I'll be "hush" about it for now until others can speak their minds on these amazing gems! So, now let's continue the Micro-driver competition!

    P_20190527_212000_1.jpg P_20190527_212753_1.jpg

    They are nicely balanced with a natural sounding atmosphere and notably enhanced bass and hi-end treble with excellent details. Most of the time they have a continuous mixture of sounding bright and warm, the best of both worlds!

    I used to believe that continues enhancements on IEM’s were only going to get better with new and improved driver type versions like BA’s and more advanced Planers “versus” the typical dynamic drivers. But honestly, I just took a step back when I heard the BCD micro-drivers. So, lesson learned...never judge an earphone by what’s inside until you try them, first!

    The bass on these are nothing less than amazing presenting clear continues quick bass with the pleasure of hearing nice deep rumble and details in the sub-terranean and upper-bass regions.

    With the midrange, vocals are clear and lively with the sense of sounding not too forward or laid-back, but just right!

    Treble on these are incredibly detailed, vivid, and raw! They present excellent high pitch notes while the lower treble does not present any harsh or sibilance with most genre’s I tried.

    Soundstage has a 3D-like holographic environment with good width, depth, and frontal stage. Imaging is better than average with good spatial separation.

    The BCD comes with a shirt clip, which keeps the micro-type earphones from dankling and falling off your ears. So, I believe that these are 100% useful and does its purpose according to its requirement.

    BCD VS Kailuhong AR-3001
    The AR-3001 are amazing mini earphones with "Smart Voice Coil" for a MID vocal experience, but the BCD can clearly match them with better life-like transparency. And, though the AR-3001 has good clarity to go along with it, they are no match on the level of hi-end details the BCD presents. Both the AR-3001 and BCD are driven with good quality bass, but the BCD outperforms the AR-3001 with better texture and clarity in the sub-bass region, as well.

    What better match-up than comparing the BCD to the upgraded MEMT X5s! I like the MEMT X5s very much! It carries plenty of bass, clear vocals, and clean treble, but that's where it all ends with the BCD just soaring past them! With the BCD you can nick-pick better details in the bass, midrange, and treble while sounding more natural and mature from vocals to even crash cymbals and hi-hats.

    BCD VS Joyroom JR-E107
    Once upon a time, I enjoyed the Joyroom JR-E107 very much, but today there is just too much competition to say the least! And, though they are nicely balanced with good soundstage and imaging, the lack of sounding natural are overthrone by the almighty BCD's speed, texture, and natural signature. They are just technically better!

    Awesome clean and balanced sound signature, plus nice durable cables for its small size with shirt clip and carry case.

    I bought a few of them (4 to be exact), but the right driver on one of them was slightly louder than the left one. Slight QC issue, I guess?

    s-l1600 (5).jpg

    At such a low price, I dare anyone to purchase these and speak your mind on the mind-blowing experience you’ll encounter with these as I did.

    Currently, for overseas purchase, I only found them on "Ebay". But, though the price is a little high, they are well worth it, IMHO!

    Thanks to Slater! He posted that they can be found here as well...

    Finally, I would like to thank 'Tamerlan' (head-fi member) for his suggestion on getting the HiFi BCD…Good looking out! :wink::thumbsup:

    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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  7. SuperLuigi
    I believe @HungryPanda has the hifi bcd as well. What do you think of them so far HP?
  8. DBaldock9
    I've got a set of the HiFi BCD X10 on order, but they haven't arrived yet.
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  9. vegetaleb
    Aren't he MH755 the ones that come with the SBH-50?
    If yes I have them and found them horrible with only muddy bass that bleeds all over mids and highs, I replaced them back then with a pair of ATES that were much better and balanced
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  10. Tamerlan
    Good afternoon, dear reviewers. I completely agree with the opinion of 1Clearhead. I also add that these headphones show the exceptional correctness of the instrument timbres. 99% of all headphones are dominated or shifted octaves. Here it is not. Everything plays as it should play, and if the high frequencies may seem dominant to many, this is not so! when I sit on the 1st row of a concert performance, it rings and reduces my ears from the sound of the drums' cymbals. real ringing And this is with live performance. Therefore, these headphones play all the sound material with exceptional clarity and tonal accuracy. They also have an excellent transfer of the volume of the room, the room, due to micro parts 2.3 and even 4 backgrounds. Reverb and percussion perfectly convey the feeling of a room. what else to add? The first thought that came when listening to these babies - THEY KILLER STAX? I turned on the full-sized RS1e after them, and the sound in the RS1e seemed dull, buzzing, non-detailed and booming. Here is such a story. But that is not all. These headphones are in my place number 2 in my personal rating. There is 1 more pair of headphones, their price is $ 130, after eavesdropping of which I return to BCD, and the sound of BCD seems hazy and less detailed. I will keep the intrigue a few more weeks. )))
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  11. 1clearhead
    Interesting!...Can't wait on your number one favorites in the weeks to come.:fingers_crossed:

    Cheers! :beerchug:
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  12. zedbg
    All i did is to search for the lowest price for tin t2 and copy and paste the url from my address bar here to try to help someone, but i will try not to do that in future if that is soo hostile to you guys. Sorry i can delete it if needed?
  13. gourab1995
    Any graphs to complement your observations? The help is appreciated.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
  14. 1clearhead
    Sorry, I don't have the equipment for FR graphs...too busy working in China. :sweat:
  15. gourab1995
    Well that's a little unfortunate. This has my interest peaked still. Guess I'll put it on my tab. Thanks for the detailed explanation on the iem anyways.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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