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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. xxAMAROKxx
    They say KB10 make "Interpretation of the soul of sweet female voice", but do not say us the type of KZ treble BAs. This layout is confusing...
    I'll probably wait for as12
  2. nicksson
    With respect for your audiophile ears, I remain ferm about thinking that a 0,2 ohm difference in impedance between two cables, if all the rest components of the sound chain remains the same, well, the 0,2 ohm difference worth nothing in quality of the sound, especially if the sound generator iem or headphone have more than 20 ohm impedance. Placebo effect is due, maybe, to the fact that you know, for all the duration of the test, WHICH one of the cables is cheap and which one is expensive. The fact that you KNOW THIS can influence your opinion. The experiment about relates @shockdoc is much more concludent than the IsoTek try (38 min., damn long!). So, I believe that if a cable have an impedance of 0,2 ohm and other cable have 0,4 ohm, than the difference in sound will be surely inobservabile with audiophile or non audiophile ears. The difference remains in the domain of graphs...
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  3. PhonoPhi
    For 20 Ohm, the difference in sound (under 0.1 dB) won't be even measurable with most available "rigs", otherwise those graphs would be out there...
    But how can one argue with one's feelings? I surely love my thick cables, makes me feel audiophilic :)

    P. S. I do "hear the difference" for the low-impedance KZ AS10. The original cable (about 0.8-0.9 Ohm) sounds better than upgrade cables to my ears with my source (the limitations of the source, I believe, is the key).
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  4. nicksson
    KZ, CCA, and now KBEAR? We must waiting for KGOAT, KSHEEP, KWOLF? :D
    Me too I'm curious about KZ AS12...
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  5. gourab1995
    How are any of the 2 mentioned above more concludent. If anything there is equal chance that both are wrong. Which was the purpose of providing that video. If you have watched any of the video, the guy also mentions to the audience about making sure the setup is rigged or not just like shocdoc mentioned in his experience.

    That's why I moved along stating to give your own experience first hand with changed cable in your own setup where you know how it sounds so that there is no chance for a bias or trickery.

    And do read what placebo effect is before saying that it's a placebo effect taking place here. There isn't any doctor or engineer telling me to believe what I'm hearing. Before experimenting with different cables, it was my 'belief' that cable resistance won't make a difference, simply because that was the opinion I had forwarded from someone else's experience, because of a lack of better understanding of my own. But after listening to it first hand, it was very clear to me that they did make a difference, what and how much of a difference they can make. And you mention the more expensive cable can make an influence in my opinion. Then why am I back on the stock cable which is the cheapest out of the 3 cables I compared? Not saying that the other cables offer nothing better. Since what one might like in sound is subjective. Make sure to read the other person's text before making a counter argument.

    Also fr graphs alone aren't any way to figure out technical differences in sound, which Is why I asked your retro future engineer to build that machine. Graphs only provide one dimension of sound. I.e how much (quantity) bass, mids and high frequency at what loudness the iem/speaker can output till what frequency, that's it, not the quality of it.

    That is why you can have 2 different sounding iems with similar frequency response. Because of the difference their drivers and build materials make. Try Equ'ing one iem to the frequency response of the other and compare them. You'll see what I mean.

    And if your time is that precious I would rather not have you trying to convince me based on certain an opinion you have just out of "ferm" belief, that might be technically feasible, you must have better things to do. It's easy to see specifications aren't everything. Things play out differently from a calculated standpoint in many different scenarios. Those are simply tools to ensure you have a minimum standard in the iem.

    And my "audiophile ears" lol, can make out the difference in sound in my zs7 which has a rated impedance of 24ohms, when the cable is changed.

    UnIess i had been bitten by a bat unknowingly and now have ultra sonic hearing abilities which would be an exception or maybe you hear as good as this guy... Either one.

    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  6. BadReligionPunk
    There is a Science section here for this stuff. Just sayin. This discussion has been going on way too long, and it would be like me trying to convince someone that 8 people, who were all hundreds of years old, didn't actually load a few hundred thousand animals into a boat in one weeks time, and then proceed to feed and clean said hundreds of thousands of animals over the course of a year, while the entire earth sat under 40,000 feet of water.

    Peeps just gonna believe what they want to believe.

    The most important topic here should be what are the fan club t-shirts going to look like?
  7. archdawg
    ZS 10 Pro (vs. ZS7) - Day 3

    First of all I don't notice much of a change after those first ~48 hours of playtime and 'burn-in', at least nothing worth mentioning here.

    On to some more first impressions:

    Bass: see yesterday, a bit on the slow side with relatively long decay (reggae anyone?) but usually well controlled and focused with amazingly little bleed on a more powerful low-impedance source, less so on my two different phones, but if the track demands it (EDM etc...) and the source can deliver the necessary power in time there's sh...loads in reserve just waiting for the right moment.

    Mids: on many of my test tracks the mids are somewhat overshadowed not -bled by the dominant bass, it's not so much a matter of mud but sheer quantity - here and there I feel like reaching for an EQ to bring those lower frequencies somewhat down. On tracks with less bass the mids are just fine throughout the range, detailed enough, smooth and relaxed, with not much standing out, just nothing to write home about really. In most of my tracks they seem so laid back and distant (see below) that I feel disconnected from what's going on musically and lose interest in listening closer - YMMV.

    Treble: less peaky than initially on the 7s but right from the start with a more natural timbre and a different frequency response, even though they're using the same drivers, maybe not from the same batch. Sibilance can be an issue but only with bad recorded or mastered material, the treble on the ZSN Pro or Tin T2 sounds more aggressive to my ears.
    BTW, switching back and forth between the 10Pro and ZS7 my 7 sound distinctively more brighter - less bass dominance with more pronounced upper mids and lower treble.

    Space: perceptually almost as wide as the ZS7 but with more extended depth (really deep into the distance) and less height. There's some air on the sides of the stage but the frontal share gets more or less absorbed in the depth.
    Instrument separation and layering on the 10Pro goes hand in hand with their excellent spatial accuracy, everything stays well positioned, layered and separated even in crowded tracks; pretty amazing technically. To me this is the strongest point of those IEMs so far, especially their almost pinpoint precision - in that department they beat all of my other xy KZs hands down (unfortunately, lol).

    So far so good - if after those first days I had to decide between the 10 Pro and the ZS7 - a personal thing - I'd pick my 7s without thinking twice - to my ears their addictive bass, allover punchiness and dynamics, cohesion, spaciousness, air and more intimate character, even at my standard low listening levels outweigh the spatial precision and slightly more natural timbre of the 10Pro but then I still have to look for a better cable for the 10s, at least for something less tangly.
    Where the 10s lose me it's the perceived distance. Even though most of it sounds technically correct, like on the Tin T2 with their somewhat similar but less precise and extended rendition of depth that distance just isn't my cup of tea. Even close-up recordings sound somewhat dis-connected through the 10 Pros, more so than through the T2 - not really veiled in either case but I really miss the intimacy and perceptual transparency of my old, grey ZS6 and newer 7 deliver ... to me that's one of the first things I listen for on any IEM or can - YMMV.

    So much for today - thanks for reading.
  8. trumpethead
    Resistance is Futile. I finally gave in and ordered a pair... Also salivating over CCA C16 at 80 bucks during the sale... Must fight urge to hit buy button!!
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  9. alex5908
    Hello everybody,
    As everybody might knows it's a mid-year sale at aliexpress.com now.
    I wanted to buy KZ wireless ear-phones (not the cable). Does anybody use the earphones with LDAC/APT-X HD codecs? Which models can be recommended? Or may be other brands budget BT earphones with a Hi-Res sound?
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  10. alex5908
    Which QCY are these?
  11. B9Scrambler
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  12. alex5908
    What is the exact model of QCY?
  13. eclein
    Mine are: 2019 QCY T2C TWS BT5.0
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  14. Slater
  15. loomisjohnson

    100+ Head-Fier

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    ZS 10 Pro (vs. ZS7) - Day 3

    very good impressions with which i wholly concur
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