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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nicksson
    And what if the sound producing iem have a 30 ohm impedance? What tell you the relations in this case? Dont look the source without the iem...
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  2. PhonoPhi
    The worst case (most demabding scenario) is 12-15 Ohm IEMs.

    By the same token, hearing the difference in cables for high-impedance IEM is hard(er) to explain.
  3. archdawg
    Impedance at what frequency?
    I've explicitly said 'depending on what follows on the signal chain'.
    It goes without saying that the higher the impedance at a specific frequency of your IEM, the less effect those little changes in the cable and source impedances have (in a simple setup) BUT the single impedance number in the manual (more often than not measured at 1kHz) doesn't give you any insight into the sum-impedance of the IEMs configuration at other frequencies and that can look dramatically different, usually in the lower frequency ranges.

    Not necessarily THE worst but pretty common among IEMs, because again the impedance at lower frequencies can dive right into single-digit figures and be pretty challenging for less than stellar output amps.

    Anyway, when it comes to sonic changes I still trust my ears more than any numbers or graphs. If I would have ignored the effects of that cable change last night I could as well be set with some nice $10 earbuds and the idea that some higher end stuff sounds just the same.
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  4. gourab1995
    Placebo effect? If anything my observation disproves the "placebo effect" that I had regarding resistance in wires. Please tell your retro-future Mozart engineer to build a machine that describes/depicts sound in terms of human hearing and feeling.

    Even if such a machine existed, it wouldn't represent a 100% accurate outcome all the time. Even the machine will have factors affecting the read, like its wiring, cable quality, heat, temperature, pressure etc. that would affect the final result. Would you still say in that case the machine is having a placebo effect when it gives you 90-95% consistent results after multiple test runs? No, you sit down and accept it. Because machines don't make mistakes right?

    And there is no reason to get defensive about your joke. It was well understood it was a joke, unless... that was also a placebo effect I had.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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  5. Caipirina
    Got some new toys!


    And straight out of the box, I like them quite some! But that’s coming from the AS06, I have not really checked out anything in between...
    I also tested them on balanced cable, before anyone laughs at the BT combo. It’s just really nice to also turn these into TWEs for long walks.
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  6. rambomhtri
    Can anybody test the KZ ZS7 against the new ZeroAudio Carbo Douza II?

    They are like the flagships from KZ and ZeroAudio. More or less.
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  7. jant71
    Soooo, what's with the KB EAR version...

    What does this do, what is the point if the CCA A10 is already out, cheaper , and the same set-up and specs. Talks of upgraded drivers and being better then other 5 BA earphones. Does that mean/include the A10??
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  8. voicemaster
    Zero audio release duoza II?
  9. shockdoc
    Not to go TOO far off topic, but all the talk of different "sounds" from different cables reminds me of going to a presentation a number of years ago at a local audio shop. It was put on by the NHT speaker company. They basically set up their TOTL speakers at the time with some high-end McIntosh separate components and had two sets of speaker wire hooked up to the speakers with a switcher. One set of cables was some high-end Kimber cables (don't recall which ones but I remember thinking that they cost more than my Denon AVR. The other set was literally some lamp cord they'd bought at a local hardware store. They even offered a rather large cash prize to anyone who could correctly identify which cables were which 9 out of 10 times. A lot of "audiophiles" showed up. Some of them even had these little cardboard ear-extenders (for lack of a better term) to, I assume, aid them in hearing subtle differences in sounds or something. Long story short, NHT left with their reward check uncashed. YMMV ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  10. gourab1995
    Since you have mentioned a particular instance where people did not recognize the difference in sound in a cable change can make. Here is demo that does show a difference. In fact, you can hear it for yourself with earphones from the video. Disregard what the the guy is advertising even, to try it.

    But then regardless of those 2 instances we have here, positive or negative. I know what I heard when I swapped cables using my ZS7, if you choose not to believe what I have experienced, its totally fine. No one had "influenced" me to hear the difference in sound between the cables. It was simple testing and observation across multiple trials, to take into account of any bias. (I.e. to perform the test with a healthy amount of self doubt). And the result is definite as well. I'm not going to revisit those cables again for the zs7, that's how sure I am, despite those cables being better in conductivity and what not.

    And Iet's not abuse the word "audiophile" to represent some kind of person who is a genius in music, only wants ruler flat sound, cares about technicality so much that he confuses himself like a mad scientist. The word audiophile represents someone who has a fondness of audio and sound to a greater extent than normal, it's as simple as that. So yes "audiophiles" may or may not be able to distinguish between technical differences all the time, depending on their hearing capabilities and concentration power.

    It's like saying someone is not an athlete because he doesn't rock climb as well as he lifts weight.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  11. 1clearhead
    New kid "DIY" on the block review!

    I am trying a new DIY earphone, which I bought through taobao: HIFI BCD micro-drivers.

    Post #24366


    -Clear :v::sunglasses:
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  12. SoundChoice
    How dare you talk about earphones when there’s cable impedance going on.
  13. gourab1995
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  14. shockdoc
    Not trying to start a flame war or anything here. Just relating an experience I had. And I hope everyone realizes just how easy it can be to influence what someone hears even just with simple volume differences due to speaker/headphone sensitivity (let alone manipulating things via equalization). After the demo I mentioned they actually let all of us carefully inspect the setup to ensure that there was no subterfuge of any kind and that it wasn't rigged in some way and that it indeed was a simple A/B comparison of wire. And I didn't mean anything by putting the word "audiophiles" in quotation marks other than to poke a bit of fun at some of the guys who pulled out the little cardboard ear extenders while regaling the rest of us with their self-proclaimed expertise.
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  15. gourab1995
    I respect your opinion but don't agree with it, consider this a discussion rather than a war. As far as the validity of the demo setups are concerned. We will have to only trust that the setup wasn't rigged. Can't be opening up insides of each component there and ensuring it wasn't something else right?

    Taking this into regard. Apart from demos from 3rd parties surely you have some one on one experience with cable changes done by yourself. Would you say that matches clearly with the demo you had experienced? I.e. different cables don't make a significant difference in sound output?
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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