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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday
    What I'm looking forward to most of all is your feedback on the ZS3E; an "improved" ZS3 (better controlled upper-midrange and tighter bass?) with copper cables would make them irresistible and I'd shamelessly order several sets in red and black.
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  2. B9Scrambler
    I haven't listened to them in a while but from what I remember they came across as a mix of the ZS3 and ZS4. Massive bass, elevated treble but not as much as the ZS4. Don't recall if the bass was any tighter or upper midrange improved. Mine came with the silver plated copper cable KZ sells separately as an upgrade option. Have to get through the rest of my review queue before I dip back into these, but that shouldn't take too much longer.
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  3. courierdriver
    Yeah, but the truth is that hearing damage happens to many people even without listening to music loudly. I can tell you without a doubt, that having to drive a truck with zero insulation with a bunch of cargo slamming and bouncing and jostling about on an open highway with many potholes and uneven roads, hasn't helped preserve my hearing in 22+ years of employment as a truck driver. An industrial restaurant exhaust fan in a kitchen for 17 years on top of that, hasn't helped either. So, what I'm saying is: hearing damage isn't just related to the occasional blast of music on your iems. It happens over time, usually as a result of other factors, which are NOT as a result of "enjoyable" activities.
  4. Slater
    I believe this. I’ve read that in the long term, hearing is actually more damaged by noise that’s slightly elevated but a continuous duration, vs noise that’s really loud but only for a very short duration.

    Your description of truck driving and commercial kitchen fans over the course of years and years makes sense, given the information I read.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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  5. courierdriver
    It really is true. Sustained exposure to continuous high level noise (85+ DB) for several hours per day, WILL definitely erode your hearing. That's easy to achieve in many types of jobs and professions. It's important to consider the work environment that people subject themselves to on a daily basis. An office worker who spends 8 hours in a cubicle might not suffer as much hearing damage as someone who who works in a louder environment. It's VERY important to consider the environment in which you work in, and it's inherent health effects. You only have one set of ears and eyes...so do your best to protect them if you think they might be at risk in the job you perform each day.
  6. Nailzs
    I doubt that having been exposed to loud noises is the real cause of hearing loss. There has to be more to it than that. I've worked as a machinist for over 40 years in a shop that also does metal fabrication.
    I put up with banging on sheet metal, grinding, diesel engines running at high rpm and I don't seem to suffer any hearing degradation. My mother has been a housewife all her life and never exposed to loud industrial
    noises yet she has sever hearing loss.
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  7. trumpethead
  8. archdawg
    Amen to that, bro. I've done more damage to my ears than I care to remember; I guess the two worst factors have been my years as a DJ and listening to music through cans at ear piercing levels for many years. Anyway, won't complain too much, at 50 something I can still hear the hand of the alarm clock ticking in the next room (some younger friends can't) and me thinks I'm still pretty good at ABxing stuff but OTOH for me treble ends at about 11 kHz these days and I'm pretty serious about protecting what's left. Regarding ABxing I don't think that anyone can recover what's already been lost this way but seen as a form of training at least it helps me a lot to get the best out of what's left.
  9. trumpethead
    Thanks for saving me from C16 or AS16 purchase at least for now.. I can hold on that "bit better" til the "next big thing". comes along.. I have way too many IEM that I don't have time for already..
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  10. bhazard
    The ZS10 Pro does suffer from some artificial sounding treble. Still, it sounds excellent for $30.

    I forgot my headphones during one of my business trips a few months ago and had to buy something at the airport. I "lucked" upon cheap Panasonics for around $20, nevermind the cost of everything else they were trying to sell. It was still painful to listen to. Not having a KZ around is a good reminder of the value and SQ you get for the price.
  11. LaughMoreDaily
    It sounds like you won the hearing lottery and your mom suffers hearing loss from her yelling husband. :wink:
  12. courierdriver
    I guess you have been lucky then, and your mom has not. I'm not saying that hearing loss is ONLY a result of loud workplace environments. Other factors (such as hereditary or something else) can play a role in it too. But there is definitely scientific proof, that over exposure to continuous loud sounds from working in a noisy environment for many hours/day, can result in hearing loss.
  13. Light - Man
    Sorry Guys, but anyone who has severe hearing loss, please take your ears over to the Sound Science threads. There seems to be an abundance of people over there who have hearing loss, so you will not feel alone, surrounded by people who can only hear music by visual means through graphs and procedural scrutinisation of blind on blind tests! :ksc75smile:

    I take offence by people referring to the KZ ZS10 Pro as good for $30 - when I paid £46 ($58) :darthsmile:

    It is my first KZ and I reckon that it is a very good allrounder and is very good value, so much so that it might upset many who have paid crazy prices for high end stuff! :deadhorse:
  14. Makahl
    I got the ZS10 Pro yesterday and... I'm a bit late for the party but I'm really impressed! Coming from the basic lineup ATR/ZS3/ZS4/ZST the build quality here is a huge step-up. Awesome. When I was into DIY just to get that metallic nozzle was expansive as hell at that time and now you can get a whole thing that sounds GREAT for $30ish, wow.

    Although, OOTB using the new stock tip I did find it quite spicy and a bit artificial at the treble, definitely not the best synergy to me but swapping it to the stock starlines M tips somehow it managed to tame that inconvenient extra energy to a moderate bright level that is more comfortable listening to me, I guess the starlines' material absorbs better some high frequencies than the new tip.

    The sub-bass isn't an ear massage machine like the Kanas Pro which goes down to 20-40Hz effortless but on ZS10 Pro definitely, the bass is elevated and punchier when compared to KP which I really like it. Overall a more aggressive sound with a slightly more artificial timbre. But tbh I was kinda expecting it since BAs have this tendency depending on the music genre.

    So, I've bought the ZS10 Pro to replace my old ZST which has an annoying driver-flex and I couldn't be happier with that upgrade for commute/gym.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
  15. Nailzs
    Bone loss if a factor (this is my opinion not scientific fact) in getting older and considering the cochlea bone, as well as other bones in the ear, probably suffer loss from aging bone structure loss contributing to hearing loss.

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