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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. gourab1995
    I'll stick to my vitamin Kz and bqeyz diet.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  2. Light - Man
    Man, I love this ever-so-slightly off-topic stuff!

    I have osteoporosis, mainly because of a lack of calcium as I do not drink any type of milk/dairy because of an intolerance but also because of the lack of vitamin D in my diet (in the past).

    Our skin can also produce vitamin D but it needs to be exposed to sunlight on a regular basis (without suncream) to get a sufficient quantity to help us to absorb calcium in our diet.

    A DEXA scan is the only way to find out if you have osteoporosis. There is also a genetic factor but a lack of weight bearing exercise is a big issue. Overweight people are less likely to get it.

    Maybe we should start a health thread because most of us seem to be more interested in head gear and might not be looking after our health as well as we should. :smile_phones:

    Guys, I am still really liking the KZ ZS10 Pro but also have my eye on the KZ ZS7. Is the KZ ZS10 Pro still the the best allrounder from KZ and with the best vocals?

    What other brands would you recommend as an upgrade to the KZ ZS10 Pro?
  3. HungryPanda
    I actually prefer the BQEYZ iems to KZ (which I still love a lot). A true upgrade to ZS10 Pro is the iBasso IT01s to my ears
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  4. PhonoPhi
    All-BA CCA C16 and A10 work great for classical music to my ears (CCA is a sister/brother company of KZ).
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  5. moisespr123
  6. Aparker2005
    Very interested to see how the 12 compares to the as16. Holding off on buying until I see reviews. Currently more than happy with my as16 and zs10 pro.
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  7. nraymond
    This made me smile: "2PIN Upgradable Cable, One Pluck And One Insert, Unlock More Funny Ways To Use"

    Ok, who's going to start the "Funny Ways To Use Cables" thread?
  8. shockdoc
    LOL Gotta love the Chinese descriptions..."Despise Boasting and Use Data to Prove Strength...", "Paranoid Pursuit of The Natural Broad Tone...". :floatsmile:
  9. nraymond
    All Your Specifications Belong To Us, Mechanical Apparatus Translation FTW!
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  10. voicemaster
    Thanks to google translate lol
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  11. xxAMAROKxx
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  12. zazaboy
    @HungryPanda do you have the ibasso it01... ? reviews say there is not much difference between ibasso it01s and ibasso it01? but I listened to a sound recording sample and ibasso it01s has very good detail retrieval imho what do you think?
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
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  13. HungryPanda
    I do not have the it01 but I highly recommend the it01s if you can get a good fit. A lot of people don't but I found it ok once I put a keyboard spacer on the nozzle of each earpiece that stopped the tips sliding down too far.
  14. jant71
    So, where is this gonna fit in?? Some say the 5 driver CCA is better than the AS16. Does this better the 5 per side or did they not exceed the AS16 on purpose?
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  15. LaughMoreDaily
    Anyone know a good eartip/cable combo with the ES4?

    So far I think the BA10 copper cable is the best and the Starline tips do not sound too bad.

    What tips do you like? The ES4 seems to run bright.

    I tried the 6 core copper Yinyoo, C10 cable and 8 core upgrade KZ cable. In actuality the 8 core may be the best... maybe.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019

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