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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nxnje
    Thanks for your words.
    I tamed down the treble this evening putting cheap foam tips bought from aliexpress.
    Treble went down hard and it's now a bit more pleasant, but i feel i miss now the detail i had.
    So i'm gonna try some tip rolling tomorrow as i have like 20 different tips from many other headphones.
    Atm i wanna try without EQing as my DAP is cheap and only has pre-set EQs.
  2. Devodonaldson
    Unlike orhwrs, I also loved the ZS10. I use Comply tips with all my iems. I've tried different silicone tips, Symbio hybrids. I just DON'T like the audio presentation provided by silicone, so it's foam all the way. Comply foam maintains the best audio properties IMO. Other foam tips definitely provide a muddy signature. Anyway, ZS10 was my favorite until I purchased the AS10. mid forward but in a pleasant way. The ZS10 are more relaxing. AS10 is a pleasant step up. They are both awesome for different reasons.
  3. Devodonaldson
    Comply foam tips do a much better job of not totally degrading the audio. Not all foam is created equal. FYI, the smartcore one size fits most tips are only $9.99 on Amazon, so half the price of most of the Comply tips
  4. hakuzen
    HERE (zs6 tip rolling section) you can find FR graphs of zs6 when using different tips. foam was the most effective to tame 8 & 10kHz peaks, without altering the rest of frequencies. but cheap foams (no silicon tube inside) are useless in this regard.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
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  5. sino8r
    My BA10s arrived Monday and have been comparing them to the AS10s and TFZ Queen. It's been tough, mostly enjoyable, but somewhat frustrating. I used both silicone and foam tips. The AS10 sounds good (a bit high on the treble but no sibilance) but seal well and feel comfortable. Great bass and mids. I don't really like the plastic build though. They look okay but feel kinda cheap. The BA10 is definitely well made and sounds a bit more refined than the AS10 but very similar. The shape of the iem is okay. As many have stated and speculated, the Bender/Ironman shape is awkward. It's not horribly uncomfortable but you definitely feel like you need to reset them to seal almost every time you move. The ZS6 does this to me as well so I might work for some. I tried foam and silicone tips for medium and large sizes. I did order some double flange and spin fits but I really question if the treble will be too high with silicone. So far it has been so I'm not sure what to expect. I'd say go for AS10 if you're worried about fitting. They aren't much different soundwise. And finally, the TFZ Queen sounds really full being a single dynamic driver. It can get muddy on some songs and the soundstage cannot compete with the multiple dd/ba in some iems like KZ's flagships. Still, it does sound really awesome in most situations and the fit and build quality is excellent! Once you insert them, you don't have to readjust the seal for several hours. I've never used more comfortable iems. TFZ seems to have some really great stuff. Might be worth investigating who are looking for a step up from KZ but don't want to pay several hundred dollars for the adventure. And yes, you can compare it to ibasso but don't have to deal with the fragile mmcx connections and plastic iem housing. I should be getting the Fiio FH5 this Friday which is supposed to be in another league but we'll see. I am reluctant of some other iems (including Fiio due to the mmcx connections) because of past experiences with them being rather fragile. I'll fill y'all in if the spin fits or double flanged tips help with the sound or seal of the BA10, AS10, or even my ZS6 as well. They should be here by the weekend as well. Hope this might help some get some perspective on KZ's latest and greatest!
  6. hakuzen
    this kind of affordable ali foam tips work ok, @nxnje
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  7. monitoringsound70
    Absolutely. AS10 is on my bucket list as we speak.
    I'm the opposite and don't use foam as they aren't really cost effective and take too long to get in the ear when you're out and about.
    But either way yes the ZS10 are awesome.
  8. scottySK
    Ive just ordered the as10 with the new 8 core trn cable.. really excited to pair those together!

    Im hoping someone here can recommend a really large size wide bore silicon tip. The whirlwind size large are still smaller than I'd like. I have big ears I think, even the ZS10 fit nicely in my ear haha
  9. tuanathon
    Has anyone tried the pizen Bluetooth cable or should I wait for the trn bt3 0.75 version to come back in stock? I dont like the dangling button and microphone on the trn bt10 version
  10. dpsbz
    Hi which Comply tips would be ok for KS4/ES4 please ?
  11. sino8r
    I think it's the same thing as the TRN BT3. I have both the bt3 and bt10 and the dangling parts on bt10 can be annoying. I just tuck them into my shirt so no big deal. If you grab the TRN BT3, just make sure it's the aptx version if needed. There is no visual way to tell them apart from the older version except the packaging or when connected to your device. I believe the newer one is BT 4.2 as well verses 4.1
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  12. nxnje
    Woah guys, you're great.
    Didn't think tip rolling stuff had already been discussed and measured.
    I love you all
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  13. Negakinu
    This was really helpful, thanks! I'm looking forward to your comparison of the KZ lineup to your incoming Fiio.

    I own the KZ ZS5 and a bunch of older forum favourites (Vsonic GR07 CCE, Hifiman RE0, Sony MH1c, Xiaomi Piston 2 etc) and think the ZS5 sounds excellent for the money. I now am looking for something that will be a step up from the GR07 CCE, which is still the best budget IEM I've had for my taste in music (extreme metal). I'm torn between either another budget IEM (KZ AS10, BA10) or the new Fiio. :)
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  14. Devodonaldson
    That's interesting. I actually never have to squish foams. I can just put them in, so I don't have to wait. I also don't have the issue of the tips breaking down fast eirhei. I guess I'm just lucky on that front. I don't like deep inswrioin, so I buy the Comply round foam tips and simply put them in enough to get a little seal.
  15. CoiL
    Then think of rather TFZ (king, King Pro, Ex.King), FiiO or IT01 ...money better placed as SQ, BQ, QC are superior to KZs latest offerings imo.

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