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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. hakuzen
    stock starlines, and old grey starlines (these are on now). i don't want to use foam (some treble would be missed). i'm going to try others, thanks.
    short wide tips might be the solution (purchased a new batch, in transit), but the result is shallow on my ears and the iems tend to slip out. they are not comfy anyway.
    noticed they sound better at low volume (but i use to listen louder), and they are not forgiving with too compressed audio or bad recordings. trying them again now..
  2. mbwilson111
    In similar situations I often end up using Spinfits.
  3. hakuzen
    thanks. i've got some spinfits, but my experience with them is bassier sound and loss of treble, so not a good solution for my bassy as10.
    spiral dots (with or without foam added inside) use to be my end rolling tips, gonna try them
  4. Makahl
    People using different tips, source, music can also explain it.

    X using: small bore silicon tips, random smartphone (high output impedance), listening to mostly rap/hip-hop/pop
    Y using: large bore silicon tips, FiiO X7 MKII (low output impedance), listening to mostly rock/metal/jazz
    Z using: foam tips and a variation between X and Y

    That's why most of the time is kind of useless to me reading impressions if you don't know the reviewer's musical taste, the source he is using and tips. I usually try to find my "twin-ear" which has most similarities with my own taste and gear. Otherwise, you need to take a huge amount of salt. But ofc, KZ's QC can be a variable too.

    Also, it's kinda funny reading Campfire Andromeda's reviews. All people are aware of the changes of output impedance and what it can cause regarding on its SQ (in some cases it's a literal disaster), but when it's chi-fi multi-BA people throw it to any source and expect they will sound identical, lol.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
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  5. Mellowship
    Damn you... 40$ poorer now...
    This is a disease!
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  6. mbwilson111
    ...or soon, you will be one IEM richer...
  7. monitoringsound70
    Well after much deliberation and mind changes i finally have a pair of the ZS10 in the all red version.

    Only just got in and unboxed them.
    And I am currently listening to some Live Bowie.

    So far and obviously very early days at the moment but so far these are real nice.
    Using large Spinfits on the lipless nozzle......(don't like that mind), but aside from that I'm liking the sound.
    Nice upfront vocals with a very warm and rounded sound.
    More thoughts to follow.......
  8. nxnje
    Didn't think v80 cable was so bad.
    I thought zs6's one was way worse than it.
  9. Vestat
    Actually I am one of the few that likes the rubbery grippy cable of the ZS6.. Not sure why.. probably because is one of the only cables that provides a good microphone quality (the remote calling microphone, not talking about micorphonics).
    Man.. why the hell all the cables with microphones are so bad.. I would really like to have a nice call with my girlfriend listening to her voice trough the beauty and details of the zs6 or v80s.. but no chance.. she can never properly listen to me..
  10. Slater
    I'm currently experimenting with the foam ZST mod to the ZS4's BA. I think that will do the trick. I will post results when I'm done.
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  11. basshead11
  12. BadReligionPunk
  13. HAMS
    I just did mock vent on zs3 to reduce bass by slipping paper between nozzles and tips, it did reduce the bass but the peaky 5k treble become more pronounced. Unless I eq'ed it I rather prefer the stock sound.
  14. Slater
    If you want to reduce bass, just drill a small hole (perpendicular) in the nozzle using a twist drill and a micro drill bit.

    Just make sure none of the eartip covers the hole. Also make sure no plastic shavings falls down into the IEM. Also make sure you do it on the opposite side as the BA.

    I would try a 0.2mm hole. If that is not enough, increment by 0.1mm (ie 0.3mm, then 0.4mm, then 0.5mm). I would not go larger than 0.5mm.

    If you don't like the results, you can simply cover the hole using tape or a dab of epoxy.
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  15. TLDRonin
    Quick question: both the ZS6 and ZS10 use .75 mm 2 pin, right?

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