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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TLDRonin
    Wow, those cables look great

    I already have a silver one for my ZS6 so I dont need it.... But its only $10....
  2. nxnje
    Thanks a lot! Just another little question: could the TRN v80 cable work with the ZS6?
    As i have a broken v80 i was thinkin about picking the cable and putting it into my incoming ZS6. It is the same connector? Or is it different?
  3. parthabhatta
    I fully agree to this. Infact the KZ USB C DAC cable coupled with UAPP app has dramatically improved the sound in my mediocre Leagoo KIICAA MIX phone. I had never imagined that my device could give such a mind blowing audio output from this phone. Loud (has to turn down vol considerably) , crisp and entertaining sound. Battery consumption is miniscule.
    Further, this cable has grown my interest on USB C DAC and I have ordered Odyssey and Sonata.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
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  4. Mellowship
    In fact, this cable didn't improve the sound on your Leagoo smartphone, for your device is simply acting as a transport for digital files. The DAC in the cable does it all!
    These kind of solutions really makes you realize the 3.5 jack is not as important to keep in many devices as many people wished. If the price to keep 3.5 jacks is lowering the quality of the physical jack itself to a point its springs wear down and it isn't capable of clipping the male jack satisfactorily, and/or the inboard DAC of the smartphone/tablet/whatever is underpowered and unable to drive even the least demanding of earphones, I don't mind to use a usb-c dongle, or to have this KZ cable around with me.
    My Honor 8 is a hell of a device, and I still love it for its design, quality of construction, speed, camera, etc. But its audio abilities, the low quality female 3.5 plug, the unsatisfactory inboard DAC, the absence of FM radio, and even the outdated bluetooth capabilities, makes this a no-go smartphone for those who want to use it as a main audio device. I never bought it with that in mind, but in the summer I was getting tired of having to carry a DAP in the few pocket space summer clothes have. This cable changes it!
    The Sonata is even better.
    @parthabhatta , post your impressions on the Odyssey, please, when you receive it!
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  5. parthabhatta
    Yeah I understood. My phone is simply acting as transport. This KZ does a stupendous job and as per your experience the Sonata is supposed to do it better. I will definitely post my experience of Odyssey once I receive and use that successfully.
    In fact thanks to these cables, i can now choose any moderate USB C type phone instead of running after LG audiocentric mobiles once I decide to replace my LG V20.
  6. Mellowship
    Yes! No more dependence on niche audiocentric smartphones! :) Considering what is coming from Huawei in the next few weeks, the boundaries are being pushed!
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  7. loomisjohnson
    spent some more ear time with the zs4--from the standpoint of sound quality, i'm placing them a bit below the zs5/zsr/ed16 on my kz pantheon, altho the zs4 does bass better than the others. i remain impressed with the fit (bested only by the zst) and world-class isolation.
  8. Mellowship
    For my tastings, I place then below ZS5 and marginally above ZST concerning sound quality. They indeed do bass better then ZST, and just as good as the ZS5, but slightly different as ZS4 have a more present subbass but ZS5 has a better bass imaging.
    With foam tips, the treble is just a little less controlled compared to ZS5 v1, a little more splashy, which is not good for the soundstage. With silicone tips, it gets in the way too much.
    If they had just a little more resolving midrange (i.e. a little less V-shaped), they would rule!
  9. loomisjohnson
    i actually hear the bass on the zs4 as a little more sculpted than that on the zs5, tho i'm otherwise in accord--i'm also struggling to find the correct tips, since as you note neither foams nor stock silicons tame that unruly treble--anyone have suggestions?
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  10. hakuzen
    guess it will work (both 0.75mm 2pins, i think), but haven't tried. anyway, why would yo do that? trn v80 stock cable is as bad or even worse than zs6's. the new cheap trn cable could be an affordable upgrade instead.
  11. Mellowship
    You'll just have to roll the dices... I mean, the tips. But if foam doesn't cut it for you...

    What I rolled so far, before sticking to medium size T-400 foam tips:
    - stock starlines (L): run away. Splashy-splash.
    - Sony hybrids (L, light blue bore): lowers the treble but yet without controlling enough. Bloats the bass as it would be expected from Sony hybrids.
    - Rock Zyrcon tips (L): love these on the ZS3. The wide bore and the light steeped arch give a sort of airyness to the muffle-natured ZS3 and open the midrange. In the ZS4, splashy-splash.
    - old KZ translucent dome tips (L): same as starlines but tend to be less comfortable, more prone to unplug from the ear canal. Soundwise, nothing to write home about.
    - Radiopaq Jazz tips (M): they don't have a slit, so they don't hold very well on the nozzle lip. Bass is controlled but does nothing to the treble. Deep insertion. Still splashy
    - memory foam faux-comply rubber nozzled T-400 tips (L): same sound as described in the last posts, but the large size, which I usually sport on every other IEM, make these, as well as the ZS3, impossible to fit, as this kind of shell needs to rotate upon inserting. Too much drag.

    Maybe the spinfits or the jvc? Can't discuss them, don't have any.

    Good luck!
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  12. Delta32
    How do the zs4 and zsr compare with regards to sound quality and isolation?
  13. DocHoliday
    Anyone interested in getting an AS10 or ZS6 cheap should listen up.

    GearBest flash sale right now until they're gone.

    AS10 @ $40

    KZ Case @ $1

    KZ ZS6 @ $35 (black only)

    Better cable @ $7

    Pick up KZ's best cheap on GearBest then order your TRN cables on AliExpress @ $10.49 a set. Wait for your stuff to arrive and your golden for $50+/- for an entire set-up (IEM, cable & case).

    TRN cables @ $10.49

    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
  14. hakuzen
    tempted to try another as10, to check coherence with my unit, which is too midbassy. dunno if it is due to QC, given the reviews i've read/watch lately..
  15. mbwilson111
    What tips have you tried?

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