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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mellowship
    Well, is the Google Pixel adapter a digital one, or is it just using the analog L+R+G contacts on the USB-C? Is it compatible with all USB-C smartphones?

    The thing is the KZ USB-C cable has a DAC inside the USB-C plug. And I suspect is a good one. High output, clarity, etc. I am even tented of ordering another and cutting the cable off some 10 cm of the plug, to adapt a female jack and getting myself a DIY cable.

    For double the price of the Pixel adaptor, you can also get a Hidizs Sonata. This is a great option. Great sound, great build and the possibility of flashing 3 different firmware profiles, including one that bypasses the system sounds (mainly phone calls and messaging sounds) to the telephone speakers, and allows for 192 KHz of bitperfect stream using compatible apps.
  2. Mellowship
    If you are talking about original Comply, you have a guide in their website https://www.complyfoam.com/compatibility#
    As per Comply (TM), they recommend T-500 for many KZ IEMs

    Talking about cheap foam tips (the kind you buy on AE), from my experience, most KZs use T-400 bore size. But T-200 also fits ZS4.
  3. fredhubbard2
    I dunno why people insist on buying comply ; they are so expensive ... I use these on my KZ's :: https://www.amazon.co.uk/TCM-FOAM-R...538645299&sr=8-16&keywords=blue+foam+ear+tips
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  4. Mellowship
    I have one single pair of Comply tips, that came with a IEM I don't remember the model. They are nice, indeed. And they seem to last longer. Another thing is that they rebound their shape slower when crushed. But soundwise they don't justify their price.
    One good thing about faux-AE-ebay-wherever foam tips, those high quality ones that have a silicone tube inside, is that, apart from being cheap (0.60 USD a pair), in many sellers you can order specific bore sizes, outer diameters and colours in any amount you wish.
    Example for 20 tips, you just leave a comment like:
    4 units black t-400 (L) large
    4 units grey t-400 (M) medium
    4 units blue t-200 (M) medium
    4 units red t-200 (M) medium
    4 units black t-100 (S) small
    ... and the seller will send this exact combination. Some of them send them in separated transparent little plastic boxes.
    Another great thing is that, if you order different colours, like blue and red, from the same size, you get a pretty damn good way of distinguishing between L and R IEM sides for those earphones that are difficult to tell.
  5. fuzzybabybunny
    Wow, my AS10s are less than a month old and have already died.

    The right side is now significantly louder than the left side.

    Going through a tone generator, everything below 2.5 kHz is louder on the right. There is a brief moment of balance from 2.5 kHz to 5kHz, then gets louder on the right for everything above 5 kHz.

    When I set the stereo balance to try and balance out the volume, the result still sounds very weird because there are still gaps in frequency response.

    Anyone have any experience getting warranty service with KZ? I bought it from a seller on Amazon.

    And yes, I've swapped cable positions, changed cables, changed playing devices, cleaned the nozzles, changed tips, and other headphones do sound balanced to me, so it's not in my head.
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  6. Slater
    That sucks friend. I would work with the seller and/or Amazon to get them swapped out via warranty.

    Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of any product with a lot of parts, is the increased risk of an individual part going bad. More parts=more things that can go wrong.
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  7. dwayniac
    Which model,with BA drivers,has the best sub-bass?
  8. Mellowship
    The ZS4 has a rather well defined and present sub-bass from its dynamic driver. I believe it's the best sub-bass KZ made.

    Waiting for the AS10 to arrive, it is the first all-BA KZ, and from what I've been reading here, the bass seems promising. I will post my impressions upon receiving it.
  9. Dreadvil
    Greetings everyone.After about 2-3 days of researching I still cannot decide whether I should get KZ ED16 or KZ ES4.I'm gonna try to give as much info as I can and any help would be appriciated..So,I currently have KZ ATE,which I dearly love but after 2 years left one seems to be much lower in volume after I cought them by the cable while falling,and it's bothers me to the point I'd like to get a new pair.My budget is 20$ and the 2 best options seem to be ED16 and ES4(if there is a option which best fits my needs I'd consider it too).I'm mainly listening to modern rap music,which has a heavy emphasis on the bass,which is my biggest priority(without much sacrifice on highs and mids).I'll use them with my smartphone.The biggest problem that I have with choosing are the inconsistencies in the reviews of these IEM-s,(audiobudget,thephonograph,soundphilereview) especially in the bass department.I'd appriciate any help I could get.I'm kinda leaning towards ES4 because I've heard they have a bigger emphasis on the bass,but some say otherwise...
  10. re.on
    try KZ ZS4. I got it for CAD $16 / US $12 (just ask for a discount). :)
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  11. Danfish98
    ZSA and ZS4 both have stronger bass than the ES4.
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  12. Danfish98
    Received the ZS4 earlier this week and my initial impression is the hype is real. I find the bass boomy in the midbass range but this is easily remedied by boosting subbass to the same level. Treble is smoother than the ZSA and with the included star tips sounds similar to the ZSA with foam. Looking forward to trying them more after break in.
  13. jeromeaparis
    I do have both. Use mostly with DAP Pioneer XDP-30R and also Xduoo X3

    # ES4 (one graphene DD + one BA) : Stock, very bassy and muddy, sound becomes much clearer and better with triple flange large bore tips, one step better with KZ twisted silver plated (iron color) cable.
    with this optional cable, std starline tip is good. Very good bass, medium, high medium and voices sound very natural, trebles a bit shy, never sibillant (if youre very young with healthy earing, it will be ok). The sound is beautifull, a bit fat like with a hifi tube amp, this means not very much details. Much bass but less sub

    # ED16 =ZS7 (One DD + two BA) stock: more details , more sub-bass, less bass than ES4, (more bass after burn-in). More detailed medium and bass, little bit more level of trebles. The sound is more detailed than ZS6.
    This is my best earphone, after one month of daily use, I found it better than ZSR and ZS6 (wich have big bass and sub). I do use my ED16 with balanced KZ silver plated cable (2.5mm) and triple flange large bore tips

    I seldom listen to rap nore metal, but all kind of modern music and songs
    I have the ATE 5th gen, that I keep cause it's cute looking, and all these more recent hybrid KZ are MUCH better:
    more bass, sub, real trebles, more details, more soundstage, instrument separation etc.


    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  14. mbwilson111
    I agree that the ED16 is excellent. Like you, I changed the cable as I found the stock cable to be too rubbery. Mine is the braided copper one and is not balanced.

    A little tip about your long links...we are supposed to remove all the extra redirect stuff...see where it says html
    Delete everything after that.

    Like this


    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  15. hakuzen
    +1 ED16 for sub-bass. find myself usually choosing them from other kzs when going out.

    filled the starlines with foam, to ensure total seal, not letting any sub-bass to escape, hehe.

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