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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    Nice cable... which one is that?

    I settled on medium Spinfits from my husband's Dunu (he was using something else on those).

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  2. Podster
    So now my collection is complete, the "Green Lantern" has joined the "Silver Surfer", "Iron Man" and the "Black Panther":rolling_eyes:

    G Lantern Special.JPG
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  3. mbwilson111
    That's strange... My "Black Panther" is a bud :) BLUR Black Panther

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  4. Podster
    Nice MB, sweet Fubar as well:beerchug:

    I need to to the Lantern home so the whole team can be in one shot now:grin:

    The 666'ers.JPG

    By the way, if any of you KZ fans would like to try the .75 tri-braid SP cable (like on the gray ones here) I'll give you 3-4 of them if you don't mind the new green patina they are taking on especially around the shell connector:scream: Just drop me a PM and they are yours:wink:
  5. hakuzen
    thanks, yea, that copper color pairs nice with blue iems (and others); i love that color, and some people have stopped me at the streets to ask for the cable. apart of looking (which is important, glamour always), they are very well built (repairable quality plugs, progressive strand reliefs, etc.), are very soft and flexible, and have very good conductivity. you can get it at aliexpress (various sellers, like hotfi or avcck) for $21-$25 when at sale.

    take a look at my LIST of budget cables. this is (52) copper. there are some variants: copper, copper + silver/tin plated copper, and silver/tin plated copper; last one has got the best conductivity from the three, but all them are in the low resistance side.
    got better result with cables using this kind of plugs (let's call them chi-dolic, Chinese eidolic), than others using same wire (i think) but different plugs (Chinese neutrik, see cable 50; i've even tried the 16 cores version of this, and it's not worth it after comparing).
    new cable from nicehck, number 53, copper version, has got a bronze tonality, not so bright, but amazing conductivity.

    for more expensive iems, found excellent cables with that copper color, like THIS (various sellers, only 4 cores but of way thicker cable). got chi-dolic 2.5mm plug mmcx version, and total dc resistance of the cable is below 60mΩ (incredible).
  6. hakuzen
    that Y-splitter is genial

    the green patina pairs very well with green/blue AS10, ES4 or even green ZS6
  7. DocHoliday
    *** EDIT ***

    With the BA10 en route I just can't picture upgrading the cables of a box-like IEM with "round" connectors.

    51xXAQv2IEL._AC_SL1500_ (0).jpg

    Something like this seems more appropriate.




    .....the general consensus is that the BA10 are somewhat difficult to keep in place so silicone ear hooks like the ones on my ZST will be used.

    71eihc1sEBL (0).jpg

    The cable stays inside the channel and the IEM doesn't budge.
    $7 for a set of four.


    Problem solved.

    Really looking forward to comparing the BA10 with the ZS6 across all genres to determine it's strengths, weaknesses and find out how they differ.


    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  8. sino8r
    Update on BA10, apparently you can get a decent seal on these with spinfit tips. The original spinfits work nicely along with the double flange spins. The standard KZ and even a pair of comply foams wouldn't pull it off and came unsealed and sounded uneven for me. After this adjustment, they are alot more comfortable and even enjoyably! I still say the highs on these and AS10s are a bit harsh but not anymore so than the ZS6 etc. I'm gonna go a final comparison of these between the Fiio FH5 and the TFZ Secret Garden that arrive tomorrow. I know it's not a fair comparison but am curious how they will stand up against the next step up of Chi-Fis. From my recent experience with TFZ, I imagine the mids will be slightly fuller and the highs a bit more tame. That's to be expected with a dynamic driver though. The Fiio FH5 on the other hand, I'm not sure. Has one DD and a couple of Knowles BAs. These will probably be closer to the AS10s & BA10s soundwise. We'll see if Knowles lives up to their hype. KA has really stepped up their game in BA department lately. I maybe surprised? I'll report back here tomorrow night or the next day with some results.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  9. sanakimpro
    Heya! I'm a new ChiFier. Well..not really, I got some DX90s and Cayins.

    But, I got a question on KZ upgrade cables. I bought a medium range multibraided SPC cable for $8 and so far I think it can't be beat for it's price. Everything is great. I only wished the soundstage was deeper and the bass reached lower. There is a mid and upper bass (40-100hz) hump and a sharp subbass roll off. I am using it with my AK T8ie MK II. I know some will say I'm mad for pairing it with a premium IEM but I just want to try it, given that that the cable was so cheap! In fact, the reason I'm looking at a new cable is because this $8 cable so damn good (or perhaps cable effect is snakeoil :p) !

    So now I'm looking at 16 core (8 SPC + 8OCC), Ag x Cu (4N OCC copper cable mixed with 4 cores of 4N silver plated OCC ) and Gold Plated OCC (8 core gold plated OCC) and Ag16 (16 core SPC). I need them with MMCX and single-ended connection. Sorry I only have links to our local supplier. I can't find them elsewhere.


    I'm looking for a more rounded sound, v-shaped, open back soundstage with air between instruments. I love the 3D soundstage where the singer and the background music is distinctly separate. I know I'm basically trying to emulate a car speaker experience, which is nigh impossible in a closed-back IEM.. I know... but what the heck?

    I listen to a lot of Electronic pop, Korean pop and prefer sweet mellow female vocals. Currently I'm ignoring the Ag16 as I think it will be too bright. AK T8ie MK II can be a bit bright and claustrophobic if paired with silver cable as bass is recessed and mids dominate. It is also a bit sibilance prone even with the stock SPC cable. Out of the 3, I've heard a lot of good things from Ag X Cu pairings and the 16core

    Any other recommendations? Do you have these cables and can you comment on their tonality, SQ, etc?
  10. nxnje
    Enjoying my new ZS6 atm.
    I have to say they are just amazing.
    Stock tips were painful, piercing highs, huge sibilance, strong sharpness.
    I switched to foam tips with the silicon tube, i still cannot hear some details that are present with silicone tips.

    Then an idea popped me.
    Why not using v80s tips or KZ ED9 ones (which i find identical, correct me if i'm wrong).
    They now sound splendid.
    I think they have to be burned in for much time, atm i downloaded the 1more app to burn them, but 12 hours are too much time maybe for my phone.
    Which kind of burn in do you advice?
    Maybe listening to them for many hours can contribute burning them in a bad way..
  11. Pruikki

    YES same here! i have right side less loud than left, as if balance is towards left 70/30 or 60/40.

    ANYONE ELSE? has problems with AS10? seems not balanced audio? not so 50 50 in my case. more like 60 40 and u hear it most in speech and such. annoying..43€ wasted.
  12. CoiL
    AS10 prices will drop soon... I`m psychic, ya know! :wink:
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  13. B9Scrambler
    They already did, lol.
  14. Tunaa
    Hey guys, i have chance to buy Sennheiser Momentum In Ear(Second Hand But almost brand new) And KZ AS10. I know sennheiser way more expensive but its second hand so the prices are nearly the same for me. In terms of sound quality everything is important :D So help me to decide which one i should choose.
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