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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly
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  2. Podster
    Say Coil, are those your modded IT01's in your avatar? I know your quality of craft,amship and by what I can see they look schweeeeet:wink::beerchug:

    Tough call on the Senn's @Tunaa , if they are pristine I would probably pick them up, see what you think and then decide if you want to pick up a pair of AS-10's but that's just me! Good luck:v:
  3. wdoerr
    The right side is now significantly louder than the left side.

    Sounds like they have been damaged. Did you drop them or bounce them off a table.

    It sounds like one BA went bad.

    This is the reason I will never buy an expensive multi-BA IEM, too fragile.
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  4. hakuzen
    i'm afraid you are not going to alter the sound that way (tonality, soundstage, separation) by the mere use of one cable or another. about tonality, measured same iem with quite different cables, and frequency response was exactly the same (only difference was the overall volume level, due to different electrical resistance). but after hearing, there is an slight different perception; it's not about tonality (as stated by FR measurements), don't know if it's pure brain bias, or related to other sound parameters (i plan to measure other parameters, like distortion and impulse response, once volume level is matched 100%). maybe Ag makes the sound minimally thinner, colder (hence the lighter perception of bass).
    so my criteria about cables is conductivity (it's a symptom of quality of materials -wire, plugs, and solders-), together with other build details (strain reliefs and easy repairable plugs -durability-), comfort (flexibility -microphonics-, softness, weight, length, ear guides), and looking (audio porn is important for the soul).

    haven't tried any of these cables, although they are in my lunashops and aliexpress baskets. the plugs and thickness look good enough.

    my first experience with 16 cores vs 8 cores (same kind of wire, total section is about +20% -very roughly- thicker in 16 core version, not 100%, because each core contains fewer strands and/or thinner strands) says that quality of plugs and solders play a more important role than 16 vs 8 wire (in this price segment, same wire material). my best cable has got only 4 cores (but many strands in each).

    about material of the wire, i'll receive a high quality (supposedly) 7N pure silver cable on monday, and will A/B with my best copper cable. other pure Ag cables in my stock are meh. silver (or tin, in most cases, although not advertised) plated copper cables.. can't find the difference with copper.
    got one of these copper + silver/tin plated copper mixed: it seems that copper was used for ground, and spc for signal. dunno if this is usual for mixed cables, but guess it wouldn't be so.
    terms like "high purity", "ofc", even "occ" look less important than grade (4-7N). anyway, who knows if manufacturer/seller info can be trusted?

    this is my particular experience with chi-cables.. trying to learn and get conclusions by my own, helped by some measurements. i might be totally mistaken.. but hope my opinion be useful some way in order to decide your cable.

    however, at double the price of these cables, at 11.11, you could get premium cables for your AK T8ie MK II. fewer cores, but wider total section. for example:
    Cu: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot...ded-Balanced-Cable-With-MMCX/32915015689.html (<60mΩ average)
    Ag: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Yin...-4mm-Balanced-Earphone-Cable/32922963030.html
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  5. pbui44
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
  6. s8grave
    Tunaa, get AS10. Dont buy momentum ie - they sound much simpler, more V-shape, and mainly have issues with wire quality. Wire isolation quickly degrades and breaks, same trouble with cx 3.00, cx 5.00.

    It is not my imagination, I worked in headphones market for 3 years.
    So my advice is AS10, total nobrainer.
  7. Tunaa
    Thanks for that. I heard AS10's mids are the most forward mids compared to the other KZ IEMs. So I probably get AS10 Or maybe another IEMS Thanks again :)
  8. Cruelhand Luke
    I haven't been reading this thread as much as I used to...has anyone had issues with the 'new and improved' stock cable? I bought some ZSA a few months ago and they arrived DOA, the button wasn't working when I pushed it, no pause, no track advancement....long story short, they sent me a new one, and after a couple of months use, the replacement cable is no longer working either.
    I like the way the iems sound, but part of why I bought them in the first place was I need an IEM with a button/mic. The cable that came with my ZS5 was no longer working with my phone (it kept advancing the track/pulling up google and other random bs) so, I got the ZSA.
    The only decent set of wires I have gotten from KZ are the ones that came with my ES3. I have had them nearly a year and they are still going strong.
    Is there even a mic'd cable you can buy for KZ iems? As far as I know you have to buy a new set to get a mic'd cable....but it seems like the 'new and improved' one is garbage.
  9. Joong
    According the equation of one of head-fier here: sound quality equation
    {material * ( looks + exotic names )/2 } * price = performance
    If the sum of Labor and R&D cost is considered as price, then substitute it for the price term in above equation and you got the answer of "YES definitely"
    Another factor of Chinese material of magnet is also inexpensive in China, where more than 80% of worldwide Neodymium deposit amount is found, and after all China arguably found magnet first time in history.
    Please refer to the inventor of the equation: @ruhenheiM
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  10. LaughMoreDaily
    Which iem's use the 0.78 2 pin size?
  11. Joong
    The equation should be rewritten as below:
    "The performace of Chifi ÷ Chinese labor cost = Hifi performance ÷ Western labor cost"
    This means you can get the same performance at 1/3 cost if the ratio of labor costs is 3 which includes R&D. :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018
  12. sanakimpro
    Thanks for taking the time to write this. Yes, I also am feeling that the copper vs silver cables don't matter that much. What does matter is the quality of the plugs, the build etc. I will researching. Thanks

    As for the premium cables, at those prices, I could be ordering from reputable cable companies like Null Audio, Moon Audio, Linum, etc.
  13. scottySK
    I think KZ uses 0.75 while TRN uses 0.78
  14. Trebor1966
    Both uses 0,75mm
  15. nxnje
    Guys would you mind linking me a good box to put my zs6 in when i go out?
    I saw two types of box:
    1. The black one with the orange label "KZ acoustics" on, which is bigger
    2. One colored resin box, which is smaller

    Are there any other good options out there under 3/5$ ?
    Or should i buy the black one with orange logo? :D

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