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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. antdroid
    Ah okay. OT but I saw a KUOW banner ad on a bus this morning right after your post and thought that was funny. :)

    I wish I had ZS10 to listen to and measure. Maybe I'll buy one when I see a good deal on it just to have in my database. The Rtings.com measurements look like it has a hump which I probably won't like in the upper bass region. Does it sound muddy?
  2. B9Scrambler
    Really interesting. I wonder how much their fit is affecting what I'm hearing. Thanks for the measurements :beerchug:
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  3. khighly
    I find them fairly flat, and have somewhat recessed bass & mid bass. They're clean & detailed. AS10's have more of a bump in mid bass and they're energetic without sounding muddy. I never trust these frequency graphs, they're confusing and all different, and I never actually hear anything any of them claim.
  4. stryed
    As a skeptical but weak person willing to buy a AS10, I'm strong enough to be holding on for the KZ7 impressions while the impressions on the BA10 ZS10 AS10 still come dropping in.
    My first impressions of first impressions made by others is that the AS10 might have something special to offer at the sub100 price range.
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  5. khighly
    The thing I want most from the ZS7 is no f*$&ing memory wire.
  6. CoiL
    Comparisons made by gap in time can play tricks - just sayin :wink: Sometimes comparing with TOTL IEM head-to-head at same time can result different.
    But nice to hear that ppl in chi-fi are getting more than they pay for. Personally, reading AS10 reviews, I don`t seem to want it. And that brings me to point - we all have different ears, gear matching, preferences, tips being used, music etc. - one that can be TOTL for one might be "rubbsih" to other.
  7. seaice
    I use Shure SE846 as my longterm favourite reference in-ears but I have to provide heaphones to many members of my family. E.g. children destroy every piece quite quickly. So I recently bought KZ ZSA: Not bad for the money, better than in-ears usually packed with mobile phones but very far from neutrality and from the high SQ of Shure SE846, no contest here. Now awaiting ZS10...
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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  8. Slater
  9. Slater
    I feel you friend. I deal with the same problem.

    That's how I got to be so enthusiastic about the EDR1. For under $3, its built link a tank (if you get the version without mic). It has the bassy v shaped sound that most kids love. And when they destroy it you are only out a few dollars.

    I only wish the cable was a little less gummy, which makes it tangle easier (and takes more patience to untangle, something kids don't have a lot of).

    I have given my teenage daughter numerous IEM cases, and shown how to carefully wind up and unwind IEMs without tangling. But 9 out of 10 times when I'm doing laundry I'll find her IEMs crunched up into a ball and stuffed into her jeans pocket like a tangled ball of spaghetti. It's no wonder how they get destroyed!

    This is why I buy things like aux cables and phone charger cables in bulk (and inexpensively). I literally just got a bulk shipment of 25 aux cables from Aliexpress, which cost me a total of $10 shipped. My daughter saw me open up the package and was like "wow dad that's a lot of cables do you really need all of those?" I said "well these are for you, and yes every 2-3 weeks when you come to me in a panic because you've lost or broken your headphone aux cable and need another one immediately, this is where those new cables magically come from."

    Haha, kids.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  10. antdroid
    At least they make its really easy to remove. But yea, the memory wire they use is absolute garbage.
  11. B9Scrambler
    KZ's memory wire is pretty darn good. Much better than the majority of the crap out there. It actually holds the shape you set it to. Can't say that about the "memory" wire on more expensive products like the Campfire Audio Polaris, Whizzer A150 Pro, Fisher Audio Omega, original FLC8S cable (which they revised and removed the memory wire from...wonder why?) and countless other examples. Once you've used some truly terrible memory wire, you'll know how good we have it with KZ. Still better to have preformed guides, or better yet nothing, but KZ's wire does what it's supposed to do.
  12. Nightmara
    Can anyone recommend comfy tips for ES4? I don't have them yet so can't measure the nozzle just yet but would love to get some recommendations so I could order them straight away. I get sore ears from most tips and I heard KZ default tips are not too good.
    Low price is preferred
  13. antdroid
    I prefer no memory wire personally, but I really liked the one that came with the Noble Audio IEMs and Unique Melody. I still end up using my own DIY cables though, which do not have memory wire at all.
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  14. Slater
    Not sure who you heard that from. KZ stock tips (ie Starlines) are awesome, and I use them on the majority of my IEMs.

    It really depends on WHY you are getting sore ears. Is it because your ears are very narrow (for example), or very big? And do you get sore ears from silicone tips or foam tips? How long are your listening sessions - 30 minutes, 8 hours?
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  15. fuzzybabybunny
    After reading the initial impressions of the BA-10 I decided to just go and buy the AS-10. The thought of an uncomfortable fit doesn't really appeal to me.

    The AS-10 is arriving tomorrow and I'll do some music comparisons between:

    Westone W60

    All using the DragonFly Red DAC and Tidal Lossless.

    Having had the ZS-10 for longer I can say that the sound is warm and fun while having good separation and not much mud. The Westone W60s have no mud and excellent separation but can sound anemic due to a lower amount of bass compared to the ZS-10.

    I've tested 30+ IEMs before over hours and hours in Japan in a store called e-earphones and can say that the ZS-10s are *incredibly* good value for the money. There are some IEMs in the $400 range that I thought were worse than these ZS-10s, and really, anything over $200 IMO is starting to get into serious money so I get pretty worked up over things like muddiness in, say, a $300 IEM. A Westone W30 triple driver for $400? Absolute garbage for the money.

    I'm really into vocals though, mostly female, and the Westone W60 vocals are pure sex. Just... heart-stoppingly sweet vocals like the artist is right beside you singing in your ear. I unfortunately have not been able to get the same sensation with the ZS-10s, which isn't to say the ZS-10 vocals are bad. They're great. But the W60s are just amazing. And the KSE1500s (which I don't own) take them up yet another notch.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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