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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Makahl
    I have made lips onto the nozzle using UV glue as you suggested in the past, so, it's not big deal now otherwise it won't fit. But assuming ZS4 has lips now it shouldn't be a problem anymore, right?
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  2. Slater
    I avoid mic cables whenever possible for this exact reason. In my experience, ALL mic cables will eventually fail, and it’s usua long before a non-mic version of the same cable.

    However, KZs mic cables don’t seem to fail at a higher or lower rate than anyone else’s.
  3. C2thew
    i'll be ordering non mic replacement cables in the future. hopefully they last without having those issues. It's also cause i run with my smartphone in my hand so the mic does come in handy. The button on the mic to pause music is also REALLY nice to have if you have to stop and have a conversation with someone.
  4. Strat Rider
    I am definitely going to load FLAC onto my SD and load it into my Galaxy S9.

    I have both versions of this cable, and as long as my 60+ year old Sound Funnels can tell the difference I will report back.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  5. CoiL
    Was going to order PHB-023 as my daily workhorse... but now... damn that ZS7 -.- ! I hope price is within 20-30$.
  6. TheVortex
    The ZS7 does look cool but it just looks like the ZS6 in blue in my opinion. After using my PHB-023 for a couple of days I feel like this is what the ZS6 should have sounded like as it still has great bass but without the overly harsh treble.

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  7. CoiL
    M`kay... maybe I wont wait then and still go for PHB (I like those accessories too).
  8. Slater
    Awesome! +1 for the UV glue lip

    An alternate method I’ve been using involves heat shrink tubing. It works even better than the UV glue method.

    Simply cut a very small piece of (tight fitting) heat shrink tubing, and put it at the very end of the nozzle. Then gently (but quickly) heat the tubing to shrink it, making sure not to damage the IEM body or drivers from overheating. Sometimes I need to add a 2nd piece of tubing over the 1st, to build it up a little thicker. The end result is making my own lip at the end of the nozzle.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  9. antdroid
    @B9Scrambler - Here are the MiniDSP measurements I made last night. Green is the AS10, and red is the BA10.

    KZ BA10 vs AS10 FR IDF Compensated.jpg KZ BA10 vs AS10 Raw FR.jpg
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  10. Joong
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  11. maxxevv
    From the description of the poster, with no other information available, I'm guessing that its basically a ZS6 case packed with the ZS10 internals. ( 1DD + 4 BA configuration )

    Which actually would be pretty cool to me as I have a better fit on the ZS6 than the ZS10 and I really like the sound signature of the ZS10 ( assuming the tuning is the same or at least close.). As the rolled off treble makes for a nice multi-hour session earphone, without losing any of the details.

    Something I couldn't do with the ZS6, as the hot treble and sibilance is really quite a harsh combination.
  12. antdroid
    I will tell you this, there is not romance between me and this IEM. I am going to be honest. It's really hard for me to wear this IEM and listen to music with. It doesn't sound bad, but its physically painful to wear due to the size, shape and weight. Maybe someone who is larger than I with bigger ears can handle it more.

    They TRN V80 is heavier, by a good margin (8.6 grams), but its small and fits comfortably in the ear. These are big and bulky and weight 6.9 grams vs 5.4 for the AS10 and 4.6 for the T2 Pro.

    The BA10 is acutally not as wide as the AS10, but since its square-ish instead of round, it sticks out and unfortunately it basically pushes into my ear. Also these dont work for me wearing cable down and flipping sides either. Same pain but in different locations.
  13. ShakyJake
  14. nxnje
    Thanks then, i was thinking about that but it was even good asking as these chinese companies often edit their products without even saying ahahah
  15. fuzzybabybunny
    Interesting. So basically the BA-10 has exactly the same bass performance of the AS-10 but the AS-10 is less bright and treble-forward? It seems like the AS-10 is more mellow than the BA-10?

    What does the graph of the ZS-10 look like?

    Would you happen to have a website or database of all the frequency response graphs of the headphones you've tested?

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