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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. fuzzybabybunny
    Is Bluetooth AptX HD a thing yet? Are there any good bluetooth AptX HD cables for these 0.75mm connectors or MMCX?
  2. Slater
    People swear by the Earstudio ES100. So yeah, it’s a thing.
  3. antdroid
    Ive never swore so much. I prefer LDAC over AptX HD. But both are solid
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  4. jibberish
    Got my first pair KZ headphones in the mail earlier today, the ZSR. Really enjoying them so far. Ran it through my favorite test tracks to check for things like sibilance and mid-bass bleed, and have no complaints. ZSR seems less technically impressive than something like the TRN v80 in most aspects (bass extension, detail retrieval in the upper ranges, layering/separation), but if I had to choose between the two I think I'd go with the ZSR. It's bright signature isn't fatiguing, vocals sound natural, and the bass is actually quite good (just not v80 levels of good).

    I was initially worried about comfort after my ears got sore after less than an hour of use, but I realized the problem is with the cable -- I have had no issues throughout the afternoon since swapping it out. I think that if I strip the memory wire off of the ZSR cable it might be fine. The ZSR isn't some world-beater, but I think it's a solid choice now that it's being sold for about $20. I think it'll be my new daily driver.

    I'm waiting on the ZS4 to arrive too, figured it's definitely worth a punt at $12.
  5. antdroid
  6. Clinic
    This is basically where I am. I was looking to replace my awful SE425's and wanted something that wouldnt break the bank. Grabbed some kz as10's because they are getting good reviews. While I was checking out I saw the ZST's and figured for $18 it couldnt hurt to try them. They are on the boat still but im really excited to see how they sound.
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  7. fuzzybabybunny
    Holy crap. The ES100 functions as both a USB *wired* DAC and a bluetooth DAC with AptX HD?

    So basically I could replace my DragonFly Red USB DAC with this and have the added functionality of bluetooth?

    - Why are there two DACs?
    - Any idea why I would keep the DragonFly Red instead?
  8. fuzzybabybunny
    Man, just for shits and giggles I looked back at the notes I took when I demoed the Shure SE425s a year ago:

    "WOW. So much missing from Adele's "Hello." SO MUCH. Replaying this song on the Westone W60 you just get taken aback by all the extra detail and immersion of the W60s. Lacking lots of extra detail. Just... bad."

    And this is what I mean about paying hard-earned money for name brand IEMs that are overpriced and, frankly, crappy. I'm so sorry. I'd be pissed at Shure too. I'm sure the AS10s will be loads better since my ZS10s really give my W60s a run for their money.
  9. maxxevv
    The AS10 and the ZS10 are both pretty good for the pricepoint for which I got them at ( at sale and discount coupons added, US$41 and US$31 respectively).

    I wouldn't say one is significantly better than the other as their sound signatures are not the same. The treble on the ZS10 is more laid back (rolled off) and as such I find it much easier on the ears for multi-hour sessions. The AS10 is more forward but not to the point of harsh. Just as a result sounds a little brighter comparatively.

    Between the 2 I actually enjoy the tonality of the ZS10 a little more.

    However, the fit of the AS10 is generally better for most people, so the comfort and isolation should be better too.

    The AS10 runs louder on the same volume settings on the same playback source. It may be down to the fit and isolation somewhat too.

    Just remember that the ZS10 is a little fiddly with its seal, so do remember to play around with the eartips and position on the ears to get the right fit.
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  10. Clinic
    I committed the cardinal sin of not doing research when I got my SE425. I was tired of garbage skull-candy type earbuds and wanted something better. I saw folks saying the SE535 was pretty good but I just wasnt ready to spend $400 on something like that (hah). So I went to my local guitar center and picked up a pair of 425's and thought they were fine. So not only do I have garbage IEMs, I also got the privledge of overpaying for them... I don't like to think about all of the good stuff I could have gotten for $250.

    Anyways, I've used them for like 2 years, so I guess Ive gotten my money's worth out of them. The problem is that they could be so much more. Ive never really had anything to compare them to except crap earbuds, so it'll probably be depressing to do comparisons when my KZ and Tin Audio Pros get here.

    But Ive learned from that and I do lots of research on this stuff now, hence me being here.
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  11. BadReligionPunk
    The ZST's were my first foray into KZ earphones and Hybrid earphones. I think I paid $22 for them back when they came out. I like them very much. Very light and very comfortable. The cable was garbage(springy and rubbery), but I replaced it with the $8 KZ silver cable. Now they are my go too Bluetooth pair as they sound fantastic with the KZ BT cable. :)
  12. Clinic
    It is funny you mention the cable because I saw that writing on the wall for the ZST when I ordered them and could tell that the stock cable was going to be an issue. I grabbed the $10 braided copper cable at the same time. I anticipate throwing the stock cable directly into the garbage.
  13. mbwilson111
    Good move :)

    I have the black TRN cable on my carbon color ZST. The newer models from KZ come with a much nicer cable..no longer shipping with the rubbery one.

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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  14. khighly
    Wow that cable looks higher quality than the one included with the iBasso IT03's! Maybe it's not oxygen free copper with nitrogen packed unobtanium coating by young german frauleins like people claim the IT03 cable is?
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  15. Slater

    I have a bunch of the TRN cables - silver and black. They are good cables, especially for the price.
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