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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Strudelicious
    Shame about the comfort issues. The negligible difference likely means I'll be looking to the likes of the v80, the as10, and the bgvp dmp still as my top 3 interest chifibuys. Currently my es4's have me feeling very satisfied
  2. Eero94
    Received my ZS4s today, pretty impressed with the SQ so far, comfort and isolation is also great. Definitely worth the 15€ I paid for these.

    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
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  3. CoiL
    Also wondering about ZS10 graph alongside.

    To me seems that BA10 & AS10 use same drivers, just different crossover setting @ highs and mids BA (or different damping material also). By FR graph, I would personally go for AS10. But I wont. Neither ZS10.
  4. khighly
  5. antdroid
    KZ uses 0.75mm I think. But I've had success using either one to be honest. I use the same 0.78mm 2-pin cables with all my 2-pin IEMs with no issues, including KZ, TRN, Noble, Massdrop +, iSine, Unique Melody, etc.

    Also, what does living in seattle have to do with major interference? Curious, as a fellow Seattlelite.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
  6. khighly
    KUOW up on Capitol Hill is a 100KW flamethrower that images a lot of poorly designed & poorly shielded RF devices, of which are BT cables & IEM's. It causes skipping and artifacating. You also have now hundreds of people walking around using BT headphones, watches, speakers, etc that are interfering. 4.2 supposedly increases reliability of data transmission by quoted '250%'.
  7. antdroid
    Ah I see. :)

    If you have a little more money, I recommend the ES100 adapter or perhaps the BTR3, though they would work best with a shorter cable. The ES100 is awesome. One of my favorite audio devices.
  8. antdroid
    I'd say the BA10 bass seems more exaggerated in my listening due to the more recessed mids. The treble is difference is pretty negligible, though because of the lower mids, I think the overall tonality is darker, laid back and lacks that exciting energy I like. It does make the treble seem more sharp and harsh too. Now all of this said, I wanted to get @B9Scrambler's thoughts too because he seems to have a different listening experience on these. Would be curious how other reviews sound like but I dont know who else has gotten their hands on these yet.

    I have a website in my signature that I post reviews and have a link to my google drive with all the measurements in jpg format. The site is multi-use so I have some random sports-related and games/mods I make in my sparetime on it -- you can ignore that content. :)
  9. khighly
    I really like wireless and the ability to walk around wire free except the wire hanging around my neck. Thanks of the suggestion though, those look pretty awesome.
  10. Trebor1966
    Yesterday my KZ AS10 arrived - let me share my impressions and thoughts with the background and experience of 10 years collecting inears in every price range from $ to 1.500$.
    It is a fact that AS10 is the best product offering from KZ since starting their business - the company was founded a few years ago from guys which worked at Audio-Technica.
    The crossover in combination with the BA's produce a very coherent balanced nearly flawless sound.
    The biggest surprise is the bass driver which produce well textured and airy lows comparable to dynamic drivers.
    A few weeks ago i heard the TOTL Empire Ears Phantom - believe me or not the balance and naturalness is better with the AS10.
    I use AS10 with AK380 Copper and Questyle QP1R and i hear no big difference to other inears costing 20 times more.
    I would say AS10 is 90% ot a TOTL offering - only the cheaper chinese armatures produces less microdetails compared to knowles.
    When KZ will in the future focus on development and improvements instead of flooding the market with countless new types they can achieve the highest technical level combined
    with cheap mass production - good for us but bad for the western manufacturer of overpriced so called TOTL offerings.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
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  11. khighly
    Thanks for the review. I also think AS10 and ZS10 are currently KZ's top of the line. Both have unique sound signatures, but are wonderful IEM's. AS10 is extremely fun too. I'm not exactly a fan of the lows on either though, as I don't feel there's any substantial sub-bass extension (even if they were less of a presence), I feel it's lacking. AS10's and ZS10's put my IT03's to shame.
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  12. randomnin
    Are there imaging differences and channel balance/stereo crosstalk differences, detectable by ear, between the two KZ flagships? The data for ZS10 from rtings.com is very good, but I like the frequency graph of AS10 better than ZS10, so I can't decide which to get.
  13. khighly
    Both have the best stereo separation and soundstage of any KZ I have or had have in the past, AS10 probably leading in that aspect. No noticeable sound flaws or distortion that I claimed in my original initial review. The other night I did extensive listening to the ZS10 and was just as impressed as the AS10, but they're totally different sound signatures. ZS10 have poor isolation compared to the AS10, are more uncomfortable, and are much harder to power. AS10 are more energetic with a larger low/mid-low presence. Both have fairly rolled off highs, but can still extend fairly far.
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  14. Milck
    Think I'm rather lost with all the models. I'm looking for something under $10 to use for the gym/running. Reading reviews, it seems that the KZ ATE might be best. Is that right?

    Or would the ZS3 be better? The main thing is the fit. Ideally don't want them falling out mid-workout. Thanks again!
  15. Strat Rider
    I have had a chance to audition the KZ USB-C cable, and I can say my ears are pleasantly surprised when compared to the Standard Iron Gray 3.5mm analog cable.

    I am not a reviewer by nature, more a seat-of-the-pants guy, but the ears like what they like.

    My test setup consists of Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. No EQ, or enhancements applied.
    OOTB KZ USB-C cable, 100 stream, iron Grey attached to OOTB Kz ZSR and fresh ootb Auvio wide-bore tips. (ear wax free)
    Fresh out of the box,KZ (100 stream) Iron Grey cable, with 3.5 mm, no Mic. also attached to an OOTB Kz ZSR and fresh ootb Auvio wide-bore tips. (ear wax free)

    4 Cups Peets Major Dickenson coffee.

    The Eagles; "Hotel California" remastered 24/192 flac album.
    Eric Clapton"Aint Gone'n Give up on your Love " from A tribute to SRV" 16/44 flac track.

    The impressions I noted are;
    • Overall SQ Clarity
    • Detail retrieval appears to be much better than standard analog cable. (mid range instruments more noticeable. ie washboard, acoustic guitars, tambourine, etc)
    • Sound Volume is increased ~25%
    Still more listening needed but DAC or not the USB-C cable is a winner.

    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
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