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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    It is not as soft and luxurious as the cable that came with my iBasso IT01. That is the best stock cable that I have.
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  2. Clinic
    Oh, nice. I tend to lean towards the sentiment of @khighly when it comes to cables. All I'm looking for is quality, comfort, and look. The cable you linked looks like it fits the bill perfectly. Maybe I'll check it out the next time I'm ready to stomach a month and a half of shipping.
  3. mbwilson111
    A month and a half? We usually get our things in two weeks or less. Once in a while something takes forever. Maybe shipping to the UK is faster.

    The fastest from aliexpress has been 5 days! Free shipping.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  4. phower
    Don't put too much into Bluetooth codecs. Support for them is not universal yet. It is also not easy to figure out what codec is being actively used unless you trace the Bluetooth protocol messages. Not something an average user can do or should be doing.
    For example, LDAC gets disabled by my Android phone when I connect a Sony speaker which supports LDAC. I spent a few hours looking at the protocol messages and then gave up. A consumer shouldn't be doing all this investigations.
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  5. Clinic
    I ordered on 9/16, and it is on the boat currently. I'm hoping they come in the next week because I have some business travel and I'd rather have new toys to play with than be stuck with my 425's. I'm optimistic, but also a realist. I've been spoiled by Amazon for too long.
  6. antdroid
    Newest versions of android have a checkboxes in the Bluetooth settings for codecs. For example, when I look at my ES100 settings in android, it has a switch for “HD Audio” which is enabled by default.

    You also can enable advanced Bluetooth controls in the dev menu.
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  7. mbwilson111
    I highly doubt it is on a boat :) Sometimes not much shows in tracking and then they suddenly show up.
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  8. SuperLuigi
    Any reason why the one without a mic is better for durability?
  9. ssnjrthgr8
    Android Oreo and above has an option to force LDAC or AptX whenever it's supported, in the developer options
  10. Slater
    Cables with mics are an extra 2 points of failure (1 on each side of the control module).

    The insulation and wire is physically cut and tiny wires barely larger than a human hair are soldered to a small circuit board. Every time the wire is bent, tugged, coiled up, taken in and out, etc is more wear and tear on the fragile solder joints. All it takes is 1 (out of the 4 solder joints) to come loose, and the whole cable is “bad” and won’t work anymore.

    Think of it this way. A rope is made up of tiny individual strands. Which of these 2 would you trust to tow a car up a hilly road, every day for 1 year, without failing?

    1. A rope that is continuous and unbroken
    2. A rope that has been completely cut in 2, and then individual strands have been glued back together.

    And of the above 2 ropes, when it fails, where do you think the rope will break?

    Also, sweat and moisture and electronics don’t get along, and the mic control modules are usually not IPX waterproof rated. So moisture and sweat gets into the control module and causes corrosion and shorting.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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  11. randomnin
    Looking forward to your impressions and comparisons! According to the frequency response graphs, all Shure SE series models should sound a bit listless (except SE215), but I wonder what's their standing against AS10 if equalized similarly...
  12. CardigdanWalk
    That’s very strange to hear, as I thought one of the requests of offering LDAC was that it has to used if available. (Overriding all settings)
  13. phower
    I am aware of it. It is turned on. That is why I had to trace the BT messages. It could be a licensing/certification issue. I have to dig deeper later.
  14. mochifi
    So I picked up the AS10 amongst a few other things as part of my curiosity into chi-fi. This is the first set of IEMs by KZ I've owned.

    My first impressions of the AS10 are that they feel very v-shaped. The bass stood out to me first. I'm not a bass head so I reckon these are the bassiest IEMs I own now! Unfortunately I'm getting some sibilance for some of my music which I not a fan of. Rather than EQ them right off that bat I want to try them out as-is so in order to make it a bit more tolerable I've lowered my listening volume a little. Soundstage is to my liking though.

    The cable gets tangled really easily, it'd be the first thing I'd change if these became my daily drivers. I'm also just using the included tips that came with it for now, will try a bit of tip rolling to see if it helps as I noticed the bore is quite big on them.
  15. carltonh
    Out of probably 300 earphones in my life, and about 20 broken, I've only had one break at the microphone, a KZ ED9, and yet the earphone still works, it is only the microphone and button that no longer work.

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