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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. randomnin
    Do these comparisons also apply if all of the mentioned IEMs are equalized to match the same - your preferred - sound signature?
  2. loomisjohnson
    i'd say so--eq can change the signature but will only do so much to enhance detail, instrument placement and resolution.
  3. Zerohour88
    reminded me of the time I A-B the SE846 and a DIY SK846 chi-fi, virtually similar sound sig, SE846 came out on top, just. Staggering since the SK846 was $100 or so.
  4. loomisjohnson
    i get scolded for mentioning specific diy clones, but i have likewise been struck by how close some of 'em get to the real thing at a tiny fraction of the price. the hell with intellectual property, right?
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  5. C2thew
    I believe the shape of the ZSR bulges slightly moreso then the ZS3's. Those that have purchased the ZS3's and then the ZSR's did notice discomfort on the ZSR's that they did not feel on the ZS3's.
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  6. Zerohour88
    tbf, we are in a KZ thread, so that got left out the door. The bean shape is used so much now, I don't really think it needed the SE846 designation, but since taobao is a messy place with lots of IEMs being released, gotta make your product stand out somehow. I've seen the Skald 4 being advertised as having "SE846" tuning.
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  7. bhazard
    I haven't touched my much more expensive LZ A5 since getting the AS10. Something to think about.

    The A5 needs far too many tweaks, filter changes, eq and tip rolls compared to just throwing on the AS10's with starlines and very slight eq.
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  8. randomnin
    Are the Sonion or Knowles drivers really meaningless? Have the Chinese copied everything successfully and for 1/10 of the price, or have the Western developments no meaning in the music reproduction field? I find it especially dumbfounding that it is the technical quality of the sound, not just using an unpopular signature, that is better in Chi-Fi than in a big Western name. And then again, there's crinacle's ranking in which everything cheap, like the KZs, is barely above utter-crap level. I'm getting mixed signals here.
  9. bhazard
    Unless you have measurements like innerfidelity and rtings, people's opinions are pretty much worthless. They can only guide you so far (lots of bass, recessed mids, etc).

    Yes, the chinese have started making quality audio products the past few years that can meet or exceed western offerings, usually at a much lower price. Western names still have chinese audio beat in high end headphone offerings and noise cancelling headphones. Eventually that gap will close too.

    You do get better customer support and returns for the money buying brand names (usually). Tariffs will also put a dent in the price gap over time.
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  10. randomnin
    Not for Europe they won't, heh.

    So you're saying crinacle is a deluded elitist snob, propping up an industry of above and beyond ridiculously overpriced IEMs :D ?
  11. bhazard
    We're all extremely picky here and want the next best thing, otherwise we would all have SkullCandys and be satisfied.
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  12. Slater
    Wait, SkullCandys aren't TOTL?
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  13. bhazard
    Airpods are, duh.

    I've always wanted to look like I have bent q tips lodged in my ears at all times.
  14. Zerohour88
    for @crinacle, the $350 Sennheiser IE80S is just 1 tier above the $15 KZ ZS3, let that sink in. Not sure what point you're trying to make here, but fact is, just let the sound do the talking. Sometimes people care too much about prestige or branding.
  15. maxxevv
    Wonder what he would say of the ZS10 / AS10 in his tiered rankings if he gets around to them ? :gs1000smile:

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