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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater

    Oh, OK those are the fast rebound gel foam tips that come with the ATE and ATR, I personally don't like them because they are hard as a rock.

    But if you want more of them, here is a link to some KZ ones:

    Also, here is a link to better ones than the KZs (they are MUCH softer, and in many more color options):
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  2. Slater
    Nah, welcome to the world of buying products directly from China. It's a game of 'hurry up and wait'. You'll just have to be patient, or order from Amazon next time if you'e not a patient type of person.
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  3. Aparker2005
    Ahhh thanks!
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  4. Mr.HiAudio
    *only 30pcs for this price :)
    Jim nicehck has zs10 for ~ 30-35$(just ask him about spec sale) .
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  5. Podster
    "Geesh, better save Your money and get something great instead... like IT01, King Pro etc."

    @CoiL , I have a plethora of nice iem's and just like that I can have all three of these KZ's to play around with for about $18 more than I paid for these T2's. I have FLC8S, ASG Rockets, P-1's, Trinity Delta I/II, Techne's, Sabre, Icarus III's, Masters, both versions of the Vyrus, IMR R1's, D2002, Audeo PFE 022, Sendiy M1221, SWIII's, A4's, SE215's, Noble X's, Westone ADV's, Klipsch X7i and of course my beloved Havi B3 Pro's so I have some relatively nice iem's as well but KZ offers me a fun playground into budget Chi-Fi so although I probably have 3/4 of KZ production line over the last 6 years I don't regret one purchase from KZ and even luckier still out of 14/15 pairs I've only had one real QC issue on one pair. Maybe it's just good living or karma for treaty all my Head-Fi buddies the way I'd want to be treated:wink: I have always respected that we all hear our cans/iem's just a little different and that is OK by me as long as you respect others and more importantly you enjoy your music and reproduction gears:thumbsup:
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  6. CYoung234
    Valid points, but keep in mind that all manufacturers have QC issues. I have heard of people having failures with Tin audio as well. Personally, I own 9 KZ items, and no problems with any of them.
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  7. taygomi
    Does KZ offer a mmcx cable without this wire for that ear mount?
  8. Slater
    KZ offers nothing with MMCX. All of their removable cable offerings use 0.75mm 2-pin connections.

    However, it is easy to remove the memory wire from any KZ cable. Problem solved.

    Memory Wire.jpg
    memory wire.jpg
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
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  9. CoiL
    Yeah, I know it. Even IT01 has QC problems but only with cable soldering points. Most IEMs come from asian factories anyway... just that some brands have higher demands and control over quality of contract production lines, this is where things make a turn for customer at certain price point. Even if You get a dud or product fails, You can still be sure You`ll have great RMA service and issue gets dealt with.
    KZ just continiously has QC issues and different revisions, without notifying ppl, poor service through 3rd party sellers etc.
    Pod ...this was not directed straight to You. I know You have plenty of IEMs. My point was towards many here who DONT have lot of experience, IEMs, time & money - better spend Your money elsewhere.
    I understand very well that this is hobby for You (and me too!) :wink: Just trying to enlighten ppl littlebit and make think about where they put their money and possible issues may follow.
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
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  10. Podster
    No offense taken Coil and I see your point for those just trying to get to an individual end all while maintaining a smart budget/purchase. I can afford to play in the KZ ballpark without getting burnt too bad as I've experienced troubles with much more expensive iem's and even though they may have good RMA policies it's still a hassle and once all is said and done you may not get what you were hoping for. It's all good and I just base my KZ on playing low level with an occasional surprise (4 me ZS6) and hoping the ZSA will be the same but if not for $20 I have another iem to go in to teenage rotation:wink: I try to instill a good ear into both my 17 and 15 year old's ears but they are so not catching on yet! 17 year old has gone through two pairs of Trinity Techne's now and they fought the good fight but we are talking teenage boys here:rolling_eyes: His last pair had exposed wire by the shells for months before they gave up the ghost and when they went I gave him my old KK Tings and he loves those now and for me they were not 1/10th the Techne's:astonished: Baby boy has been happy with ED12's (I know, I know) and TFZ Series 1s but he does a little better at care too. He's at least ask me to give him a pair of ZS6's for his Birthday coming up which gives me a glimmer of hope:grin:
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  11. Dickymint
    Just received my ZSA's today, interesting sound, but I could hear them change even during the short 10 mins I got to listen to them so far. Free silver cable as well, very pleased.
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  12. mbwilson111
    You will most likely be given a new tracking number at some point. This has happened to us. We suspect it means that they did not actually have any in stock when the first tracking number was given. They do that so the order will not be cancelled. So, don't worry yet.
  13. Zerohour88
    any comparisons or at least short impressions for us in the meantime? Despite being here often, the last KZ that I had was the ZS5v1, so quite interested in getting one to scratch the new KZ itch

    as for the recent QC debacles, I've encountered zero problems with all my 4 KZ iem (heck, accidentally submerged my ATR in some coconut juice, dried it out and it worked fine after), 1 problem with Rose (North Forest slightly iffy build and cable problem), 1 problem with CA (the Lyra glue issue), 1 problem with Dita (cable ripping), so should I make an assumption on the QC for these things?

    granted, I won't touch the incoming 16BA until that japanese reviewer opened them up and see how's the wiring inside. Like I said, unless everyone gets a lemon and we discuss specific QC problems (like the ZS3 crushed tube and the latest ZS10 wiring issue), complaining generally that "the QC is bad" is kinda boring and doesn't help.
  14. Podster
    Might help if KZ management is on these threads and tries to make adjustments, possibly head the rest of the horses off at the pass:wink: (Holy sh1t, someones going to have to go back and get a sh1tload of quarters)!!!!!
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
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