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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Zerohour88
    Yup, hence its better to be specific in our complaints, if they actually do read these threads for tips. It'd be easier and faster for them to fix stuff (if they do read here, that is). Plus others may get ideas on how to DIY the fixes (not really optimum, but people really like the BW ES-1 mod, so there's a niche for stuff like that).

    not that general sweeping comments won't be made sometime down the road again, derailing any productive discussions and making it an exercise in futility
  2. Podster
    Indeed and around here at times "Resistance can be futile":rolling_eyes:
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  3. C2thew
    Ruh roh. I think I might have a set of miswired ZS10's too then. I am hearing an echo in the midrange for the ZS10's and thought that was the intended effect of the ZS10's. I do have a second set of ZS10's that I was going to give to my brother but he didn't want them. I'm wondering, should I open the new ZS10's to confirm the mis-wiring or is it the actual sound of the ZS10 to have a slight "echo" sound in the mid range?

    Is there any other way to detect if the zs10's were miswired?
  4. Wiljen
    I wouldn't think an echo should ever be present.

    Try flipping one of the connectors and see if the echo goes away. (Granted this will likely take the highs and bass out of phase so you may have the echo above and below the frequency range that has it now).

    There are a few phase tests online that might work to identify a mis-wiring but, with it only being part of the drivers, it wont be as blatant as wiring the 2 pin connector backward.
  5. phower

    How about creating a separate thread for ZSA and ED16? This thread has too much high traffic that it is difficult to focus on what one is interested? General KZ could still be posted here.
  6. vegetaleb
    Anyone tried the bt bt3 cable adapter with ZSR? And is it really aptx? I wonder if it sounds as good as a usb c to 3.5mm dongle
  7. zazaboy
    plz someone give some impressions about kz zsa .. people who get them... i need info about vocals soundstage and bass... is it better then kz zs10 and kz zs6... atm kz es4 is the best kz... like i see at different review sites.. but ... i need a good impressions first.. hope someone give some info about the kz zsa thanks...
  8. toddy0191
    Could you tell me your method for opening up the shell on the ZS10?
  9. Wiljen
    used a heat gun to soften up the glue on the outer shell and a set of tools designed to remove the screen from a cell phone to get into the seam and pry.
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  10. toddy0191
  11. Makahl
    1000x better than this:

    *gore alert*
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  12. B9Scrambler
    That hurts...
  13. Dickymint
    Only got a quick listen to the ZSA, soundstage is good, vocals seem to be rather close in but the rest of the instruments have a nice wide band around you. Cymbals seem to be very clear and if you use really good sealing tips, the bass is phenomenal! Only had about 10 mins to try them so far. TBC. Bass is more full sounding than the ZS10, soundstage is about the same and vocals are as I said good. Just from the quick listen, I think I like them better than the ZS6, it's too aggressive for me.
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  14. Zlivan
    Yeah, he totally deserves the "tech" part of his nickname...
    Some people should not exist on the web.
  15. KipNix
    Just don't test it on any Abba tunes. :dt880smile:

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