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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Pruikki
    Popped in here to see whats new, Oh wow ZS10 is here!

    anyone please share ur thoughts: ZSR, how does it differ from new ZS10?

    I have KZ ZSR and i am wondering, is buying ZS10 gonna be a upgrade or just Different kind of sound. is it Better than ZSR in every way or worse in some?

    From Es3 to Zsr was a big WOW effect, could it be same with zs10?

  2. s2kPanda
    What point are you trying to prove being sarcastic? Hearing is subjective. FR responses don't make the headphone, it's the listener that does at the end of the day. You shouldn't determine something just by looking at a line graph. Quantitative data alone doesn't mean a thing if everyone interprets it differently, which in the case of headphones means every mother effing audiophile, headphone user, reviewer of headphones, dogs, cats, dolphins and pink donkeys. Not saying it doesn't matter, but it only tells you so much because we all interpret sounds differently.
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  3. EssentialEDM
    They don't reach quite as deep inside my ear as my zs5 and do occasionally unseal, but I think that could be solved by foam tips.
  4. zozito
    Waiting one in green also for next week.
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  5. Slater
    Exactly. Hearing IS subjective. Just like FR data is objective.

    There are those that use BOTH subjective and objective analysis, even if your belief is that "people who rely on FR graphs can go spend 800 on some CA Andromedas instead".

    I'm done discussing this. This is way off topic.
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  6. antdroid
    I just picked up a pair of KZ ZS6 iems just for fun. I found them in the discontinued green color (via NiceHCK) which I think looks fantastic, even though they are a copycat of the Campfire Andromedas. For $35 USD, they arent bad, but the treble on these are crazy and not in a good way. I have been playing around with different tips and even with foam tips, which make treble rolled off typically, it's still pretty sibilant. I've read about mods to these, so I may play with that. Obviously my taste in headphones and IEMs are in the 10-20 times price range of these, but I wanted to hear what the hype was about. Plus they look neat. I may mess around with these a bit with modding or just give them to a friend. I have about 15 or so hours of burn-in on them. I feel like they've actually become more sibilant and peaky.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  7. skedra
    I personally only heard improvement after 70-80h of burnin. But that's just me :) otherwise I've heard people stuff cotton balls inside one BA driver to calm it down
  8. Bartig
    Yours and others comments on the (sub) bass are leading me to believe the KZ ZSR might actually better than the ZS10. Can’t wait to compare them around Tuesday.
  9. s2kPanda
    You didn't discuss anything. All you did was sarcastically quote my post and then post a bunch of graphs. I mean if that's your idea of a discussion LOL.
  10. Vestat
    I have to admit that burning-in the zs6 is making me feel the trebles are getting more piercing and sibilant. I still like the soundstage and the sound energy but I was hoping the treble would become smoother.
  11. Vestat
    this will be the next step.. at the moment I'm still waiting and burnin..
    Will put some textile when I'll be definitely sure the trebles are like they are.
  12. j0nb0y
    Some ZS10 porn for your viewing pleasure.

    Still have high hopes for them. Wouldn't mind hearing others impressions on the lack of sub bass.
    IMAG0325.jpg IMAG0326.jpg IMAG0327.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  13. EssentialEDM
    Eq helps a lot. Once you boost sub bass it's actually quite detailed.
  14. Otto Motor
    Dear s2kPanda, this guys writes here:

    "...A Frequency Response graph is not in any way an indication of good sound quality. Think of it as flavours, like in ice-cream. The FR is like the branding at the side of the tub telling you the flavour of the ice cream. It's not going to tell you if it's good ice cream, but at least you have a way of finding out if it's the flavour you want..."

    I side with Slater that observation (e.g. FR graphs) and interpretation (subjective listing impression) are unrelated and should be separated in every review.

    Time for some ice cream, folks!

    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  15. j0nb0y
    I've got Viper4Android boosting 31Hz 63Hz and 125Hz and got Viper Bass boosting too. The sub bass is there definitely but there's something missing.

    Listen to AC/DC - Thunderstruck and let me know what you think of it. It's not piercing but it's difficult to listen to.
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