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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. archy121
  2. Slater
    I’m waiting for all sellers to get plenty of stock, and for it to start going on sale at places like gearbest.

    I didn’t mind missing out on the free upgrade cable or free pair of EDR1, because I have plenty of both.
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  3. CYoung234
    Sorry to poke some holes in your thinking here, but the point was that a lot of opinions and buy or not buy decisions are being made here on very little information. I find it interesting that you do not want to read the review at thephonograph.net in order to not be biased by their opinion, yet you accept their FR graph at face value? Seems a bit premature. Maybe they measured a defective pair, maybe there was a problem with their test setup, who knows. Maybe they are spot on.

    I guess the point is that maybe we should all wait a bit until more reviews are posted before making such "observations". The truth will emerge over time. I know I voted with my wallet, but have not received my pair of ZS10's yet. But, when I get them, I will post observations, not before. I also have a lot of experience with the ZS5v1 and ZS6 to base my opinions on, but I prefer to wait.
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  4. j0nb0y
    Am I the first to receive these???
  5. j0nb0y
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  6. Slater
    Sure, you make perfectly valid points.

    We are each responsible for our own choices, just like we’re all each entitled to our own opinions. If you chose to vote with your wallet without hearing the ZS10, that’s your right as a consumer.

    I chose not to read thephonograph.net’s review because I didn’t want individual hearing or new toy bias playing a part in my observations. A microphone used to measure FR has no hype train or new toy bias. It has no age-related hearing loss. It has no difference of opinion based on musical genre used for testing. It’s just a scientific piece of equipment used for taking unbiased readings.

    Now, granted it’s unknown what measuring setup they have, whether it’s using IEC standard couplers and calibrated mics. So yeah, just like any scientific hypothesis, it can be proven right, proven wrong, or revised as more data presents itself.

    Don’t worry, I’ll get my own ZS10 eventually, take my own measurements, etc.

    But let me leave you with this thought to ponder. Let’s say 50 of us all get our ZS10 and post opinions - you, me, thephonograph.net, Billy Bob, Johnny John. How do any of us know we all received identical ones (with no QC differences)? And the fact remains that as all 50 of us receive our ZS10 and post our opinions, but they are just that - opinions. So if a new guy comes along, and is thinking of getting a ZS10, he could make the same argument - that everything available is just someone’s opinion, and the only way he will really know what it sounds like is to just order a ZS10 for himself and make his OWN opinion. But that just adds to the pile of unscientific opinions for the next guy. See the dilemma?
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  7. s2kPanda
    I got my ZS10, sounds great right outta the box to my ears. People who rely on FR graphs can go spend 800 on some CA Andromedas instead.
  8. j0nb0y
    First assessment pre-burn in is actually great.

    Treble is sharp and not as rolled off as what others have said. Crisp but not piercing.

    Mids are present but not as forward as the Tin Audio T2s.

    Bass is booming, enough for EDM and works well for other genres. Not brain shaking like the t2s with the vent closed but still fun.

    Separation and clarity is excellent.. Best I have heard myself. Soundstage good but not great.

    Not sure what I prefer though... Don't think they'll steer me away from the T2s just now. Maybe after burn-in... Will see!!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
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  9. CYoung234
    cut for brevity

    You also make valid points. I do not put quite as much faith in "science" as you seem to, for a couple of reasons. First, science today is pretty ripe with fraud, mainly due economic or political pressure. Second, some of the things you assume to be constant are not necessarily as constant as you would like to think. Your microphone, for example, being a transducer, can change over time, be damaged by dropping it, etc.

    However, your thoughts about the opinions of 50 different people are quite valid. My course has been to normally find people whose reviews and opinions tend to line up with my experience, and weight those higher than others when making my decisions. I value your opinions, for example. They are based on a lot of experience. This is very subjective, I realize. I have made some mistakes when selecting my iems using this method. But, I have gotten a large number of iems that I like a lot using this methodology as well.. So...
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  10. Slater
    True, FR graphs are useless and serve no real purpose. I have no clue why we (and every manufacturer, and most reviewers) use them? I mean, it's not like they are a tool to help understand what we are hearing, or a subjective vs objective way to perform tuning and mods, right?

    I mean, look at these examples of how useless they are:

    Silver plated vs stock copper cables on the ZS5:

    The effects of impedance on the ZS6's treble:

    Effects of vent tuning on the BlitzWolf EW1:

    The difference between stainless vs stock nylon nozzle filters on the EDR2:

    The effects of tip rolling on the ZS6:
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  11. skedra
    Do you mind trying female vocals and sharing your opinion? I felt they were more behind than male ones
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  12. j0nb0y
    Florence and the machine sound great. Just tried some Audrey Gallagher too and all good.

    I did try listening to some AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd and I have to say they sounded bland and uninteresting... Not sure how to explain it.

    It's almost as though there needs to be prominent bass in a track for the ZS10s to show any form of bass. These might not be suited for rock
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  13. rayliam80
    My green ZS6 should be arriving by next week from NiceHCK. We'll see.
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  14. skedra
    It felt to me like there's not enough sub bass which then in turn makes bass feel weaker at times. For example in "Neon Demon OST - the demon dance" the zs6 just shines but zs10 lacks something
  15. j0nb0y
    Time to burn these baby's in. Hoping for something great to come from it.

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