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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. skedra
    This. They seem to not extend as low as they promise or maybe they need more power? I'll try my amp when I'm back home, even though LG v30 should just be able to easily push enough power for them...
  2. j0nb0y
    Yeah I've ditched my Fiio Q1 as I'm getting enough from my HTC U11 when boosted with V4A.

    Maybe not enough for the ZS10s?
  3. Otto Motor
    There are generally four problems with inexperienced listeners:

    1. Expectation bias
    2. Optimistic listening
    3. Denial
    4. Faith-based listening ("burn-in", cable designs)

    Nobody wants to admit to have wasted money on crappy earphones. Others are disappointed when the new iems don't sound exactly like they should. Others think they sound fantastic, although they don't (the sobering moment comes later).

    Everybody is to some extent prone to these fallacies, me included.

    What helps is experience with benchmark earphones as testing standards and lots and lots of listening with different iems. Finally, it is advised to report the sound qualities of a new earphone only after extensive listening (cf. Tyll Hertsens of innerfidelity). I am certainly guilty of premature evaluation in the past.

    UPDATE: my listening to $100 Sennheiser iems is definitely faith based and full of denial. I am not sure how much I have overspent on mediocrity. This has been going on for 1.5 years.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  4. Aparker2005
    Messaged nicehck. Hopefully my zs10 can ship this week. My ES3 have been absolutely amazing for my drumming iems. Hope the zs10 are even better!
  5. EssentialEDM
    I had a listen, can't say I heard anything out of the ordinary, but my eq might be canceling that out. My eq is built into my phone and I think it does some other "enhancements" that I can't control so I'm not sure whether that makes a difference?
    Here's my eq:
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  6. skedra
    This could make hell of a difference considering you've got 6db up in low end etc. Try to turn it off and check then?
  7. EssentialEDM
    I tried it without the eq on my phone and then through my ican se, there is not much sub-bass but I don't find it piercing as you say. Sorry i couldn't help, it's late where I am so I will probably stop replying now :)
  8. CardigdanWalk
    Which colour did you order?

    I’m also waiting from nicehck for a red one, but no sign of shipping yet!
  9. Aparker2005
    I got the black
  10. HungryPanda
    I ordered them in black
  11. TLDRonin
    Couldn't agree more
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  12. bsoplinger
    Ah, that's your problem. Didn't you know that either the red and blue options will sound better because those colors allow more high frequency sound waves to pass through? I mean just look at graphs of amount of transmitted power when you shine a light through black, red and blue filters… :smiling_imp:

    Seems about as valid an argument as some I've seen. I agree that a FR graph by itself tells pretty much nothing useful. Two of them though, between 2 different IEMs and a huge 10db difference in one direction yet the reviewers comments in the opposite direction tell lots. Like there were fitment issues, user bias, etc because you can't have something swayed so far in one direction via simple measurements yet swayed as far in the other based on opinion without needing to question the value of the opinion.
  13. Wiljen
    I agree with all of the points and would add that we as a community have done inexperienced listeners ( and everyone else for that matter) a huge disservice by using statements like "punches above its weight", "Giant killer", "The best $500 headphone you can buy for $199". The fact is, we have people believing that such things exist when 99.999% of the time they simply do not. Sure, some products are better than we expect, but usually that means they are slightly ahead of the curve and 6 months from now a new expectation exists for what a product at that price point should be. If you read the hyperbole and expect that these "Giant Slayers" exist with the kind of frequency with which those terms show up in print, it is no wonder you have the expectation that your latest Chi-fi purchase is honestly as good as the much more costly products. Since none of us has the opportunity or finances to do a comparison of every product, we all have to rely on others opinions to draw comparisons and this requires honest, hype free, realistic assessments.
  14. rfsux
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  15. WildSeven
    You should edit your post and censor that wxxexxy word as this is prohibited in head fi. xD
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