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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. bsoplinger
    That's OK when I had an issue with a stylus for my tablet not working they wanted me to make a video showing it not working! I replied asking how I was supposed to show that. Eventually they offered store credit equal to what I had paid and I took it.
  2. Prim8NChief
    What do you guys know about the current pricing of the ZS10? Sounds like its worth the price right now (38.74 US) but I kind of want to wait for more reviews. Do you think the price will fluctuate? Will it go back up soon?
  3. TLDRonin
    Kind of funny how after having 2 consecutive models with piercing treble (ZS5&6), we get treble that is apparently rolled off

    I'm not one to dismiss it before the majority have tried it though. Just a little curious how there seems to be a lack of treble presence when there are 4 BA drivers per side
  4. Saoshyant
    Come on KZ, follow this up with a 4+1 using 4 micro drivers
  5. Slater
    Prices usually go down, and are always fluctuating. But no one knows for sure.

  6. Slater
    The YINJW P8 is close, with 3 micro drivers + crossover. It wouldn't be too hard to add a BA driver if you're handy like that.

    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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  7. Slater
    I think KZ listens to feedback, and then overcompensates. They have good intentions, but I think it's a knee-jerk reaction.

    People complained about the ZS5 v1, so they gave us the ZS5 v2 (which was TOO MUCH in the opposite direction).

    Then people complained about the ZS6 treble, so they give us the ZS10 (which again, appears to be TOO MUCH in the opposite direction).
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  8. Wiljen
    Nozzle is black with no flare or anything else to hold tips on, just a straight tube with a metal grill at top and a flare where it enters the body of the iem.
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  9. Wiljen
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  10. liquidzoo
    Pulled the trigger on a set of ZS6s today. Will wait and see about the bluetooth. Maybe I'll get some sort of sleeve or belt instead (though bluetooth would be nicer). Need some foam tips, unless by chance the ones for my BlueBuds also fit...doubting that, though. Looking forward to hearing them, though. Do they need any kind of burn in?
  11. Slater
    Burn in doesn't hurt, but isn't necessary. It's a debated topic, but my take on it is "it can't hurt".

    Just be sure if/when you burn in, do it at normal listening level. You will fry the drivers by burning in at insane volume.

    So I guess my take should be "technically, it CAN hurt, but won't if done at a reasonable volume".
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  12. TLDRonin
    They don't need burn in but whatever makes them sound best for you, go for it
  13. TLDRonin

    I'm waiting for the day they get it just right
  14. Slater
    Well, KZ has lots more models lined up for 2018. So plenty of chances to get it right :)
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  15. TJK81
    I returned to the ZS6's listening, after a several weeks of using ES3's (i like 'em more than ZST's) Listening to the Mrs.Lennox's Little bird. The difference is outstanding. Very deep pronounced bass, superb clarity, very, very decent mids and Annie's voice is so, let's say touchable. Great cheap chi-fi. I'm glad to have a pair.
    EDIT: And her "Why"... Oh my...
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
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