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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor
  2. DSebastiao
    What box is that?
  3. Podster
    Original Amped ZN1:wink:


    Strapped to my Shanling M2:thumbsup:

    M2 Amped.JPG

    And my final solution to a poor cable design, amp should have had a clip on it IMO but everyone knows what that means since we all have one of those holes too :poop: Oh no he deent:fearful:

    Retarded Cable.JPG
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  4. rayliam80
    All this EDR1/EDR2/EDR9 talk got me interested. I ordered EDR1 and EDR2 from GB. Once the EDR1 and EDR2 arrive, the money for the ED9 however will go towards one these:


    Thanks @Otto Motor @Slater @DocHoliday @B9Scrambler
  5. DocHoliday

    My definition of a good day is:



    .....and a little reflection on what is important.

    ......with an honorable mention going to.....


    You may need.....
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  6. misterchao
    that cream ZSR though :icecream::yum:
  7. Podster
    That should net you one large cork top Grand Reserve Chimay, the finest beer known to man (at least this one) I home brew and mostly Porter's/Brown Ale's and an occasional Stout but nothing even remotely close to even a Red Chimay:smirk:
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  8. DocHoliday
    Orange Cream-sicle, right?

    It would be great if KZ ever actually offered the ZSR in this color combination.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
    WalterTorino likes this.
  9. Otto Motor
    I made a compliment? Something must have gone wrong, maybe it is the uplifting spring Calgary weather (see photo from minutes ago). As a Canadian, I apologize for both compliment and weather.

    Joke aside!

    As to the ED7: I ordered both sizes...and some blue tips for the ED8. Thanks for the recommendation.

    As to the ED8: Hmm...that would amount to >$27 USD incl. cross border shipping, which is approx. $4979 CAD. Need some push for doing that...what was the original price?

    As to the music spoiler: bookmarked them cleanly in my newly created ED7 folder, but probably have all the originals in my library, including the remasters.

  10. Otto Motor
    Before I buy Belgian beer, I'd get the ED9...reason: smaller headache :)!!!

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
    rayliam80 likes this.
  11. Podster
    Nice selection Otto, sign me up for a case of the Doppelbock's:yum: I always went to the Supermart in Ramstein every weekend to get a 20ct case of Bitburger Altbier while stationed there:wink: It was only better when I actually went with my buddies stationed in Bitburg to the local gasthaus where it was on tap, I'm sitting here making myself not only thirsty but hungry for a fried leberkase sandwich to wash back:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beerchug::beerchug:
  12. CoiL
    If I understood correctly, you like ATE but don`t like the bass of ATE-S ?
    My recommendation, if You wish to keep low budget, buy current ATE (5th gen) again and install mmcx connectors, so, You can change cable if it brakes (or even mmcx sockets).
    Turning ATE to mmcx is quite easy imo. Here`s a pic of my ATR using mmcx:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have 3xATE &1xATR(ATE driver) sitting in drawer, waiting for mmcx and FF-mod.

    Btw, little jump back in time, any serious KZ collector wish to have my ANV v2 wooden "teardrop" mod? ;P
    Since I have found my sound signature preference and near-perfect IEMs (IT01 & ZS5v1), I`m thinking of "cleaning" my hi-fi bag for room to other things.

    To moderators - this is not related to WAAM and was done long time ago by me as pure handwork. If post is braking rules of MOT somehow, let me know and I`ll remove it.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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  13. WildSeven
    That is hilarious, I have the ampless ZN1, end of story. Tried my friend's with the amp it almost pull my neck off.
  14. phower

    How difficult is the MMCX mod? i have one ATE with the cable damaged near the connector.
    Any tips/traps to be aware of?
  15. CoiL
    Well, imo it is easy but it all depends how much experience You have with soldering iron? If none, then better let someone else do it as soldering driver requires low-wattage iron and very short/fast soldering job to not damage driver by heat conducting over coil and membrane wires.
    Fixing and installing mmcx sockets is quite "plug-and-play" but it is recommended to use gel-superglue to fix it securely inside shell.

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