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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Podster
    Will the real ED9 please stand up, please stand up:confounded:

    In The Beginning.jpg Number 9 Number 9.jpg

    "There can only be one":thumbsup:
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  2. loomisjohnson
    the edse was highly touted a few years ago, and is a fun listen, but has been overshadowed by the more recent kz cheapos (edr2, ed3c, etc.). the hds3, for one, has the same basic signature--energetic, mid-focused and brightish--but sounds better to me. we're talking five bucks, tho, so the edse is still a worthwhile addition.
  3. loomisjohnson
    i'd add the carbo tenore (much praised, but i don't love 'em), the musicmaker tw1 ( good with correct fit/source), steelseries flux (balanced and quite excellent), jvc fxh30 (vg, with precise imaging). all of these do certain things better than the hds3, but i still dig the hds3.
  4. Superluc
    They are.

    I still use my ZS6, even with silicon tips on some tracks, but when it comes to vocals with recorded sibilance, or cymbals, EQ and foam are obviously needed.

    Is easier to go with the ZSR.
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  5. Otto Motor
    I really don't like the ED9 as they sound fatiguing to me independent of filter used. On the contrary, I love the 60% cheaper EDR1. This is entirely subjective, though. In terms of punchy bass, you can't go wrong with the EDR1.

    What I would do? I would not buy the ED9 but blow my money on both EDR1 and EDR2 - and a can of beer. The ED15 is in a different price category and unknown to us.
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  6. Otto Motor
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  7. Podster
    Of course you are entitled to your opinion as we all are Otto but then again we all hear them differently as well. Really no right or wrong and maybe he should try the EDR's first and see what he thinks for a collective $10 however I find the ED9's to be two; three times either of them and with switchable filters possibly 4 times IMO but then again I love me some treble and finite detail the ED9 provides. Just wanted Walter to not totally disregard the ED9 on your opinion of them:wink::beerchug:

    I'd like to think I do have a little KZ SS knowledge:rolling_eyes:

    KZ Roundup.JPG LTwoKZ.JPG
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  8. phower
    I agree. I like the ED9 out of all the KZs that I have. The bass is very tight when compared to the 40 other IEM's that I own. Probably, due to the PEK diaphragm used in ED9 instead of PET diaphragm that is universally used.
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  9. Otto Motor
    First of all: nice collection! I wished I had some of the earlier models.

    Second: I totally agree with all your points and am glad I threw the monkey wrench in to stimulate discussion. The more opinions with reasonings the better for Walter.

    The HDS1 have been said to be superior over the HDS3 (B9 Scrambler). And the HDS3 have been described to sound better than the $50 Soundmagic E10C by headflux.de (Soundmagic E10 had been class award winner at whathifi between 2012 and 2016). The EDR1 and EDR2 sound very similar to the HDS 1/3. I own all of these myself.

    This gives me the opportunity to pull the ED9 out for a spin today to test your statement. The body of reviews of the ED9 is pretty good.

    EDIT: which filter do you prefer?
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  10. Podster
    You may be right on that and I have always felt the housing on the ED9 helps enhance the bass because brass (painted or chromed) is non resonant (as opposed to Copper, Steel and Aluminium) to my ears anyway, as far as that being technically sound I may be full of you know what as a Christmas Turkey:scream:

    For me the beauty of the ED9 is the solidity and crispness of the bass along with the incredible detail of the high end plus the bonus of tightening up the mids with the gold or brass filter depending on how you hear them. Now yes the ED9 can be over driven as most of the KZ line can but at comfortable listening levels the ED9 is the true shining star in the KZ line and I admit they are what got me hooked on KZ in the first place, if you are talking bang for buck the ED9 is an audio gem IMO. YMMV

    They also make for nice ornaments to adorn other things:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Say the ED9 Official Pace Car:open_mouth:

    ED9 Official Pace IEM.JPG

    Sorry @Otto Motor , just caught your question! A lot of people have always confused the two filters because one may interpret both as being a gold filter, I choose to say the non metallic one and the shiny brass one, for most applications and devices I prefer the dull gold non metallic one with Auvio tips on them. It may just be my goofy ears but I actually get a slight bit of ringing out of the brass filter!
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  11. C2thew
    POYATU Three Triple Flange Ear tips Ear Tips Foam For UrBeats 2.0 Ear Tips Silicone For Tour2 Tour 2.5 In-Ear Headphone Eartips

    So i ordered the triple flange ear tips to compare vs the starlines that come stock with the KZ ZS6 and I just couldn't get used to them. I'm glad I only spent $1.67 on them but yeah I can't get used to the fit for my ears. So the stock starline tips are still the way to go even if the triple flange ear tips were recommended to get "extra bass." I might try modding them to make them "double tips" but maybe i'll give them another try in a few weeks. Just not my cup of tea.

    I'm still waiting for my other orders.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  12. phower
    And you are right about the brass improving the bass frequencies. The Pioneer CH9T also uses brass to enhance the bass. And the retail price is $90. :astonished:
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  13. Podster
    True but the Pioneer is one heck of an iem in it's own right, may be a little expensive but pretty close to reasonable for me on those babies.:thumbsup:

    I do like the brass for EDM and heavy Reggae Dub but for most applications I prefer the balance I get with the gold filter.
  14. DocHoliday
    Thanks for the compliment; just be aware that the ED7 is a far cry from the likes of the ZSR and ZS6. When I consider the IEMs that you've discussed here and on Igor's site I think you would prefer the EDR1's sound signature four out of five times but only you can make such a determination. The ED7 is quite controversial because the only way to use them is to have all of your ducks lined up in a row, so to speak, meaning source and eartips. I suppose I should revisit the review and document my observations on pairing the ED7 with an agreeable source.

    At any rate, at less than $10 a pair it's worth experimenting.

    When the ED8 was originally released I hesitated on purchasing them due to reports of bloated bass and recessed highs but when I finally decided to order them I was stunned at how far off the impressions were because almost immediately I came to absolutely adore the ED8. I will post a full and in-depth review of the long forgotten (but lover'ly to me) ED8.
    images-22.jpg 71KPkK1KK9L._SL1500_.jpg

    B9's take on our beloved ED8:

    The last secret stash of the long forgotten ED8 which is about to vanish can be purchased here.

    Hopefully, I'll be proven wrong and you will love the ED7; just be mindful that it won't share the ZSR's resolution, soundstage or dynamics. Looking forward to your thoughts when you receive them.

    When you do receive them come back to this post and listen to the following tracks with both IEMs (EDR1 & ED7) and please comment on which IEM you prefer and why.

    My ED7 are paired with silicone eartips from inexpensive Philips IEMs (SHE3590, SHE8100).

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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  15. Otto Motor
    ED9 filters
    OK, I pulled the ED9 out for a test run. They are technically superior over the EDRs (resolution; cleaner voices and bass) but my pair could have better transparency and clarity...maybe that's asking too much for $10. The bass is what you make out of it with your choice of filters. The shiny, wide filters worked best for me. I also played with the red filters from the KZ GR. I nevertheless prefer the EDR1/2 as they are not fatiguing to my ears while having no explanation for the ED9's fatiguing (FR curves have no conspicuous peaks). Maybe it is that extraordinary punch, they are easier on my ears at lower volume levels.

    UPDATE: having used the ED9 for quite a period of time this morning. On a moderate volume level, they make for a relaxed listening.

    Independent of all that, they are very interesting iems and well worth their money.

    My revised recommendation to Walter: buy them all...the HDS1/3, EDR1, EDSE, EDR2, and EDR9...and a six pack of beer to go with them.

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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