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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday

    I can translate that for you, haha.
  2. Slater
    So, basically a bunch of non-sensical Chinglish gibberish.

    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  3. phower
    From what I know, they were working for Audio Technica before starting the KZ company.
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  4. CardigdanWalk
    Sorry for another custom cable related question.

    Is the UE 0.75mm cable connector the same as the KZ 0.75mm one?
  5. CoiL
    And why should I then use my own EQ additional to that? It`s job done by professionals usually and why should I over-EQ original audio that came from studio once more?
    I wish to get result I hear close as possible to made/processed in studio.
    I didn`t say EQ is bad and noone should use it. Yes EQ can help but better the reproduction gear is, the less EQ need there should be, in my practice.
    Everything further from music makers fingers/voice/instrument is processed anyway some way. Any additional "processing" by end-user is unwanted as it is purely additional subjective thing if done improperly.
    Where EQ helps, is Your audiologists hearing response curve - You can adjust Your gear according to that using FR measuring tools. But do many of us even have been @ audiologist for hearing response graphs? Not to mention properly calibrated FR measuring tools?
    I`m not and I wont probably do those things as I have good hearing and I know my sensitive region. I know which IEM/headphone to get by their available FR graphs to "avoid" and relieve exessive sensitive regions.
    Of course, If one uses EQ to get that issue "solved", it is similar thing but like it was mentioned EQ affects also other nearby FR. I like to not "touch" any nearby FR as there are already hardware and software related processing before that and after audio exits studio. I rather get into hardware tuning (like I did with DX50) to get more cleaner and accurate result - but even that is affected by subjective things - hearing response and personal preference.

    IMHO, It is all purely preference and subjective thing with lot of other factors in play (DAC chip, AMP chip, software processing, tip selection and fit, hearing response etc.).
    I underlined software because most of us are unaware how much software processing that affects sound we hear is actually going on under the hoods of nowdays DAPs, smartphones, wireless/streaming etc. That`s why I also use modified software and only 1 file type (FLAC) with my DX50, to keep it more "unprocessed".

    But EQ is lot easier for most users to get their subjective end-result they like and I suggest to use EQ for sure if one isn`t "geek" like me ;D

    JMHSO :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  6. WalterTorino
    KZ was founded by two guys - one of them (Keith Yue) is an ex-engineer of A-T (China) and the other one (Zen Li) is a musician (classical music).
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  7. nxnje
    Hello guys
    I have some little euros (3-4 euros) to get a freakin cheap iem.
    Atm i wad looking on aliexpress and found there are moreblue dual driver headphones for like 3 dollars and some many others from qkz like the c6 and so on, and edr1 by kz.
    Do u know some of these and how they sound?
    I have a pair of memt x5 gen.2 and i like em a lot but i really wanna expand my collection
  8. Bartig
    The UiiSii HM7 is a nice option. It has a smooth yet detailed and uplifting sound signature.
  9. Podster
    I'm with Riff on this one as not all engineers are great at setting EQ and sometimes you have to set some to counter balance their attempt! Especially with KZ having treble spikes (for many but not a treble lover like me) so EQ is a must in some instances IMO. (I know Coil may not agree) and I'm also good with that as we each have our own preferences.

    I've also never experienced much of a fit issue with my ZS6's/5's/ZST's but I do where all my cables over ear sans idiot wires which I generally surgically remove upon arrival (I'm with Strat, you just about have to work through the usual's with all iem's, tip rolling, sometimes extension cuffs and finding that right angle, insertion and resting point). As always this is just one listeners opinions so no offense to anyone else in theirs because the key word is and always has be subjectivity:wink: To me as long as you are jamming on tunes on the move you are a club member:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have to compare this thread to a bullet train, seems it was four pages back just yesterday afternoon:scream: Sorry guys I just have to have a photo now and then!!!

    KZ Hybrids.JPG
    That Gray ZS5V1 on the end now residing at Doc's house:grinning:
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  10. surfacecube
    Hi guys, I need some help. I looove my ZS5v1 even if the mids could be a bit more precise and less muddy, the only problem that I have with them is their design. They just dont fit my ears, tried everything. Do you guys have any recommendations for IEMs that perform similarly with detachable cables, and a regular/common in ear design ?

    I already have the UiiSii HM7 proposed in the post above mine, they're not bad but obviously dont come any close to the ZS5v1, you only need to hear the soundstage difference... Thanks in advance !
  11. paulindss
    One of the main reasons why i bought zs10 was the pre-sale price and the upgraded cable on the First units. I Hope that my iem arrive with the Nice cable. Only downside being the memory wire.
  12. Podster
    Congrats and that M-Wire is easily remedied:beerchug: (I hope you get the upgrade wire as well)
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  13. phower
    There is a need to EQ again because a headphone/IEM could be equalized by the designers for
    • Free field
    • Diffuse field
    • Equal loudness contour curve(AKA v-shaped)
    • Or something in between the above 3
    If you are young and your headphone is equalized for free field, you might find the treble piercing like in ZS6. For older people or for those with hearing loss, it might be ok.
    If it is diffuse field equalized and you are old(age related hearing loss is natural), then you will find it dark and veiled.
    If it is equalized to equal loudness, it will sound good at low volumes. But, at higher volumes, it will be piercing.

    So, there is an acute need to equalize depending the headphone one uses unless one find its already good. But, one should not stop equalizing based on the false beiief that it is not pure or that distorts the sound.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  14. Wiljen
    I usually take an Xacto knife and do a quick surgery to remove the memory wire.
  15. paulindss
    I did that in one cable. And almost cut everything. But It went well.

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