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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. kukkurovaca
    IEM sound is dependent on so many things (including anatomy!) that it seems wild to dismiss EQ, especially with chi-fi where there may be more QC/sample variation than at higher-priced market segments.

    I mean, I can understand preferring to buy things that don't require EQ for you to enjoy them (it's certainly a lot less fuss), but when you can't try before you buy, sometimes you end up with stuff that performs well in general but has a frequency response that doesn't quite work for you.
  2. snip3r77
    don't buy zx products .
  3. MDH12AX7
    You are correct. It is never going to affect only 1 frequency. But.... You would never want it that specific anyway. No detail or artifact or flaw you hear is ever only one frequency. It is an amalgam of frequencies harmonics, and distortion. Even if it could be that specific, it would be corrupted by amplifiers, drivers, and mostly by our highly imperfect ears. Some of us prefer to eq and some not. It's not an exact science, even in a perfect studio environment. If you can make it sound better To YOUR Ear, then it is better. I like this forum. We learn from each other. It's all good.
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  4. paulindss
    Anyone here Would be capable of translating these image ? I'm really curious to know what it is about. Seems like a description of the developers. 1523409405430735895444.jpg

    Hmmmmm, i was happy in having ordered the blue one.

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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  5. Wiljen
    I wasn't suggesting not to ever use EQ, a couple of others brought that up. I do use EQ to enhance some of my stuff. My purpose was to suggest that you cannot take a warm/dark iem, and turn it into a bright iem by using EQ. While you can make small adjustments to improve sound, you cannot go beyond those small changes and get acceptable results.
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  6. riffrafff
    Agreed. There's no substitute for quality sound (and gear). But minor, personal tweaks are fine, IMHO.
  7. MDH12AX7
    Well said. I agree.
  8. MDH12AX7
    If KZ would only make a more comfortable but still metal version of the ZS6 I would love it. I really enjoy the ZS6 with the treble dialed back a few dB's. I especially like the detail in the mids. I love the way crunchy guitars sound. But dang! I have sanded these down, Instaled longer tips and o-ring spacers. It sounds great for the 30 minutes I can stand to wear it until they get uncomfortable.
  9. Slater
    In a KZ-dedicated thread? That's like going to a Corvette forum and telling people not to buy Corvettes.

    KZs aren't perfect, but name me 1 thing that is.
  10. maxxevv
    Its just some tribute to the leads in the various aspects of the ZS10 development. The Industrial Designer , Sound Engineer / Electrical Engineer.

    Basically to say that there was a dedicated team who worked hard for the product's development, not a random 'parts bin compilation' product.
  11. Slater
    I'm guessing that's the intention with this:

    2018 KZs - Edited (2).jpg
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  12. bsoplinger
    That's what I thought too when I saw that pic. A ZS6 that might actually be comfortable. I'm just worried that the reduced internal volume of the body will make the high frequency crossover-less BAs sound even more shrill. That's why I'm hoping that the ZS10 will be a hit and inspire KZ to use crossovers more in their design.
  13. Makahl
    I can't help but I think the Google translate for Android can translate pictures into something understandable at least.
  14. SomeTechNoob
    The first half sentence says "ZS10 is out," i think.

    I can't read the rest so that's as far as I can go, haha.
  15. Strat Rider
    Personally I find all of the custom style KZ's in my inventory take a bit of tip rolling, fitting and fidgeting to find the comfort zone.

    Some people mention brain burn in, I think ear burn in for lack of a better term, is real also.

    In my melon, the ZSR is a tough one. Not sure if I have a calloused spot in my ears that the protrusion finally nestled in to, however many people smartier than me have said "there is no pleasure without some pain".

    I actually maybe one of the only sicko fans that find the ZS6 comfortable out of the box with starlines. :beyersmile:

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