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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Vestat
    Definitely agree.

    What's wrong with the memory wire? just personal taste or there may be some improvement?
    thanks in advance
  2. paulindss
    It's just personal taste. The KZ memory wire bother's some people.
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  3. archy121
    Looking forward to kzs10 v ibasso it01 comparisons.

    Was going to pull trigger on the it01 but will wait now.
  4. Otto Motor
    Just received yet another pair of EDR1. They sound and look identical to my older pair without mic...even without break-in :). I just replaced the red nylon screens with metal to emphasize the mids (in both).

    And they did not come in any box, be it blue or white...AE seller just sent them in a baggie, and with the old pre-starline tips included. I'd like to see the new design in comparison, Slater.

    Anyway, here it is once again, your classic $5 miracle. A good example of substance over style. Sound just great and beats the praised Soundmagic E10C at $50!

    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  5. phower
    Is ED special edition same as EDR1? From the audiobudget's FR curves, the EDR1, EDR2 and ED2 are same except cosmetic differences? Anyways, the FR curves are very nice. Almost on target. It is another example that you don't need multi-BA to reproduce good sound.
  6. Wiljen
    Entirely a preference thing. With Glasses the memory wire can be rather uncomfortable.
  7. Sebilion
    Just tried the kz zs10 on my new nokia 8 with a hifi amp I bought from amazon. I have to admit the sound is much better than with the htc 10 and the amp. The vocals are much better and they are less muddy with an amazing bass. It's amazing how changing the source can change the sound a lot. Didn't expect such a good performance from nokia 8. I am impressed!
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  8. durwood
    I was thinking about this, since many believe KZ reads this thread I would suggest instead of memory wire I prefer or like an option for the pre-formed clear tubing that shapes the wire instead. I don't know if anyone else likes that or not, but I find it great on the UiiSii CM5 for an example of what I am talking about. I don't know if it has a real name to better explain it. I wear glasses and find it much easier to work with.
  9. paulindss
    Oh yes, these are way more confortable. But its a mess to tangle with wires. My brainwavz has a cable like that. I also prefer it to the memory wire on kz.
  10. Otto Motor
    Looks like it. It appears to me the name "special edition" is made up by the seller. And the housing is likely not gold-plated either as claimed. Not for $5. Too good to be true :).
  11. phower
    I have ordered directly from KZ store(ED2+ED9). It says special edition on their webpage itself. Let's see what comes.
  12. HungryPanda
    The 2 items I'm still waiting on were the only ones bought in the KZ store on Ali, got a message today saying "items returned to us we are resending here is new tracking number"
  13. phower
    Multi-drivers impedance varies widely. Some go as low as 5 ohms at certain frequencies. So, it is very important to have a very low output impedance of less than 1 ohm in your source.
    Does your amp contains a DAC too or just analog amp?
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  14. DocHoliday
    The EDSE, EDR1 and EDR2 sound different from one another though the EDSE and EDR1 look identical:

    * The EDR2 sound signature leans towards a more balanced presentation..
    * The EDSE has a slight lift in the bass and treble with a minimally recessed midrange (more "V" shaped sound signature)
    * The EDR1 is a bass lovers dream with its addictive bass because everything else remains clear.

    Listening to the following tracks with all three IEMs will clarify just how different they are.

    The ED Special Edition was my very first KZ. I never ordered the ED2 but I should have because it may be different from the three aforementioned KZ's. Sometimes you can't depend on a sellers description of what they themselves are selling.

    This is from the "KZ Official Store" on AliExpress.
    2018-04-11 11.43.48.png

    A picture is worth a thousand words:

    Even so, getting all three for less than $20 (total) is money well spent.

    I'll post a more in-depth review of both the ED Special Edition and the EDR2 in the showcase section but B9 and aproear have more information for those that are interested.


    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  15. HungryPanda
    That last image looks a lot like QKZ DM6


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