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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. charlescc2
    After reading this and all the other posts you guys make about the legacy models I think I'm gonna buy EDR1/2, and HDS1/3. Do you guys get them without mic or is the mic not a hindrance in any way?

    Additionally, where are you seeing these for $4? I'm seeing the EDR1 and 2 on GB for $5-6 and the HDS1 and 3 for ~$10 on Amazon, neither on AE. I'd love to get them all if the prices are right.

    Edit: Ok AE mobile is weird and wasn't showing any of the above in a search. I see the EDRs on the desktop version for $4 each. Still no HDS1 and HDS3 is ~$9. Hoping to get the HDS' for less.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
  2. oyobass
    From what I understand, (mine was lost in Customs last year so I never got it to test), the manual was printed for the first version of the KZ bluetooth cable that did have APTX. Apparently in later production, APTX was removed due to poor battery life.
  3. DocHoliday
    Be mindful that the HDS1 & HDS3 sound their absolute best with more power/juice, which typically means coupling them to a HiRes DAP or a phone with an exceptional DAC. If you won't be using a smartphone then I'd forego the microphone because it is more susceptible to failure than the areas that are bolstered with strain reliefs.

    The EDR1 & EDR2 sound great through smartphones and HiRes DAPs.

    One of the reasons KZ has garnered so much interest by hobbyists is because they are one of the few manufacturers that offer IEMs with or without microphones. I've passed on many an IEM because it was only offered "with" a microphone. I've dozens of IEMs and thus far the only ones that have issues do sport a microphone. Sadly, my ZS2 is no longer functioning properly because the microphone side cable dropped volume by 50%. I ordered the ZS2 without the microphone for this very reason but the seller shipped one with the microphone. The ZS2 is not my favorite sound signature (7.5/10) but that's not the point. I can no longer describe or compare it's sound because the microphone cable has deteriorated the sound. That's anecdotal evidence but it is my experience, nonetheless.
    Hope this was helpful.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
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  4. Otto Motor
    Check gearbest and eBay. They are typically $6-8 CAD and worth it. I like them with microphone/remote as I can use my phone easily when out of the house.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
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  5. oyobass
    My biggest beef with cables that have a mic, (besides durability), is the inability to use them on a source with a TRS output without fiddling around by partially unplugging the cable a mm or so. Otherwise you end up hearing the difference between the channels, (whatever is panned either left or right on the recording), leaving out whatever you would normally hear in the center of the soundstage.

    This is a minor annoyance when seated near a PC or amp, but a deal breaker when using them as a monitor when playing live music, you can't stop playing mid-song to adjust the connection.

    Having the choice of TRS or TRRS connections means that KZ is very musician-friendly to use on stage and probably why, (other than the low price/good sound compared to Shure's entry-level IEM), that I hear the ZST being recommended time after time on musician/sound engineer discussion boards.

    EDIT: A work-around is to use the KZ brand stereo extension cable in between the TRS source and your TRRS headphone. I've found that the plug can be fully inserted without losing full connection to the source.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
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  6. NeonHD
    <Trivial Rant>

    I honestly don't get how people can call the KZ ATR "bassy", or at least say it has more bass than the blatantly bassy ATE-S.

    Like, when this dude from my classifieds showed up to buy my ATR, he was like "HUH??? NO BASS?!?!?" and I was like "Yup..... afraid so.....".

    So I don't think I'm the oddball here...

    </Trivial Rant>
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  7. Slater
    If I had to describe the "KZ sound" in 1 sentence, I would say (for the most part, taking into account 80% of every model they've every made) v-shaped, and (lately) bright treble.
  8. Slater
    Hmmm, the last time I've had to do that was in the 80's with crappy cassette walkmans that had worn out plugs. Other than that, I have zero issues like that, with any headphone, earphone, or source.

    Maybe the source youre using has a bad jack. For example, if the jack on your DAP is bad or failing, "every cable" that you plug into it will exhibit that behavior. But in that case, the problem isn't with "every cable" but rather the bad jack on the source.
  9. Slater
    I haven't seen the HDS1 for sale in a long while.

    EDR1 is on sale for UNDER $4 in 2 days. That's bonkers!
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  10. bsoplinger
    Sorry had meant to reply but got sidetracked and forgot. Thanks for answering his question. Your description is exactly what I'd say to describe the overall texture of KZ products. I was just trying to let him know that the IEM he was looking at would sound different, not saying better or worse just different, since it seemed he'd only listened to KZ products.
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  11. oyobass
    Must be the various brand headphone extension cables used as umbilical cords to the in-ear monitor mixer's 1/4 inch jack, then. They sure don't work right unless i use a non-microphone cable on the earphone, then they work perfectly.

    The cables we have must not be wired to a modern spec, even though the were purchased in the last year. The KZ cable is too short to be of any practical use to me except as an adapter to get the full sound on a TRRS earphone. It must be wired correctly, even though the male end is TRS...

    Edit: Works correctly with the Bose desktop PC speakers (well, the sound from the headphone out is a muddy garbled mess, but with the correct stereo output), but not the HP PC headphone jack they are plugged into (The PC's output is strong and clear, miles better than the Bose's).
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
  12. WildSeven
    Just hopped on the hype train and ordered ZS10, hope is better then ZS6.
  13. TLDRonin
    Were KZ ATE always around $8? In my mind they were part of the ~$5 KZ group, but I can't it that cheap anywhere
  14. Slater
    It gets that price when it’s on sale. For example, the most recent ATE I bought was $3.99 from Gearbest (w/coupon code).
  15. CoiL
    You can buy latest ATR with 4$ price tag - they have exactly same driver inside. Earlier ATR had different driver.
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