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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. bsoplinger
    Just a different body shell? Which do you find more comfortable?
  2. vegetaleb
    What about NiceHCK seller? Is he a good one?
    About the TRN BT cable I should pick the 2 pins version for the ZSR right? I couldn't find an APTX mention on the product pages on AE, if it doesn't have aptx then it's not better than my old good Sony sbh50. I don't know why no one is using APTX HD codec yet...
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  3. CoiL
    Same shell, same fit.
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  4. groucho69
    One of the best!
  5. vegetaleb
    So now my AE list is nearly ready and it includes the ZSR, I just have to pick the right cover for my phone to complete my list :)
    Since the ZS3 (that I found now too bassy with my U11) I have only bought the W1 Pro which sounds pretty good after the air holes mod but has a very bad fit because of the short nozzle, so I hope I won't be disappointed by the ZSR
  6. stmiller
    Held out as long as i could..

    Just pre-ordered the zs10, and still awaiting delivery of the ATE..
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  7. stmiller
    Which upgrade cable did you choose for the zs10, I'm currently undecided
  8. Wiljen
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  9. DSebastiao
    What do you guys use (if anything) for cleaning the iem's? In general, what do you use for taking care of them?

    Also, how do you guys carry them around? I bought both the hard case and the soft one from KZ, they seem to be nice but i can't find a way to fit my ZST's in there comfortably.
  10. DSebastiao
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  11. jeromeaparis
    For my KZ ZST with sdt cable without mic, I use the standard KZ box with logo:
    It fits perfectly. It works too with ATE & ZS-1-2-E & ES3

    For KZ ZS-3-R-6 with sdt cable or silver plated optional KZ cables, I use this:
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  12. oyobass
    Is this the hard case you bought?
    I can carry my ZS6, an extra cable and a half dozen USB flash drives in it, and it is dirt cheap for the quality you get.
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  13. Wiljen
    Yep sorry Zs6 versions - both have a Zs10 equivalent - just wrong pin size.
  14. riffrafff

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