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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. dondonut
    @Otto Motor
    Sorry to bother you but I saw in your signature you have both the tin audio t2 and the KZ ZSR. Which do you prefer of the 2, and why? How would they compare to the earphones I have in my signature?

    I prefer the smaller form factor earphones that can be worn down instead of over ear. In the next ali sale I'm looking to buy a pair of earphones that will perform so we'll that I'll have to spend way more (>€100) if I want something noticably better. In other words, I need to stop ordering so many cheap pairs and get 1 really good pair. The tin audio t2 looks promising in that regard. I'm also considering jumping abourd the KZ ZS10 hype train.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
  2. Otto Motor
    A truly difficult question because both are so different. The T2 have a tuning towards neutral and many people think they lack bass (but they don't). The ZSR have more (and thicker) bass and sound overall warmer and less analytical.

    The T2 are made of metal (with a nice cable) and can be worn with the cable over-ear or cable down.

    I am always thrilled when plugging the ZSR in, but some here don't like the fit or the treble. Nobody has complained about the T2 yet, which are more unique in their design and sound signature.

    In the end, both are very worthy earphones and I am glad to have both of them.

    I would recommend to go by form factor and price. I got both on sale: the T2 for $32 USD and the ZSR for around $20 USD. If you go for the T2, you will get a totally different design compared to the ZS10...which is similar to the ZSR and other KZ models. And if the sale is really good, there will be room for an EDR1 or HDS3, too.

    Hope that helps. Second opinions appreciated.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
  3. Slater
    Click the files, and you can use the arrow keys to go back and forth to see the difference. Treble is basically the same, with the main differences being sub bass, bass, and midrange.

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  4. ShakyJake
    Just a heads up. The T2 will be on sale at Ali Express for $33 during their upcoming sale starting on 3/28:

    I have heard enough good things about the T2 to check it out.
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  5. Otto Motor
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  6. C2thew
    On a random note, what are you guys planning on buying for the aliexpress sale? I'm pretty sure the zs 10 s wont qualify for any discounts as they have to have the icon next to the ad for the coupons to work. Just curious. It doesnt have to be headphone related. For instance I'm looking at the zs10 and edr1 but am also looking at some backpacking stuff.
  7. dondonut
    Thanks so much for responding. I'm leaning towards the tin audio t2 for they can be worn cable down and I think I do prefer a somewhat more neutral tuning. I don't mind spending €10 extra, as I said, I'm looking to buy a final iem (at least for the next 6-12 months or so :'), who am I kidding).

    Concerning the ZSR; I might wait for feedback on the zs10 or for a new kz to drop untill ordering my next KZ earphone. Though I must say, I'm really tempted to just order both the t2 and the ZSR.

    And yeah, been waiting for a month already for my EDR1 to arrive and ordered the HDS3 a few days ago because the small size is so appealing to me for sleepy times.
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  8. vegetaleb
    About the KZ BT module to transform most KZ into BT earphones, is it APTX? Also does it have memory wires?
  9. manukmanohar
    I was thinking of getting a KZ ZS10 plus a good Bluetooth cable that has apt X support plus good battery life, without the sound delay issues that I hear in KZ BT module.
    Has someone tried other bluetooth cables? Any which you would recommend? (KZ ZS10 seems to need a ZST like cable)

    Guess we have a similar need. To answer you question, it is not APTX, AFAIK. Not sure about memory wires. (but the other KZ cable with mic which i bought had memory wires)
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
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  10. vegetaleb
    I want to understand AE anniversary pricing, for example they list ZSR without mic at 20.5$ as special price (was 27$) so if I want the Mic version (normal price 28$) it should be somewhere between 21 and 21.5$?
  11. bsoplinger
  12. hiflofi
    How would you describe the "KZ sound"? I find myself liking the ZS6 a lot.
  13. oyobass
    I believe @Slater has tried the TRN bluetooth cable and has been very pleased with the results. If I remember correctly, it has both APTX and longer battery life.
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  14. toddy0191
    The last one I received stated it was AptX compatible in the manual, but it was DOA so couldn't confirm.

    Received that last month.
  15. youngarthur
    Ive succumbed, and ordered the KZ ZS10,uprated cables, and Bluetooth cable. I tried jumping off the hype train, to no avail.
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