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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. adkiller
    Thanks for the jack diagram. The TRN V10 cables posted by DocHoliday are actually single ended and not balanced.
    However, I plan to get one of the official KZ ZST upgrade cables (no mic) and replace the jack with 2.5mm.

    On the earphone socket, how do I tell which pinhole is R+/R-?
    The same goes for the left channel.

  2. Otto Motor

    Focal Sphear, KZ ZSR and KZ ZS6 vs. KZ EDR1

    Slater and I keep promoting the $4 KZ oldies such as the EDR1/EDR2 and HDS1/HDS3 etc. advising to buy them before they are gone - without experiencing a hole in your pocket.

    Last night, I did some intense comparisons between the Focal Sphear, KZ ZSR, and KZ ZS6. The Focal Sphear are an acquired taste - or the other way round - they are a seductress that adjusts your taste. The Sphear are by no means technically superior over the two hybrid KZs, they don't have a better soundstage, but they have this temptingly evil, pleasant bass that forces itself upon your listening pleasure (some patented bass reflex).

    The ZSR, in comparison, do a job so good that you don't think they are in a (much) lower price category than the Sphear - and they sound rather similar. The ZSR sound homogeneous enough to compete with the Sphear - and even with the $399 UE900S. They may be overall brighter than the Sphear and both are a bit thick around the hips. Therefore, no surprise that B9Scrambler treasures his KZ collection.

    The ZS6, on the other hand, have a very bright sound signature with less (but enough) bass and they may be technically the best of the three. But the brain has to get used to the brightness first. They are more analytical than the more expensive Sphear but the Sphear are the better convenience food.

    Every time I put the ZSR or the EDR1/2 or HDS1/3 into my ears, I am pleasantly surprised how well rounded they sound (the opposite is the case with my Sennheiser iems, considering their price). And when Doc Holiday claims that the ZSR are the updated HDS3, this may be a valid observation...both surprise with very naturally reproduced voices every time I use them. Bass is also similar.

    Anyway, I went to bed after extensive listening to Sphear/ZSR/ZS6 and plugged the EDR1 in, listening to the same music as earlier. And - wow- everything still there: soundstage, resolution, voices, dynamics...they are simply great earphones...at frikkin' $4.

    Therefore, dear novices to this site: grab these $4 jewels, grab them all as long as they are still around. The whole lot will cost you a quarter of a pair of ZS6. Don't forget: the best earphone is many earphones.

    As to my collection. I have 2 pairs of EDR1 and EDR2 (one of each modded and one original), and the HDS1 and HDS 3: the HDS1 is more neutral but I prefer the HDS3 with their "fun" bass.

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
  3. Lifted Andreas
    One and almost only reason I want the HDS3 is the tiny shape, not the ZSR, not the EDR1/2 can match that shape and serve the purpose I want them for. I just wish KZ released an updated version of the HDS3 keeping the same shape but improving everything else!

    Btw which EDR is more balanced? 1 or 2?
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  4. Otto Motor
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  5. Slater
    Balanced can mean different things to different people.

    EDR1 has more of a v-shape.
    EDR2 has less of a v-shape.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
  6. Lifted Andreas
    I should have said more flat, I'm sorry.

    Thanks for the clarification!
  7. Slater
    Ok, that’s EDR2 IMO. I’ve posted the FR graphs (raw, uncompensated) to show the exact difference between the two. If you do a search you’ll find them.
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  8. zazaboy
    @Slater are the edr2 .... like edr1 with less bass.. I mean is treble the same ... shall I get the edr2 or are they different sound signatures?
  9. bsoplinger
    Sorry, wasn't clear enough. Yes the TRN V10 cable is single ended. However if you unscrew the jack you'll find 4 separate wires. Just what you need to make a balanced cable. And it'll already be the correct length, have a Y split and a 2 pin connectors on the earphone ends. You just add a 2.5mm trrs connector to replace the 3.5mm SE jack. Lots less work than making a cable entirely from scratch. You can figure out L and R plus from which wires are soldered where on the existing jack. You then just have to figure out which one of the two ground wires is L or R and now you know what all 4 wires are. I've posted this before so was probably too brief with my explanation this time.
  10. CoiL
    Can I get WHITE ZSR from AE or GB? Fast answer please, need it as gift. No time to go through all the shop listings. Seems most of them offer green ZSR anyway.
  11. Adide
    Fast undocumented answer from the top of my head red and white flavours are future releases not available yet.
    I might be wrong though.
  12. CoiL
    Oh, I thought they are available already everywhere since taobao sold them already some time ago?
  13. Adide
    Hence I'm wrong. Sorry for your time.
  14. Makahl
    I've found them on AE: https://t.co/KS2cszsefV

    I'd PM the seller to double check if it's indeed the right colors.
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  15. CoiL
    Thanks a lot!

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