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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. oyobass
    Wait, what??

    The ZS10 uses a different pin size? What size will they be using, if not the usual 0.75 mm?

    By the way, at least in the past, the cables with straight ends are universal KZ fit, the anged-ended ones need modification to fit the ZS6, and other KZ IEMs that came with straight end cables. (All except the very early detachable cables, which reportedly had 0.78 mm pins).
  2. DSebastiao
    I have exactly both, the thing is, i can't really organize them inside the case, and i end up with the same result as putting them on my pocket or something.
  3. oyobass
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
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  4. DSebastiao
  5. Wiljen
    I have a couple of the .78 so was thinking of those.
  6. oyobass
    They have worked perfectly for me, but some people report having the tip stay behind in their ear when removing the IEM. More of a problem with the lip-less ZS6 than the tips themselves.
    The listing I linked to has a choice of all one size or S,M,L assortments and various color options. Most listings just give you the S,M,L packs/color options...
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  7. Slater
    The one it comes with is one of the best to have (assuming the photos of the ZS10 are accurate).
  8. BrunoC
    I hope they just don't stick the 4 BAs in the nozzle ...
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  9. Holypal
    ZS10 looks like more comfortable than ZS6
  10. Holypal
    Nozzle is too small to house the 4 BAs
  11. Slater
    No, the 4xBAs are stuck in the housing a short distance away from the nozzle.

    bfdiXLV - Edited (1).jpg
    bfdiXLV - Edited.jpg
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  12. Wiljen
    So is the 30095 the Knowles part or just shares the part #?
    I cant find the 50060 referenced so I am assuming it is a Kz made part.
  13. stmiller
    No idea what the zs10 retail package will ship with.
  14. stmiller

    Bye bye sibilance :k701smile:

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