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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. j0nb0y
    Just ordered my KZ ZS10's for £21.50 (pre-sale)!

    Anyone know when they will be released?
  2. Lifted Andreas
    30th of March I think.
  3. oyobass
    Good music deserves a good mention.
    By the way, since my CM5s are new, my disclaimer that I'm on the hype train still applies. I still haven't A/B'ed them against the ZS5 or 6 yet. I'm waiting for brain burn-in to stabilize on the CM5 first...
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  4. j0nb0y
    Should get them mid-April then hopefully in time for holidays!
  5. AsheshM
    Do you have the link for this? I could not find it for 21.50..though i got a seller coupon $30.
  6. CoiL
    Guys, with all that money (KZ asking more and still having bad QC, revisions, treble issues, no proper crossover), seriously, keep the money (especially when KZ prices reach around 50$). Rather get something like IT01 which has great QC, great customer support, insanely HQ cable, great HQ build and most important - better SQ than any KZ I`ve owned. There are other great offers around 100$ price tag - King Pro, CH9T etc. which most should give same great value and SQ, all over KZ`s.
    Until KZ gets in the game of graphene drivers and tube-fitted BAs - keep Your money.
    Or, just buy current most favorable KZ by many users and feedback and never return back to head-fi (otherwise You`ll just spend more money).

    I`m not bashing KZ... I myself hoarded KZs long time but for another reasons - I wanted to find out my personal sound signature preference and do different modifications for educational reasons. I found the sound signature closest for my taste, needs and gear by ZS5v1.
    From that point I got idea where to jump next and be happy.
    For those who just want good sounding IEM with average gear or better chi-fi gear this "KZ hoarding" road is not needed imho.
    Be happy with 1 recommended KZ or jump to higher price tag (that offers much more as complete package).

    Honestly, I could have been 100% happy with my ZS5v1 and end my personal audio journey but I just wished to "confirm" what I hear out of it with comparing higher quality and well reviewed item having similar sound signature to my personal subjective sound signature.
    Now I`m with 2 personal "TOTL" IEMs - ZS5v1 & IT01 with first one being like "full-sized open headphone" and second like "full-sized half-closed headphone", both still having very similar sound signature and SQ. One being little better in aspects that other is weaker but both still not lacking anything for my personal taste, hearing, gear, fit etc.

    I`m done with IEMs here and in head-fi in general. But I`ll be still around with other things and keep eye on threads :wink:

    Wishing You all KZ "hoarders" money spent well and hope You find Your personal sound signature with all the other goods an item is offering!

    Bye! :wink:
  7. vladstef

    There is finally some new info about ZS10's driver configuration. As some of us have suspected, it uses 2 of the same BAs used in ZS5v2 and ZS6. However, these are not going in the nozzle meaning that they will sound completely different + the crossover that ZS10 obviously has.

    I can't find any info about 50060 driver, I just hope that it's a mid range driver and not some super high tweeter.
  8. chinmie
    nice to know that you've found your end game (at least for now).i also have found mine, but i still enjoyed reading this thread, although i basically didn't have KZ anymore.
    now it's time to focus fully on enjoying them and just listen to music :L3000:
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  9. procmail
    Can you share how you managed to get at that price?
  10. Lifted Andreas
    I am looking forward to your review on them, and the comparisons.

    With everyone saying that the CM5 is one of the most comfortable IEMs ever, I am tempted to just place an order.

    PS. Also I am curious how you thought Trance sounded with the CM5? As that is one of the main genres I listen to.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
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  11. Mellowship
    Wise words!

    Bye! :wink:
  12. groucho69
    I must be blessed. Mine was 39H17M22S
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  13. Otto Motor
    Listened extensively on low-impedance output sources (MacBook Air and iPhone 5S) last night and this morning. Then changed to the ZS5 v1. and back to the ZS6. I included some complex vocal music.

    1. There is no downside to the modding. Nothing muffled, muddled etc.
    2. Sibilance prevails in the ZS6.
    3. In comparison to my KS5 v1., the ZS6's sound is better rounded, the voices are more natural, and it has more depth and presence. The ZS6 is a more competent earphone than the ZS5 - and it is easier to drive.
    4. The ZS6's treble is not fatiguing anymore.

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  14. groucho69
    Wise words. Cheers Mate!:champagne_glass::cocktail::wine_glass::fireworks:
  15. Otto Motor
    I agree with Coil. Since releasing the ZS5, it was evident that KZ were digging the bigger money. And announcing 10 new models of almost the same simultaneously, shows a somewhat unfocused company planning (remember Apple in the early 90s?). And such quantity makes me suspicious of the quality offered. A highly competent company such as Sennheiser would not do that.

    And I am siding with Slater that the ZS10, 11, 12, and 15 won't be much of an "upgrade" over the current sound, considering people still have to mod their current multi-driver models to sound tolerable...as opposed to their $5 single-driver models. I speculate modding will have to continue with the new models.

    And when everybody counts the money spent on their 30 KZ earphones, this could have bought them one or more top-of-the-line reference earphones.

    What sets the ZS6 apart is its attractive metal body with its attractive design lifted from the Campfire Andromeda. It probably will be their company highlight in terms of eye candy and workmanship for a long time. Good I got it to work properly. The ZS10 is back to cheap plastic.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018

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