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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nxnje
    Would you like sharing your personal impressions about the ate and how they sound?
    Could u make a comparison with other IEMs you got?

    thanks in advance for your opinion.

    PS: I really like this forum, there's so much nice people that i can't find other places like this, and i think this is what brings this community to the next level and this makes this place what it actually is : amazing!
  2. Slater
    Ah, OK I understand what you were talking about now. I was confused on the mic piece.

    So yeah the y split is definitely different. What's interesting is that on my OLD X5 (with the small nozzle) the mic is a perfect cylinder with the grooves, and the y split is kind of tapered with no grooves.

    On @1clearhead's NEW X5 (large nozzle), he has the same cable type as me - the mic is a perfect cylinder with the grooves, and the y split is kind of tapered with no grooves.

    On the photos of YOUR new X5 (large nozzle), you have BOTH the mic AND Y split as a perfect cylinder with the grooves.

    It's likely that MEMT just ramdomly uses 1 of the 2 splitters (tapered and straight) - basically whatever they have on hand at the time. The MEMT X7 and X9 uses the same straight cylinder (with grooves) and the same cable, but they use a different mic control than the X5.
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  3. Slater
    CM5 sounds different than the ATE. The CM5 has more sub bass, and has brighter treble than the ATE (although the CM5 treble is by no means harsh or piercing - it's very smooth and non-fatiguing).

    Not sure what you mean by ATE v2. By that I mean there are (5) known revisions of the ATE (ie ATE v1 theough ATE v5). I don't even know if you can buy the real ATE v2 any more - it would be pretty old and rare by now. Can you explain what you mean by ATE v2?
  4. zazaboy
    I talked about uiisii cm5.. I thought its a better version of kz ate .. more like v2 or something .. I didnt mentioned the kz ate itself.. uiisii cm5 looks good imho and cheap

    I think kz ate is the best bang for buck what you can get under 50 bucks... I like the sound signature.. because I listen lot of genres ... I like it more then the kz zs6 atm... I hope this helps
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
  5. jeromeaparis
    I did burn in my recent red ZS6, first during about 120 hours with pink and sin-log noise without much improvement of the trebles.
    Then I started with white noise (at moderate volume) This white noise seems efficient for the trebles.
    I think that White noise during 50-100 hrs is good
  6. Slater
    Yes, it sounds like you definitely have the new version.

    Wow, believe it or not, I have the new "fresh" version as well! I like it a lot too.

    You may be interested to know that the reason the mids and highs don't sound detailed is because there is a big piece of foam shoved inside of the nozzle. If you gently lift the nozzle screen with a sewing needle, you will see the foam piece directly under the screen. You just remove this foam using your sewing needle. Then you can stick the nozzle screen back into place. The nozzle screen has sticky adhesive on it, and it will stick right back into its original place. With the foam removed, the midrange and treble become much clearer. It improves the sound of the Piston Fresh Version by a large amount!
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  7. zazaboy
    this helps bro thanks...
  8. Slater
    OK, I understand what you mean now.

    Yes, I think the CM5 is like an evolved ATE (or an ATE v2 if you want to think of it like that).

    The ATE is a like vintage/classic Mercedes, like a SL500 from the 1980s. And the CM5 is like a 2017 SL500. Sleeker, more powerful, sexier, newer technology. The classic model is good, but the newest model is an improvement upon the classic.
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  9. Slater
    Make sure when you burn in the ZS6 (or ANY earphone/headphone), that you use a normal listening volume. Do NOT use a high volume, or you can damage and/or fry the gear.
  10. TLDRonin
    After looking through some aliexpress reviews, I've found a couple of other perfect barrel y splitters

    Strange how there they inconsistently use 2 different y splitters
  11. TLDRonin
    Don't expect too much of a difference

    The reason you received a lot of joke responses are because burning in is a very polarizing topic, which tends to be associated as a "snake oil" type of thing.

    However placebo is a thing, and burning in won't do anything negative to your IEMs (as long as you aren't blasting the volume like Slater warned), so feel free to do it if you want
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  12. Lifted Andreas
    Thanks for the kind words mate. Glad you enjoyed listening to my Trance mixes! They're great for burning in too, as well as listening... if you like Trance that is. :)

    Also, how you described the sound of the CM5 is how I think the TRN v20 sounds like, to me at least. Probably with a bit less sub-bass and mids not quite as forward, but still a very clear presentation overall.

    Honestly cannot wait till I try the CM5 (and doing a proper comparison with the v20), still deciding which size to get. Probably will get the large CM5.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
  13. trumpethead
    Resistance is Futile, however imo They are well worth it especially if get them for the 11.99 Amazon USA price. I got
    Resistance is Futile! But don't worry, They are totally worth it imo! Especially at the 11.99 Amaxon USA price...
  14. CYoung234
    Yes, in the end, resistance was futile, so I ordered a pair at the great Amazon price. Interesting to see so many comments about the CM5 in a KZ thread! lol....
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  15. Lifted Andreas
    Well it looks like they ship to UK too, I'm just debating whether to order them or not. It will cost me like $20 in total.

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