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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    39 hours, 17 minutes, and 23 seconds. Exactly.
  2. maxxevv
    I took 141443 seconds.
  3. Otto Motor
    iPod? Dap? Radio? AM? FM?

    Joke aside, I am not sure "burn-in" or better "break-in" makes any difference. But it won't do any harm.
  4. Slater
    That's amazing man! It has been shows that kids are able to learn multiple languages at a young age, because the areas of the brain that learn language soak up the information like a sponge. But when you are older, those areas of the brain no longer learn languages, and it is much much harder to learn a different language when you are older. When you are older, your brain must learn languages in other ways, mainly using the memory functions of the brain to memorize foreign words, and their association with the same words in your native language.

    For example you can show a young child a glass or water or give them a drink and say "acqua" and they will learn it very quickly. But let's say you have a native English speaker, and they are a young adult trying to learn Italian. Because the language center of the brain is kind of "closed" to remembering new words, they have to memorize that "acqua" = "water" in English, and create a memorized word association that is linked to the native language word that is located in their language center.

    I hope that make sense. I know I'm not explaining it that well, but the point is that you are lucky to learn English at such a young age, because it is much easier to learn a foreign language as a child than as an adult :)

    So here is a post from @1clearhead that explains the differences between the old X5 and the new X5 (and how to tell the difference): https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chi...phones-and-iems.820747/page-659#post-13579691

    To know if you have the new version, you would look for the paper "Made in China" tag on the end of the cable by the 3.5mm jack (which is not there on the old X5).

    And also, the new X5 included extra sets of "wide bore" double-flange tips, as seen is this photo (the black ones on the right side):


    So carefully look at all of the tips that came with your X5, count the sets (including the set that came installed on the X5 itself). Then compare yours to that photo and you will know which version of the X5 you have :)

    Also, are those other IEMs in your photo Xiaomi Pistons? It's hard to tell exactly what they are from the photo. Which model are they, and how do you like them?

    P.S. - You have a pretty cool girlfriend there. Anyone who cares enough to get their special someone some nice audio gear is A-OK in my book.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  5. Slater
    Perfecto! You have a perfectly-burned in pair!

    You just have to be real careful - here's what happens when you burn it in for even ONE extra second:

  6. maxxevv
    That guy used a lighter it seems.... lol...
  7. oyobass
    Test tracks:
    Pink Floyd- Welcome to the Machine and Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
    Allman Brothers- Ain't Wastin' Time No More and Dreams
    Also selections of trance mixes from our friend @Lifted Andreas - Really good stuff! Check out the links in his signature line!

    I have just done some A/B listening between the two. They have a somewhat similar signature and loudness level.

    The CM5 extends both higher and lower with a more engaging, enveloping sound. It also has less mid-bass bloat and slightly more midrange, making vocals stand out more clearly and giving a more 3D sound to many tracks, notably the Hammond organ in Dreams. Sub bass was brought out in Welcome to the Machine's synth bass parts.

    The difference between the two? Tracks on the CM5 seem more real (to me at least). The ZST, while a very nice sounding IEM, was a bit more boxy and constrained in it's signature. Of course, everyone hears things differently and may completely think my comparison is rubbish. Fair enough.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. I'll try to answer...
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  8. oyobass
    Someone left that marshmallow in the fire just a bit too long...
    riffrafff, Lifted Andreas and Slater like this.
  9. DocHoliday
  10. Slater
    +1 on Podster's comment. Thanks to @rayliam80 for posting up the Rat Shack eartip deal.

    While I would have loved to get the (2) pairs of M for $1, I was perfectly happy getting the full SML set for $1.50. I even used a coupon code I found online for an extra 15% off! They do have plenty of S and L in the "2 for $10" version. On Radio Shack's website (radioshack.com), the part numbers are as follows:

    S "2 pairs for $1" kit: 3300783
    M "2 pairs for $1" kit (sold out): 3300784
    L "2 pairs for $1" kit: 3300785
    SML for $1.50 kit: 3301585
    15% off coupon code: RADIO15
    ** Free shipping on website orders over $19.

    Note: Since they made the coupon code to predictable, be sure to try RADIO20, RADIO25, or RADIO30 to see if you can get an even bigger discount! I've used that trick before at other websites!

    I've never even seen or heard of the Auvio tips (not sure how I missed all of the recommendations on them). Anyways, I'm glad I did because they are really nice and fit great. They are a different shape than your typical wide bore tips (such as the KZ/Tennmak Turbo/Whirlwinds). They are shaped more like a KZ Starline or Sony Hybrid, except with a wide bore. Very nice feeling and grippy!
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  11. TLDRonin
    Quite strange. My pair had the tag and came with wide bore tips, but the barrel at the Y split is different than the pictured one; the one in the picture is thinner on one end, but mine is a perfect cylinder, as in the same shape as the mic.
  12. Slater
    I think that's an optical illusion from the photo.

    Does your nozzle look like the larger one on the right, or the smaller one on the left?

  13. TLDRonin
    Its definitely not an optical illusion, you can also see two grooved lines on the left side, and a white part on the far right

    As for the nozzle, I'm almost sure its the bigger/newer one
  14. zazaboy
    @Slater what do you think about uiisii cm5 do they share the same sound signature like kz ate or they different.. I like the kz ate atm.. if the uiisii cm5 is like a kz ate v2 I will order it .. I heard they have a natural soundstage too and how is the treble is it brighter or darker .. what do you think ? need some advice
  15. nxnje
    I have already heard those informations about the brain, it's really interesting about how it's complicated.
    Anyway you're right, as a child you can easy associate a word to an image while when u grow up your brain always searches for the traduction of that word in your mother language.
    that's pretty awesome!

    By the way, i was watching that x5 post and i'm pretty sure i have the new ones.
    The Y splitter has a cilinder shape while the one in the photo (representing the old one) is thinner on the bottom side.
    The nozzle is not as little as in the photo of the old version and mine come with the ''made in china'' sticker on the end of the cable.
    I even received an extra packet of tips so i'm sure it's the new version (even if those tips all suck a lot imho).

    As for the piston yea.
    In the photo you can see a pair of Superlux hd681F (which i use mostly to eq and make comparisons about the sound that comes out from my monitor speakers in order to have stuff that sounds like i wanted it should) and a pair of Xiaomi Piston Fresh version.

    They're not the hybrid ones but the cheapest "Fresh" version, that i really enjoyed before trying memt x5, kz zs3.
    They have a good bass response, especially for the price.
    Mids sounds a bit innatural and highs are not well detailed like in the others i've just mentioned, but considering i paid 2 euros for them, that's a big OK. They're even comfortable to me. Atm i use just their microphone to speak with my friends on teamspeak while using the superlux for gaming and so on.

    Thanks a lot for your description. Many people like you speaks in a very good way about cm5, i think i'm gonna buy a pair of em asap, maybe when i find some coupon codes and so on.

    Dunno why didn't i find this, i even searched for those therms.
    Thanks a lot for the link! Anyway, as you described it (even if i have to consider everyone hear things differently based on his hearing preferences) i trust the fact that mids are recessed, which i'm not gonna like as i already have them on my memt x5 and if i'm gonna buy a new pair of iems, i will assure myself mids should be not recessed.

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