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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. rayliam80
    I'm glad you enjoy them. I bought Auvio tips a couple of years ago when I got the ATH-IM70. A lot of people on a particular head-fi thread said they were a good fit and sound for that IEM. Looking through one of my junk drawers, I came across the packaging and remembered them then just decided to search for them randomly if they were still around. I paid like $7 or $8 then for 2 pairs originally.
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  2. Otto Motor
    This is borrowed from the German site headflux.de

    Increasing the output impedance reduces the ZS6's piercing treble, starting at 10 kHz and peaking at 13.5 kHz.

    A 64 ohm or higher impedance adapter works best.

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
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  3. B9Scrambler
    This seems like a slightly shortsighted reply. KZ has pretty much always been about quantity, having tons of models on the shelves. Often lots of redundancy across a few signature types, usually set within unique shells or variants. Right now they still have well over 10 models readily available for purchase, most of which were released within the last year or two. All the new models coming up are right in line with what they've done in the past, just now with hybrid tech that they've been testing and tweaking with the ZST, ES3, ZS5/6 and ZSR. The biggest difference I see is they've actually announced a plan, unlike before where they would seemingly at random release new models with maybe some leaked info getting out before the model dropped. If anything, announcing all those new models simultaneously could be great for generating early interest.

    Considering most of them are 1+1 hybrids, prices are probably going to still be quite low which will continue to attend to their bread-and-butter market. And, going more upscale with other models has been EXACTLY what people have been asking for for years. Just peruse this thread. First it was hybrids. We've got that now. Then it was something pricier and more upscale, but still affordable. The ZS6 was a good go at it. The ZS10 might be just the thing though given its a 5 driver hybrid with a crossover. I'm personally looking forward to seeing what they do with this new lineup and will be reserving judgment till I try them out for myself. They could be a horrendous abomination, sure, but they could also be amazing.

    Their plastics have also been quite good over the years, with the exception of some of their really old models like the DS. Their current plastic bodied iems still feel better than a lot of more expensive products, like those from Sennheiser, JVC, Marley, Sony, and other name brands, not to mention comparing to similarly priced Chi-Fi offerings like the BGVP DN1 which feels as cheap as it is. The ZS6 is crazy overbuilt for the price though, and I definitely wouldn't complain if they applied that quality to the full lineup. That said, as long as their plastics remain at least as dense and durable as what they're using for their current lineup, they'll be just fine.

    Lastly, having heard lots of totl and reference gear, I'm even more pleased with my KZ collection. Would rather have multiple good earphones of varying signatures than one amazing earphone with one signature.
  4. Slater
    Well said.
  5. VinceHill24
    To be honest, i'm more contented with some of KZ discontinued model like the HDS3. I wonder why they discontinue one of the best product ever made, it's like now everything has to be big and covers your ears and looks stylish as if it's a custom IEM. But as a KZ collector, one just cannot stop to collect it all lol ...just like pokemons.
  6. oyobass
    Test track- LASER KISSED VIBES #055 by DJ Lifted Andreas (Ret.)... A track you may be familiar with :ksc75smile:

    All testing done with New Bee Large and Medium foam tips turned backwards on the IEM nozzle to fit my weird wide/shallow ear openings. Sources; ZTE Axon 7 Mini with the so-called "audiophile" AKM AK4962 DAC/amp/CODEC and a garden variety HP PC with sound from the motherboard stock soundcard.

    Trance is one of my favorites, too.

    ZS5 quick comparison:
    CM5 has a good amount of deep, detailed bass that makes trance or just about any genre EDM come alive. Quick A/B with ZS5- ZS5v1 is much louder on my phone at the same volume setting- my ZTE Axon 7 Mini has a auto-impedance sensing DAC/Amp in it. On the PC's built in sound card the ZS5 is quieter than the CM5- interesting. My phone must be reacting to the ZS5v11's ultra-low 4-ish ohm impedance.
    Anyway, for my preferences, the CM5 wipes the floor with the ZS5- On the PC sound card, as well as my phone. Vocals are clearer, bass hits harder and lower with more detail. This is hard for a dyed-in-the-wool KZ fanboy, :triportsad: but even the soundstage and instrument separation are better.

    On to the ZS6 quick comparison:
    Fairly evenly matched. CM5 sub bass and bass hit harder and are more detailed. Mids are more forward vs. the ZS6, making vocals clearer in the mix. CM5 treble is extended without the famous harsh spike of the KZ. I would say that there is more treble, but smoother than the ZS6.

    The KZs are good IEMS for the money, but the CM5 is gooder-er, smoother-er and better-er.

    Disclaimer time again: These evaluations are after taking about a week of getting used to the sound signature of the UiiSii. When I first started listening to them, I felt as if something was missing, but I couldn't put my finger on it. If I listen to the ZS6 or 5 exclusively for a week then compare it to the CM5, my preference may go completely the other way. Humans were not made for precise sound measurement, we are very subjective, no matter how hard we try to be objective.

    In my subjective opinion, the CM5 is a steal at the $12 to 23 they can be had for, and certainly worth a try. If you hate them, you can sell them on, or even trash them and not be out much.

    In conclusion, I likes it.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
  7. oyobass
    Another bonus: If you paint the CM5 tops yellow, it'll look like you have tiny bunches of bananas stuck in your ears...

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
  8. Lifted Andreas
    Wow that is an awesome write up mate, thank you so much! I was surprised to see there are no reviews of the CM5 on Head-Fi. Hopefully yours will be the first!

    PS. Earlier this happened:


    I couldn't resist at that price, they are even more expensive on Ali!
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  9. oyobass
    Oops. Well, accidents happen. Now you'll just have to live with your mistake... :ksc75smile:
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  10. Nikostr8

    offtopic: are the trn v20 that good? kinda interested since they are pretty cheap
  11. vladstef
    Oh, imagine the possibilities with ZS10 - we are going to be putting all kinds of stuff in that balanced armature chamber. All the foams and cottons. Also, testing which frequencies are covered by DD will be a lot easier now that there are separate nozzles.

    I've ordered two ZS10s because localy KZ sells amazingly well and currently it's possible to find some nice preorder deals. Like them - keep them, hate them - mod them, still hate them - sell them without loss.
  12. Lifted Andreas
    Yeah, I guess I'll have to live with it while enjoying the graphene dual dynamic sound and excellent comfort. :p

    Have to thank you and @Slater for introducing me to the UiiSii CM5!

    To my ears they are amazing value for the price I paid. I'm still on a honeymoon period with them but so far I don't regret my purchase one bit!
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
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  13. WalterTorino
    Btw, i've finally solved the problem with a freaky peak at 11 kHz of the zs6 - I've bought KZ ATE. Muuuahahahaha!
    So, I'm ready to face new challenge. Come on, zs10! :D
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
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  14. WalterTorino
    Oh, could you tell me, please, what about a bass there? Is it a good choice for a basshead? (I mean the v20)
  15. Sebilion
    Just got the kz zs6 grey bass version, I've been comparing them sound wise to the black ones I have and I can hear a small difference, the grey ones actually sound like if I have live music on or the virtualizer. I don't know if this will change with burning but I like the sound of the black much better, the gey actually feel like a downgrade on sound quality. Hopefully this will change after burning,I don't know what they've changed but it has too much bass. What new models are out so far? I'm going to buy the kz zs10 tonight, anything else out there?

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