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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. larry piencenaves

    oh i see, so every headfiers here saying the the kz's iems benefits from silver cable is a lie? hmmm
  2. JayceOoi
  3. nxnje
    Yo guys!
    I'm still here with a big doubt.
    Found kz zs5 for 15$ but at the same price we have Memt x5.

    I had zs3 and i found them really uncomfortable.
    Do u think would the kz zs5 be unpleasant to my ear in the same way or not?
    Should i go with normal fitting memt x5 or zs5 around the ear?
    I don't have a portable ampli or dac, just my phone (galaxy s7 edge) so the source would be a simple smartphone.

    The final question is : what should i pick?
  4. CoiL

    Especially enjoying Steven Wilson, Puscifer, Perfect Circle (Red Rocks) and NIN live performances which are greatly recorded and mastered.
    Aslo, greatly mastered records that have ambient sounds, sound very lifelike.
  5. SomeTechNoob
    MEMT X5 is far more comfortable simply because of how small it is. ZS5 is a huge IEM with no rounded edges.

    MEMT X5 does have a lot of cable noise though, so keep that in mind.
  6. sklchan
    If you looking for comfortable fitting then never go for those big huge earphones like those KZ3/5/6 as those are meant for audio sound quality.
    For me the memt x5 just a normal earbud build with metal case (can't imagine how good the single
    • 5.5 mm Nano-type driver
    will sound soo great at some reviewer site)
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
    nxnje likes this.
  7. nxnje
    So, if u guys had to tip me a good iem in that price tag 15-18 what would u recommend me?
    I love deep bass and rumbles, and the kz zs3 sounded lovely for what i listen to, but my ears get sick after one min.

  8. ivo001
    My ZS5 is just doing a World Tour. It had reached country of destination last week, but apparently that is not my country, because somehow it has appeared in Poland now.

  9. SomeTechNoob
    They actually are great in-ears. The micro driver in the MEMT X5 packs a punch. It's a V-shaped IEM with more emphasis bass than my ZS5 v1. Mids are more present on the ZS5, so they are a different sound signature. ZS5 also has that crazy instrument separation which most of you guys probably already know already.

    If you love deep bass and rumbles, I would say the MEMT X5 is a good pick for you. It rumbles even more than my ZS3 and has a bit more high end making music very fun to listen to.
  10. nxnje
    Thank you very much for your patience!
    Do u think the cable noise is so problematic or do u think it's something i can pass over in order to have a good iem as the memt x5?
  11. SomeTechNoob
    Definitely don't run with these. I was able to commute and walk just fine with the cable running underneath my jacket though, which stops the cable from flapping around in the wind. It just depends how much you move around imo. It's really well built, but out of all the IEMs and earbuds I think it's either the worst or second to worst when it comes to cable noise. The cable is built really nice to a point where it likes to keep its shape a little bit too well, easily transferring up vibrations.

    Generally though, I would still probably pick up the X5 since the sound quality is awesome. I've had them in my ears for over 5 hours at a time with no hotspots. I've done the same with the ZS5 but depending on the angle I've had uncomfortable spots on my outer ear. The ZS3 does fit my ear like a glove though. The MEMT X5 takes up so little space in your ear that it shouldn't bother anything though.
  12. nxnje
    I never run with earbuds, i just use them to walk while going to university and listening while studying.
    At home i already have superlux hd681F so they're just something i would use when i'm out.
    Think i'll probably pick it, and i'm sure gonna pick a pair of kz ate as soon as i can pick em for like 4 bucks and so on.

    Before trying the zs3 i was thinkin about wearing those kind of headphones (the type that has the cable going around the ear) would be more comfortable but i'm just reading about people having fitting issues.
  13. SomeTechNoob
    Over-ear cables definitely have had less cable noise in my experience, and it makes sense. I do still keep an eye out for some cable-down earbuds since they are much easier to put in and take out of your ears and are also much easier to store. I carry one over-ear and one cable-down in my bag. Long sessions get the over-ear ZS5. Shorter sessions get the other one. Currently bringing around the Boarseman CX98 for cable-down usage. They are bass light, probably not what you're looking for. But anyways, you get my point.
  14. nxnje
    The problem is i listen for very long sessions, like 4-5 hours+ a day even in a row, but i still couldn't find a proper fit for zs3.

    I've already tried the CX98 as i saw them on audiobudget (is it possible to mention this site?) And they sounded pretty light in the bass section, so definitely something i'm not searching for.
    Anyway, i got what u said, i think i'm gonna buy a zs5 when it goes down, or maybe the new zsr to try around-ear cable..

    Actually i'm using a pair of Xiaomi Piston fresh that i bought for like 1 euro with a coupon code and they still have a good respons in bass frequencies, but sounds a bit darker to me
  15. vector84
    I think they're more just poking fun at you for the way you asked your question. :shrug:

    Anyway, how to put this delicately :thinking: ... it kind of sounds like you're expecting the cable to do too much heavy lifting. :shrug:

    But my views on the matter seem to ruffle feathers on both sides of the cable fence, so maybe I should just leave it at that. :deadhorse:

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