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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. oyobass
    The only benefit I have heard is that the silver cable is much less prone to the rumble physically caused by the stiff stock cables.
    That makes the small amount of money they cost totally worth it.
  2. Podster
    And even more so when one removes that dang ear wire:open_mouth:

    Wire B Gone.JPG

    You know if that CM5 came in bright yellow it would be like having a bunch of Bananas in you ears:scream: I doubt there is any difference in the braided cable and stock but if they look better they must sound better:rolling_eyes: Ask anyone who puts a $500 cable on a $1500 ciem:smiling_imp: Oh no he deent:zipper_mouth:
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  3. maxxevv
    I have the KZ upgrade cable on both my ZS5v2 and ZS6, I haven't been able to hear any perceived sound signature differences. Granted they are very budget cables, so perhaps the differences are not observable.

    But they are a great upgrade in terms of microphonics and comfort. Not forgetting they are more pliable so generally feel more comfortable when worn and the bonus of being easier to coil nicely when put into the carrying pouch. Which can be a pain with the stock cables.

    For those alone, considering how little they cost, they are definitely worth that extra few dollars. ( Gearbest was doing a US$2.99 flash sale yesterday, grabbed one for a friend when I saw it.)
  4. larry piencenaves

    i know that is a physical upgrade, what i want or expected is a sound upgrade, reviews on the zs3 says they heard difference in sound quality thats why i tried them, and i didnt hear any difference at all, i even burned them for hrs. oh well,
  5. FastAndClean
    Try to burn them with fire, after that the sound will be warm
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  6. larry piencenaves

    you're a funny guy kek
  7. oyobass
    KZ is willing to provide the upgrade cable snake oil for hundreds less than some companies. That should count for something...
    The upgrade cable is a must-have in my book, just for the ergonomic and microphonics-reduction factors. The only way they would improve the sound is if the factory cable was defective.
  8. alota
    why snake oil? i bought two kz cables: one all white and the other brown. 5 and 7€. the price is honest
  9. ivo001
    Because Marshall Mode
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
  10. alota
  11. oyobass
    I have found the ZS3 to be uncomfortable to wear as well. I filed and polished the second protrusion, (the one that makes them look "custom"), as well as filing the mismatched levels of the shell even in between the nozzle and protrusion, where the sharp edge was causing discomfort.

    I also have to turn the foams around the right way, even with the associated fit problems that causes me, in order to keep all of that extra structure from pressing against my ear.

    The fit and finish is what you would expect from an $8 IEM. The sound is far above that price.

    I can still use them as stage monitors in extremely loud situations for short durations, since the isolation is so good.

    Most likely they'll be cannibalized for parts to fix a broken pair of UEs...
  12. B9Scrambler
    Was finding the ZS6 sibilant with female vocals on crappy recordings (most of my long dnb mixes unfortunately) and decided to toss some HiFiMan RE400 filters on top of the stock metal grills to see what happened. Helps a lot actually. Could be an easily reversed mod for those that want to try something simple and non-destructive. Doesn't make a massive difference, but does enough to smooth out the edges.

    The HiFiMan filters are 15 bucks and come with a number of tips so I'm sure there are more affordable options out there.

    *Edit: pretty sure Slater posted something similar a while back.*

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
  13. Strat Rider
    I rather like the memt x5, the sound from the small driver was surprising at first, especially the quanity and quality of the bass.

    I have found for myself, i can wear these over ear , although with Left driver in right ear, Right in left, and eliminate the cable noise.

    I use these with my note 5 and a enjoy them a bunch.
  14. Strat Rider
    I have both, and enjoy the x5's a little more, i listen to blues, rock, southern rock, and the signature with the right tips falls right into my happy place.

    But i always enjoy my KZ's the best!
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
  15. Strat Rider
    I use the silver cable, because it doesn't have a remote, and mic.
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