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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TheVortex
    I get the same lag so I don't use it with anything with video.
  2. Slater
    Yeah, I stopped using it for videos and movies because of the lag.

    I have since switched to another non-KZ bluetooth/aptX IEM for movies and videos. It has literally zero detectable lag. Very happy with it.
  3. TheVortex
    Hi Slater, what have you switched to?
  4. Slater
    Meizu EP52. For best sound you need to switch out the stock nozzle screens for $0.07 worth of stainless mesh screens.

    I still use KZ ZST with Bluetooth cable for music though - I like it for exercising.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  5. alota
    About shipping i bought kz5 and kz6 from gearbest, with flash sale and free shipping.
    I have received in around one month trough post nl and without any custom fee
  6. bsoplinger
    I thought that pretty much the only way to get low latency Bluetooth audio was to have AptX (ie v4.1) on both sides of the transmission? Is I wrong?

    Re: 3 months… The junk would have to sail all the way around cape horn to get to the Netherlands, wouldn't it? :grin: Since the Russian northwest passage still isn't 100% yet, we need a few more years of global warming to make it readily available. :astonished::smiling_imp:
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  7. Slater
    Not 100% sure.

    I’ve used the EP52 with my iPhone SE, iPod Tough 5G, and Acer Chromebook (so far), none of which have aptX.

    You're right though - the EP52 is BT 4.1.

    I’ll also clarify that when I say “zero” lag, I’m taking in a subjective real world perception, not a scientifically-measured one. Of course there’s some lag, I just can’t detect it via video speech vs lip movement. Whereas the KZ BT has annoyingly noticeable lip sync lag.

    Scientifically, the EP52 is probably considered “low/ultra-low latency”.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  8. ivo001
    You keep them all in the same cases? How do you tell them apart? You put labels on em? Or just keep opening till you find the one you want? Haha.
  9. Podster
    Red Nail Polish on the bottom of the case:wink: Looks as though I'll be performing 5 surgeries tonight since my three new type "A" tri-braid's came in for my ZS5V1's and red ZS6's removing the idiot (Oh sorry) ear wires from all of them! I did it to the Bronze cable and not much of a difference in it and the tri-braid plus it really looks nice on the black ZS6:grinning: My order of preference are ZS6, ZST and then the ZS5V1's which compared to the other two sound dark and less detailed but of course YMMV:beerchug:

    Tri-Braid KZ's.JPG
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  10. kokakolia

    Yeah, that's been mentioned by the (mediocre and shady) YouTube reviewer TechmanZ.
  11. Slater
    Not sure what everyone else does, but I put a small square of that "blue" painters tape on the outside of each case, and write the IEM on the tape with sharpie (as well as any specific information, such as "FF Mod ATE" on 1, "Stock ATR" on another, "Modded ZS6" on another, etc).

    The "blue" tape sticks well to all of the different cases I have (even the KZ "woven fabric" case), and it comes off cleanly if ever needed.
  12. Superluc
  13. Willber
    I keep my IEMs, earbuds and portables (about 20 of them) hanging on tacks along a shelf. My three on/over-ears are just sort of lying around, but I live on my own so it's not a problem.
  14. SomeTechNoob
    It's roulette for me - all my IEMs are in generic round black zipper cases lol.

    Actually though, I don't have many duplicates and will stack them in brand groups. Least favorite on the bottom and favs on the top. I also have a bag which generally always has my KZ ZS5 since I bring it around every day, as well as a cable-down IEM of my choice(currently the CX98).
  15. B9Scrambler
    Ew! Another one of those nasty "KZ" things appeared on my doorstep. What is wrong with you people who buy them?!


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