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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. c4rb0n
    I have done sir @HerrWallen 's variation on sir @Slater 's foam mod for the Zs6 and it really does tame the sibilance, it doesn't muffle the highs at all and overall it just looks neat inside. I've attached an image on how it looks like, Btw i used the foam on the KZ hard case

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  2. bsoplinger
    Ummm. Uh, I don't see an image. Am I supposed to be looking for it in another post or ?
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  3. c4rb0n
    My Bad brother its the damn internet. I though it completed the upload, ill upload it again.
  4. Slater
    Here's a link to the sellers I used for both 6-line braided and the new dark grey ones:


    There are many sellers though, including some with better prices and/or more reliable reputations.

    You'll find all of them if you search on Aliexpress for "KZ upgrade cable", and then browse through the listings. You'll find all of the upgrade cables KZ has offered, including the ZS3 and ZST style (and I even found some listings for MMCX upgrade cables using that same search term, but I was not aware that KZ makes any MMCX cables so it could be an error in the way the seller has the title listed).

    Anyways, just be aware of the cables you buy and which ends they have. The 2 main styles are "straight" and "angled". The straight is designed for ZS3, ZS5, and ZS6. The angled is designed for ZST, ES3, ZSR, and ED12. Some of the cables can be trimmed/modified to fit the opposite models (specifically the 6-wire braided cable can be trimmed to fit the ZS3, ZS5, and ZS6). Lots of us have done that with zero issues, but you'd have to decide if you want to take the risk of messing something up.


    And as far as the angled vs straight at the 3.5mm plug, I've personally had better luck with angled vs straight 3.5mm plugs. But that's generically speaking, not specific to the KZ cables.

    However, when I stack my amp and DAP, there's no room for a 90 degree cable without doing weird stuff with the way I stack them together. So for that configuration I prefer straight cables. But when using just my DAP (no amp), a laptop, phone, etc I much prefer angled cables and I do think they last longer because they seem to put less stress on the cable. In cars when using AUX cables, I prefer straight though. It just depends on the specific situation and space setup.

    Hope that helps.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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  5. c4rb0n
    Ive fixed the image bro. Check it again :beerchug:
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  6. c4rb0n
    Here's how the Straight one actually looks like brother. I have removed the memory wires on these, it really bothers me haha
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  7. hakuzen
    posted a comparison graph of zst, zs5v1, and zs6 on october the 9th.. i'm afraid you missed it.. all graphs measured using same gear, same tips, same person.. the highs peak difference was obvious..


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  8. xrk971

    Is this it?

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  9. RomStar
    Wait how exactly do I remove the plastic tabs from the zst spc cable? I wanna use it with my Zs5 and maybe the zs6 I might but. Just ordered one cuz they look amazing Imo, I have the other upgrade cable that is double stranded but wasn't the best looking tbh. Also for those who did it, are there any precautions I should take or any tricky bits? Ty in advance :)
  10. Jed1998
    Can I ask a favor of you? I've never modded an IEM. Can you post a step by step guide on how to do it? Also did you put the grill back on? How did you do that?
  11. hakuzen
    didn't answer you properly.
    basically, used a sense resistor. to minimize leads resistance (although they could be measured as well), got a box with three 3.5mm female sockets, a switch to toggle between channels, and the sense resistor soldered at the proper sockets. it makes impedance measuring more comfortable. resistor used was 100ohms, although lower resistance would be desirable to get even better accuracy, due i used a low impedance output amplifier at the end of the source stage.
    then, in REW, calibrated the difference between impedance of both input channels of my ADC, and measured the phones impedance/phase curves at last.
    so i guess the results are pretty accurate, if i didn't make an unadvertised mistake..
    hope that if you notice any fault, thanks to your audio electronics knowledge, you'll help me to fix it.

    yep, i've got all measurements made with REW properly stored, so if someone needs the impulse response graphs, just ask me.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  12. hakuzen
    btw, i didn't like at all to find such huge differences between maker specifications of zs5 and the real ones. no need to do that, it leads to confussion
  13. c4rb0n
    Sure bro :beerchug: ill try to make one, ill post it later
  14. c4rb0n
    This is the simple tutorial for the Kz Zs6 Slater/HerrWallen Variation

    Materials Needed:
    1. Ruler
    2. Scisors
    3. Toothpick
    4. Acoustic Foam (i have used the foam from the KZ Hard Case BTW)
    1. Cut out 2 rectangular acoustic foam pieces. One for each ear piece haha (Measurements: 4 mm = width X 10 mm Length) The thickness of the acoustic foam is also 4 mm from the KZ hard case
    This is how it looks like
    IMG_0157.JPG IMG_0158.JPG
    1. I Have removed the Metal Grill that protects the BA's on the Zs6, the foam we cut will replace that since we will wrap them around the BAs and it will dampen the sibilance at an optimal level (for me at least haha)
    2. Place the center of the foam just on the center of the BAs
    1. Tuck one end with the toothpick, do the same with the other end, making a wrap along the Nozzle of the BAs
    IMG_0160.JPG IMG_0161.JPG
    Thats it folks, i would like to thank sir @Slater for the mod and sir @HerrWallen for the variation. This mod, for me, at least tamed the sibilance down and i dont know if its psychological but it widened the soundstage a bit haha but thats just me. Hope this helps everyone
  15. bsoplinger
    Thanks. I didn't quite understand what you were describing before, which is why I was looking for the missing single picture hoping I could understand from that but this is way better.
    By 'acoustic foam' and then mentioning the KZ hard case I've managed to get confused again. I have that case, if its the one I'm assuming you mean, and I don't find acoustic foam but what I think of as standard foam for padding. What am I not understanding?

    Here's the box I have...

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