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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. eaglesgift
  2. hakuzen
    click on the pic to watch it bigger size. zst is purple line, green is zs6, gray is zs5 (only these three are marked as visible)
  3. eaglesgift
    I can only see magenta, blue and green lines...

    EDIT - Sorry, I can see it now, the blue/grey line. Had to scroll over to see the key properly.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  4. c4rb0n
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  5. RomStar
    Wow ok, it's time I put my opinion out. I never believed it but, I think the Zs5 v1s are piercing. I was listening to Fob - The Last of the real ones. Suddenly I kept hearing sibilance and a lot of pierce. Since then I simply can not unhear that, and it's also affecting how I perceive my other tracks now.

    Now I ordered foam tips, the new bee ones a few days ago, and I guess I agree when ppl said that foams were a must. Currently using the large tips from the Zircons as I don't like the spirals that come included.

    In my opinion, and from my half trained ears, there is deff a heft of treble present and maybe piercing as well (not nearly as much In other tracks) . Wish I had V2s to compare with, but now I'm convinced that I would prefer V1s over the V2s if the treble spike is increased in new revision. Overall, I love the Zs5 and let's see how the foams work out. It's true I could have went for comply, but it just feels criminal to spend 32$ Aud for them, I could instead get a pair of Zs6 for 25$.

    Do keep in mind my set-up is literally bare bones with my Note 5 Wolfson Dac and Spotify premium. This might not apply to others at all. But just posting my two cents here
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  6. Viber
    I equate more importance to graphs when full sized cans are in discussion.
    IEM sound\impressions are so influenced by tips,insertion,different ear canals,physical seal etc...all those things make it really hard to measure a perceived frequency response.
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  7. Viber

    You can try doing my mod, it will smooth out those highs for sure.
  8. RomStar
    Is it the slater mod with acoustic foam insertion? If not, can you kindly link me you're one with step by step instructions? I've never done any sorts of mods, but if you're one helps, I'll try it out (and If it's not too tough for me to do) :)
  9. Viber

    My theory is that the highs from both the BAs and dynamic drivers sorta "clash" and thus make for an overwhelming treble response for some users on some songs.

    This was my solution because i think i rather block the highs from the dynamic drivers and not the BA, i think Slater's solution was to put foam inside the BA's themselves.
  10. Superluc
    And this don't mud the sound ? It's definitely easier to do than put the foam inside the BAs, but like this it affect also the sound coming from the two dynamics.

    I was thinking of try something like this but out of the nozzle, making a larger circle of material ( like the foams from the KZ case and toilet paper ) and blocking it with the tips, like when someone put a material between the driver and the pads on full cans, but the effects on other frequency need to be listened carefully.

    At now we know that the impedance adapter can also be used without affecting the mids.

    When it comes i sure try some different combo.
  11. Superluc
    Oh, sorry. Thanks for pointed that out.

    So, the ZST is more pronounced between 4k to 7k, but less after. Interesting...
  12. c4rb0n
    It doesnt mud the sound at all. The highs are crisp and clear still but not that piercing and it was more fun to listen to :L3000:
  13. c4rb0n
    DOes anyone own the Zst Candy version aka PRO version of the ZST here? Here in our country, One local seller sells it for 15 $ and im planning on buying one. Any thoughts on these compared to the Carbon ZSTs?
  14. Superluc
    Ok. I still think that it may be better to try less invasive options before venturing inside the nozzle, but it's an interesting one :thumbsup:
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  15. c4rb0n
    No worries brother. YOu can start by switching to foam tips, the t400's comply foam. Since comply tips are not readily available here in my country i could not tell anything about it. Im planning to buy on aliexpress, the New Bee complys, i hope i can find a local seller who sells comply's here.

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