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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Superluc
    I want to use the new OFC cable on it, try foam tips for start, than custom EQ, some damping materials but out of the nozzle and an impedance adapter from Penon, when it comes. I think of try to find my balance without do something inside it.
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  2. c4rb0n
    It sounds better with the OFC cable for me, i have the smoky colored one haha, it gives more detail to the sound compared with the stock cable IMHO.
  3. mono-type
    Just ordered some imitation T400 foam tips from a local online store, to be used on a ZS6. I ordered the black ones. They look like this. I presume these are the same T400 knockoffs that could be bought on AliExpress. Are these any good? On what I've backread on this thread, someone said that the darker the color of those knockoff T400's, the faster the rebound time. I already ordered the black ones...

    @Slater and @xrk971 : Sorry to bother, but I see you guys talking about foam tips on page 1595, so might as well I may ask. Are those black tips any good, or should've went on to the red/blue ones? Thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  4. SomeGuyDude
    And those measurements don't mean **** all compared to the inner workings of that person's ears.
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  5. mbwilson111
    I might have tried to put it more diplomatically but... yeah...
  6. groucho69
    Johnny Winter at a 200 seat theater made say "what" for almost a week. I swear he had his stadium gear in use. Only time I've seen the walls vibrate enough to be visible.
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  7. Francisk
    I think doing some research about the basics of audio measurement benefits will definitely help you understand audio much better. I'm not here to argue nor debate with anyone but I do understand that sometimes the truth is hard to swallow for some.
  8. xrk971
    For the folks questioning measurements and are they valid etc. Sure, our ears are all different. But not that different. It's mostly the length of the ear canal from driver tip to eardrum distance that determines the resonant peaks/dips according to TL theory (1/2-wave resonator). The average adult ear canal distance is 2.55cm+/-0.3cm. That will tell you the variations possible and it does vary with how deep you stuff the IEM in your ear. But the data showing peaks and dips is relevant, only slight shift up or down in frequency occurs for different ears, Adding foam tips will change acoustic impedance at IEM nozzle to ear canal interface and that helps smooth things. But adding a 1in long tube to the IEM is not something very reasonable as no adult human has 5cm deep ear canals, and if they do - they are used to the sound it produces and the characteristically lower frequency peaks/dips it produces.
  9. djmakemynight
    While I really enjoy looking at the graphs (appreciate the hard work from the graph guys) and see what are treble canons/nukes, I also find fun and joy in hearing it for myself.

    Afterall, we are here to hear what others share about a particular gear and decide if that is something we want to try to hear what others hear. :v:
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  10. xrk971
    I have the black ones too and they work fine. There's is a good fit with the T400 Ali clones no matter what color. I prefer the red and blue combo as it lets me find right and left quickly, plus looks cool asymmetric. I like how they look with the silver cables, here they are connected to my Class A amp. These little velvet drawstring bags from Ali make a nice case for the ZS5's.


    Here is a look at the silver vs gold cable side by side:
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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  11. mono-type
    Nice to see the actual gold cable there, in which isn't available on my local stores. I only have the SPC v1 (that recently oxidized and turned green :frowning2:), SPC v2, and the recent smoke-colored OFC cable. It's also nice to see your silver cables are still silver, unlike mine. And yeah, it looks cool when it's asymmetrical. Regarding the foams, how is the rebound time? Do they go back very quickly to its original shape after rolling?
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  12. Mellowship
    Concerning the rebound time, it's marginally different. We're talking about less than 2 seconds difference between the black and other colours. Don't worry about it. You'll have enough time to fit them in your ears.
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  13. xrk971
    The rebound time is of order 5 seconds, so plenty of time to put in ear after rolling.
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  14. mono-type
    Thank you for clearing up, guys. The rebound time is my main concern on those black AliEx T400 knockoffs. Now, to wait for a week or two on the T400 knockoffs that I ordered to be delivered...
  15. bsoplinger
    Just for reference... The rebound time does change between 'brands' with the actual Comply taking the longest to return to shape. The New Bee brand (which you can get via Amazon for USA types and some from Gearbest for anyone although I've not seen all sizes and colors) have the next longest working time. The time for the Comply is long enough that I find myself having to wait for a noticeable amount before I can let it go without having to worry the IEM will fall out. I find the time to return to shape for the no name Chinese ones almost too short to get a good fit. I'd guess about every other time I put them in I'll have to redo one (so that'd be 25% failure rate.) There is a trade-off for that very slow rebound time in exchange for longevity. I don't think I've gotten 20 uses out of Comply tips before one of them is torn or tearing or slipping from the nozzle. At least for me the Comply are also most likely to not seal well enough that I don't have a noticeable loss of bass. But they are the most comfortable.
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