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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. jisc
    If anyone is interested. This is the eartips I used to lessen the sharpness of treble of kz zs6. A triple flange from my old earphones, the sharpness has lessen but still sparkling. Didn't know why the eartips did that. The only thing I noticed is the triple flange is longer than stock eartips and it has a small opening.
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  2. Trisse
    Wooeasy 4 Core 7N Copper and Silver Plated Cable 2.5/3.5mm Balanced Cable With MMCX and 2pin Connector For LZ A3 A4 DQSM KZ ZS5
    (from AliExpress Android) what do you guys think of this cable I'm not completely happy with the fit of kz silver cable with metallic Jack's on my kz6. Mainly because the 2 pin female is a bit loose on my left zs5 but what I can tell it does not affect the sound.

    Any benefits of buying a balanced cable when I got no balanced outputs. Time to upgrade my da2 to da3?
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  3. vector84
    Umm... Is not being able to use it without an adapter a benefit? :p

    only one side would work on TRRS jacks with a mic input (like a phone) - both sides might work on some TRS jacks, but I wouldn't count on it... and there is no benefit to doing such things.

    PS: that's if you even manage to find a 3.5mm balanced plug... usually they're 2.5mm which obviously just doesn't fit :wink:
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  4. HerrWallen
    I'd just like give proper credit to @Slater , I was just to lazy to do the precision cutting/fitting :D
    Perhaps I should by a second pair and do a proper Slater ... hmmm, decisions ..

    Perfectly summed up, couldn't have made it better myself. The only difference is that I used foam from a pair of old earbuds that was laying around, it was not as thick as yours and I had to "fold" it over to properly seat in the nozzle

    Perhaps your foam is also acting as a sort of wave-grill, that did wonders for stage and imaging on my super-modded Fostex T50RPs.
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  5. c4rb0n
    Thanks for the idea sir haha its completely reversible too haha. I think so it really does help widen the soundstage i think the thickness of the foam did the trick
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  6. kokakolia
    Just got the ZSEs right now.

    First impressions are "yeahhhh! Meh! Yeahhhh! Huh? These are pretty good? Wait a second, no! Eh? Yeah!?"

    I am so divided.

    First off, the fit is fantastic. And they stay in my ear unlike typical earphones that eventually fall out. I don't have to mess around with this complicated over-ear design (like on the ATE).

    The positives:
    - I like how the vocals are forward. It's like the singer is whispering in my ear.
    - The bass is delightfully boomy with a fun "kick".
    - It's pretty warm sounding, like an old set of speakers from the 1980s. That's the kind of sound signature I like.

    The negatives:
    - Similar to the ATE, the treble is kinda splashy, kinda sibilant at times but not pain inducing like the ED9s (IMO, the worst treble I ever witnessed on an earphone is the ED9). That's the dead give away of cheap earphones: wishy washy treble that sounds kinda weird.
    - The sound overall is kinda weird. Some sounds like bass guitar, vocals and cymbals are completely in your face. Other sounds are kinda muffled.
    - The boosted mid-bass kinda bleeds into the music.
    - I don't really feel like there's any soundstage. Everything kinda mashes up together.

    Am I expecting too much from $7 earphones!?

    I dunno...I couldn't find anything wrong with the KZ ED7. And they're also around $7. Compared to the ATE and the ZSE, the ED7 is a glorious earphone if I do say so myself. The ED7 doesn't have any of the kinks that these two earphones have.
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  7. Superluc
    Yup, but it's true that the ZSE may sound too much congested and i think that they work much better lowering the mid-bass with the EQ. Just try it and you can see for yourself, and with minor adjustment on highs, or foams, you are done. :ok_hand:
  8. Sebilion
    I got my kz zs6 few days ago and I am quite impressed with them! Much better than the kz zs5! I bought a replacement cable as well but didn't hear much of a difference... I am waiting for the ostry 300 to see if they can fix the treble a bit. What cables and tips are you using for your kz zs6? These will be my daily drivers for few months so I want to get the most out of them :darthsmile:
  9. kokakolia
    Yeah, I might give it a shot. The thing is the KZ ED7 was "perfect" out of the box. PERFECT. No fumbling with tips or EQ required. I might just order another pair and patiently wait 2 months...Just like I did with the ZSE. It's frustrating.

    In the meantime, I could just fumble around with the ZSE. I ordered New Bee eartips with it. It's...worth a shot!

    Also, I really don't see the benefit of having two drivers. Other cheap earphones (also from KZ...go figure!) like the ED7 or ATE perform slightly better or better with just the one. You just need one good driver!

    EDIT: The New Bee foam tips did improve the treble over the KZ startips! I was skeptical. But not anymore! Yeah, it's so much better now.

    EDIT 2: So KZ ZSE ($7) + New Bee Foam tips ($4) is a pretty awesome combo for $11. I approve. It's not mind blowing in any way. In retrospect I should have simply bought a great $40 earphone (there are hundreds) over several cheap ones like the ZSE or ATE that kinda disappoint one way or another. But I lose my earphones frequently...So I may be wrong. The bottom line is that the ZSE is good for the money.

    EDIT 3: I'm still not very happy with how the ZSE deals with drums, specifically cymbals. Or anything that's not a kick drum. It's just not very well defined.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  10. Superluc
    If they are that perfect for what you want, why you haven't brought a spare pair of them before ? There's no need to listen to reviews when you have find your buddy :smile:
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  11. kokakolia
    In between KZ released a dozen earphones and the curiosity was killing me. I didn't help that very few people actually heard the ED7. So there aren't any comparisons online between the ED7 and, well...anything else in the KZ catalog. I had to form my own opinion. Recently it started with the ATE, which leaved me underwhelmed to be frank! The ZSE is kinda similar in that regard. I am still waiting for the ZS5s. I dunno if some people would be interested in my opinion. I am very opinionated, biased and I have an unusual sonic preference towards warm/dark/smooth sounding headphones over bright, "V-shaped" ones which most people prefer.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  12. Superluc
    Don't say that. As long as anyone say it's opinion specifying what they search and like, without being a dick on doing so, any opinion may be interesting.
    As i tell you. Now try some EQ, than go order another pair of ED7 and don't care about it :smile:
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  13. Slater
    Vidal has both and has said on more than 1 occasion that they are 100% the same with zero difference in sound. Just depends on which look you like better.
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  14. Slater
    Do you have a photo of the bottom side of the tips? I can't tell if those are the kind used on the ATE that are coreless, and are made of gel foam. That type splits easily (because there's no rubber sleeve/core), are hard as a rock, and just flat out suck in general.

    Anyways, as far as genuine vs generics (ball type and tapered type), I have both as well as all colors of the generics (white, grey, black, blue, red, yellow). Just get what color you like best. There is a very slight difference in the rebound of some colors of the foam, but not enough to make any real difference. If the seller specifically lists slow rebound as an option, opt for that. Otherwise, don't worry about it too much.

    I personally like using red & blue combo, so it's easy to tell which side is R and L. But I've also done plenty of black. The white seems to show dirt the most. I also like the ball type a little better, but I use both the balls and the tapered type

    I much prefer the generic foams over the genuine complys, strictly from a long-term cost standpoint. Foams need to be changed out regularly, and if I was using only genuine complys it would be like this:

    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  15. Slater
    If you're interested, you can easily mod the ED9 to improve the sound 100%.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017

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